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Chapter 923 - 923 The Great Purge, the Reshuffling of the Federation

923 The Great Purge, the Reshuffling of the Federation

The Jiangs and the Huangs’ influence was spread all throughout the Federation. Many of their members held important positions in the Outskirt Territories.

They were colossuses within the Federation, and their tentacles penetrated deep into all levels of society. It was unclear how many people were related to these two clans.

Even when the Federation took action, it had to mobilize a large amount of manpower and resources. If it was Chu Yunfan, even if he wanted to kill them all, he could only kill a few people by himself. Just looking for them would take a lifetime.

These two seemingly indestructible forces had been destroyed overnight. The main forces were, of course, the government, Zhu Buping’s troops from the army, and Special Ops.

But in reality, these three major forces had only served as the fuse. This was because the interests involved in the fall of these two major forces were simply too huge.

Companies under the two major forces were spread all over the Federation, and their value was immeasurable. Now that they were taken down, a part of it would be divided up by the three major forces as direct businesses, allowing the three major forces to swallow them up.

The rest of the profits were distributed through an auction. Of course, the Chus, the Tangs, and the Heavenly Dragon Villa were given special attention. However, the other families and sects would also get a share. Although it was not much compared to the three forces, it was still a windfall.

In addition, many of the two clans held high positions within the government and the army. Now that they had been uprooted, who knew how many positions would be vacated? To the other forces, it was naturally a feast and a carnival.

The two superpowers were the same. Everyone could see that the Federation was determined to get rid of them. This meant that if they continued to protect the two superpowers, they would be going against the Federation.

After so many years, these forces had long gotten used to the Federation’s pattern. They could turn a blind eye to some things and allow them to be neutral. However, once the Federation made up its mind to do something, they were not allowed to cause trouble behind the scenes.

For example, the extermination of the Monster Cult. Other than the evil sects like the Fire Acolytes and the Shadow Cult, the other forces didn’t dare to ignore the will of the Federation Government.

Most importantly, the joint operation of the three forces represented the will of many Divine experts, and the most dazzling one was naturally Chu Yunfan, who had instantly killed many Divine experts and defeated the Jiang Great Ancestor.

Before entering the Divine Abilities Stage, Chu Yunfan had already killed Divines like they were ants. Now that he had entered the Divine Abilities Stage, he could really beat everyone.

Someone had calculated. In total, more than ten Divines had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands. What kind of concept was this? If these people were all Federation experts, Chu Yunfan had already wiped out at least half of the Divines within the Federation by himself.

There were people on the Internet calling Chu Yunfan the Divine Terminator. None of the Divines who offended him had a good ending.

The sect leader of the Fire Acolytes was very powerful. In the end, he was arrested and put on trial without any warning because he attacked Special Ops’ pioneer team.

In the eyes of many forces, this was just a trivial matter. At most, they would let the middle-ranked people of both sides wrangle over it.

However, Chu Yunfan obviously didn’t see it this way. He arrested the Fire Acolytes’ sect leader and put him on trial for such a trivial matter. This was the first time since the establishment of the Federation that a sect leader had been tried. It was best not to provoke someone like Chu Yunfan.

On top of that, by eliminating the people in high positions from these two clans, there was no doubt that there would be many positions for the other factions in their forces to compete for.

Without the protection and support of the two main clans, the members of the two clans simply had no ability to resist.???e?e???ν??.?o?

As for those who were truly capable, most of the Innate experts in their clans had partic.i.p.ated in the matter against Special Ops. They were uprooted, and the remaining were removed from power.

The two clans were relocated to various places and had to start over again. Many years of construction had been burned down and turned into ashes.

This was a painful price to pay. The strength of the current Chu Yunfan had clearly exceeded the limits of their imagination, and most of them didn’t even dare to think about revenge.

Who would dare to attack a living G.o.d?

It was just like how no one had dared to lay a hand on the Jiang Great Ancestor.

Moreover, the Chus were getting stronger and stronger. Now, they already had three Divine experts. They were the number one family within the Federation and the head of the now six great families.

The destruction of these two aristocratic families was different from the destruction of the Fire Acolytes and the Shadow Cult.

Most of the forces of the Fire Acolytes and the Shadow Cult were in the Outskirt Territories. Although they secretly controlled some industries in the Federation, the overall scale was not very large.

However, these two aristocratic families were different. Their influence spread all over the Federation, and there were hundreds of millions of people working directly and indirectly for these two clans.

This was an extremely large number. Fortunately, the government was very skilled in its methods and quickly settled everything. This was because the purge was not targeted at everyone and did not expand.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the destruction of the two clans was finished at lightning speed.

However, on the Internet, heated discussions were still on-going, especially about Chu Yunfan’s strength.

Some felt that Chu Yunfan had already surpa.s.sed the previous president. Although most didn’t agree, they still unanimously agreed that Chu Yunfan was already among the strongest in the Federation.

He was only in his twenties, the same age as most of the younger generation, so he naturally had countless fans. After all, if Chu Yunfan was only a little stronger than them, it would only attract the envy and jealousy of most people. But Chu Yunfan was much, much stronger than them, and was a powerful existence that they could not compete with.

Thus, they could only look up to him, and not feel any envy or jealousy.

Chu Yunfan was about to become the national idol of the new generation. But to him, the various comments on the Internet couldn’t affect his rare moment of peace.

After that battle, Chu Yunfan had been living in the Chu family villa. In his spare time, he would guide his parents and sister in their cultivation.

Although it was only a fine line away from before, in reality, because of the increase in cultivation level, there was a world-shaking change.

The way Chu Yunfan looked at cultivation was completely different from before. It wasn’t just through the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, but his own insights that were deeply engraved in his bones.

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