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Chapter 1017: Mysterious Man

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There were a total of five packets of medicine. After administering one packet to Wei Xu, she gave one to Wei Ting. There were three more packets in the pharmacy.

Su Xiaoxiao thought that she should give a packet to Wei Xu first but she

couldn’t enter.

Su Xiaoxiao resigned herself to fate and took out her small peachwood mirror. In the mirror, she expressionlessly smoothed down her hair.

The two of them rested at the foot of the mountain and ate something to fill their stomachs.

Half an hour later, the two of them went up the mountain overnight.

Because Wei Ting, Wei Liulang, and the Saintess had not reached, they did not have to rush. They walked slowly and Su Xiaoxiao finally did not experience the morning sickness again.

The entrance to the mine was closed early, and two patrolling guards stood on the sentry post.

Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Xu had already changed into their night clothes and did not show themselves in the night.

Wei Xu wanted to kick the door.

He raised his foot valiantly.

Su Xiaoxiao’s eyebrows twitched. She hurriedly hugged his arm and whispered,

“Dad, you can’t kick it!”

Wei Xu frowned bitterly and chose the latter between kicking the door down and listening to his daughter-in-law.

Su Xiaoxiao heaved a sigh of relief.

The two of them waited until the guards changed s.h.i.+fts before sneaking in.

Su Xiaoxiao followed the route in her memory and brought Wei Xu to the abandoned mine.

Along the way, they encountered many patrolling guards.

The last time she came, there were not so many guards.

However, the last time was during the day. There were many mining slaves who wanted to escape at night in a place like the mine. It was reasonable to arrange more guards.

Halfway through, a hushed conversation came from behind a big tree.

“Dad, just tell me.”

It was Emissary Lu’s voice.

Su Xiaoxiao stopped and pointed at the treetop.

Wei Xu understood and flew up to the treetop with her.

Su Xiaoxiao pushed aside the leaves in front of her and saw the two of them talking not far away.

One was Emissary Lu, and the other was Emissary Lu’s biological father, Steward Lu.

Steward Lu was sent flying by Wei Xu’s headb.u.t.t and was still limping.

He held his walking stick and sighed. “What do you want me to tell you? I already said that I don’t know!”

Minister Lu said, “Dad, you’ve been in the mine for so many years. How can you not know?”

Steward Lu said, “The abandoned mine has long been sealed. I’ve never been there!”

Emissary Lu said angrily, “With a stepmother, there will be a stepfather. This is really true. When Mother was still alive, Father doted on me the most. Now that Father has married the daughter of the Xue family and fathered two younger brothers, I’ve become an outsider. Forget it, I’ll stay in the Holy Maiden Temple for the rest of my life and not marry. I won’t have to worry about Father.”

“You…” Steward Lu choked on his eldest daughter’s words.

Emissary Lu said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “Since Dad treats me as an outsider, I’ll never come back. Dad, take care. I’m leaving.”

With that, she was about to leave.

Steward Lu stomped his walking stick. “Stop right there!”

Emissary Lu stopped, but did not turn around. She still had her back facing her father in a fit of pique.

Steward Lu walked over with his walking stick and said helplessly and angrily, “Why are you asking about this? It’s not good for you! Even I don’t dare to ask about the abandoned mine. I accidentally opened my mouth and was warned by your grandfather. If you want to live, don’t ask.”

Emissary Lu turned to look at him.

Steward Lu frowned and said, “There’s a person locked up in the abandoned mine. A very important person. The three big shots are all partic.i.p.ants.” Emissary Lu asked, “Who are they working for? Master Xie?”

“Pfft, you think too highly of Xie Yunhe,” Steward Lu said. “It’s His Majesty.” Emissary Lu’s eyes were filled with shock.

Su Xiaoxiao had already learned from Su Xuan that the person behind the scenes was the one in the palace. She was only a little surprised. Steward Lu looked arrogant and brainless, but he was actually not.

It was good to let Emissary Lu know.

She was the Saintess’s trusted aide.

It saved her the trouble of “informing” the Saintess.

After the father and daughter left, Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Xu went to the abandoned mine.

The two of them arrived at the secret room where that person was imprisoned.

Su Xiaoxiao took out the key from the brocade bag and opened the stone door of the secret room.

Surprisingly, the man was actually awake. He was sitting on a futon in the middle of the hall and painting.

His back was facing the stone door as if he didn’t care about late-night visitors. He continued to paint.

It was not until a head was beside him and he wished he could grow his eyes on his portrait that he turned to look at the other party.

Then, he was shocked!

Wei Xu was wearing a fang mask and was silent. It was as though the place was really haunted.

After being locked in the secret room for so many years, this was the first time the man felt that his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

He looked at Wei Xu and then at the other shadow projected on the ground. He turned around in shock.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled at him. “Sorry to disturb you late at night.” The man relaxed. “I thought I saw a ghost.”

Hearing this, Wei Xu raised his head and looked around in confusion, beginning to look for ghosts.

Su Xiaoxiao sat down opposite the man.

Wei Xu sat beside the man. Unable to find a ghost, he began to flip through the painting on the table.

The man looked at Su Xiaoxiao. “Didn’t I tell you the last time not to ask about me again?

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “I’m not here to ask about you. I’m here to take you out.”

“Take me out?”

The man thought he had heard wrongly.

Su Xiaoxiao said again, “That’s right. I’ll bring you out.”

The man suddenly smiled. “Do you know where we are?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “The Cheng family’s mine.”

The man corrected him. “You’re wrong. It’s the King of the Southern

Wildnerness’s mine. No one can escape.”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Wei Xu, who was flipping through a pile of portraits.

“Other people can’t do it, but with him around, we definitely can.” The man also looked at Wei Xu beside him. “Who is he?”

“An expert,” Su Xiaoxiao said.

The man smiled faintly. “One? Do you know how many guards there are in the mine?”

Su Xiaoxiao said firmly, “Don’t worry about that. I already have a foolproof plan. I’m just asking you if you want to go out.”

The man wrote on the portrait. “What if I don’t want to?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Then let me change the question. Do you want to go out with me or be captured by the Saintess?”

The man stopped writing.

Wei Xu s.n.a.t.c.hed his brush and spread out a piece of white paper. He then started copying the painting!

A trace of vigilance flashed across the man’s eyes. “What exactly did you do?”

Su Xiaoxiao spread her hands and said without changing her expression, “We didn’t do anything. The Saintess discovered your existence and is already on her way to capture you. By the way, the current Saintess is separated from the one in the palace. You’re very useful to her.”

The man said, “Didn’t you save me for your own reasons?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “No, I’m just repaying you for saving my grandmother back then. ”

The secret room fell silent, leaving only the sound of Wei Xu painting.

The man looked at Su Xiaoxiao and said, “Little girl. I can see through you when you lie.”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled.. “Then do you want to use me for once and go out first before thinking about it?”

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