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Chapter 1018: Successfully Escaped

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The man was silent for a long time.

He stood up and went to the flowing stream.

This was a live stream that led outside. The sink was narrow and people could not pa.s.s through, but occasionally, live fish could flow in along the stream. Among the fish that came and went, he was the only one who had been trapped here.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t rush him.

With his intelligence, he would definitely be able to guess that what awaited him was not a smooth path, but a terrifying bloodbath.

He couldn’t escape or hide.

There were only two choices in front of him.

They could either struggle at death’s door here, or they could fight their way out and survive.

Indeed, there was a possibility of failure.

Had thirty years worn down his edges? Had it crushed his will?

“Take me to see Cheng Sang.”

He said.

Su Xiaoxiao was stunned, not expecting him to make this request.

He turned to look at Su Xiaoxiao. “Is it inconvenient?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head slightly. “It’s not inconvenient. After we go out, I’ll bring you to see her.”

He nodded sincerely. “Thank you.”

It was unknown if she was thanking her for bringing him out or for bringing him to see Cheng Sang.

Su Xiaoxiao turned to Wei Xu and said, “Let’s go.”

Wei Xu was immersed in his own world and didn’t hear Su Xiaoxiao.

This couldn’t help but make Su Xiaoxiao puzzled. Even if her father-in-law was delirious, he doted on her and listened to her very much. It was rare for him to ignore her.

Her gaze landed on Wei Xu’s painting.

She thought that Wei Xu was just scribbling for fun.

In fact, his paintings were indeed a little messy.

However, if one took a closer look, they felt that it was not the case.

His father-in-law had drawn…


From outside the secret room came the sound of a key being placed into a slot.

Someone was coming!

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the stone door and then at Wei Xu, who was focused and did not notice anything, or rather, did not care about the commotion outside. Her heart could not help but rise to her throat.


The door was opening.

Su Xiaoxiao clenched her fists.

The man’s expression changed slightly.

Fortunately, Wei Xu had also completed the last stroke.

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly pulled him into the man’s bedroom.

The man looked at Wei Xu’s painting and casually picked up one of his paintings to cover it.

As for the table that had been flipped over by Wei Xu, he did not have time to clean it up.

He returned to the futon where Wei Xu had sat.

It was Steward Xue.

Behind Steward Xue were two shadow experts. One of them held a lantern.

The two of them entered the secret room with him.

Steward Xue walked around the table and came to the man. He cupped his hands and bowed. “It’s so late, but you haven’t rested.”

The man said indifferently, “Is it very late? I don’t know day and night here.”

When Manager Xue heard his complaint, his expression did not change. “Recently, the king has not been peaceful. There might be in the mine. I came over to see if anyone had disturbed your rest.”

The man said, “If you’re included, I’ve indeed been disturbed.” Steward Xue looked at the messy table calmly. “Are you in a bad mood today?” The man slowly packed up. “What does it have to do with you?”

Manager Xue smiled and said, “If you need anything, you can tell me in time. I can arrange for anyone you need to serve at any time.”

The man said bluntly, “1 want to go out. Can you do it?”

Steward Xue smiled. “Don’t make things difficult for me. I have parents and children. There are some things that I can’t decide.”

The man mocked, “If you can’t make the decision, don’t be hypocritical here.”

Steward Xue was not angry at being scolded. He bent down and flipped through the paintings on the table.

When he was about to flip to Wei Xu’s painting, the man said with a deep gaze, “Who gave you the guts to touch my things?”

Steward Xue retracted his hand, a trace of disdain flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes, but he smiled respectfully. “I was rude. I originally wanted to help you tidy up. Please forgive me.”

The man picked up the brush. “If there’s nothing else, you can leave. Don’t disturb my painting.”

Madam Xue looked at him meaningfully and turned to look at his bedroom.

Su Xiaoxiao held her breath.

Steward Xue walked towards the bedroom.

The man said indifferently, “Aren’t you leaving? Are you waiting for me to chase you away?”

Madam Xue smiled and said, “I just want to see if it’s safe here for you.”

The man said, “Mu Tan has already seen it for me.”

Manager Xue was slightly stunned. “Mu Tan was here?”

The man said casually, “He’s been coming every day recently. I wonder what you’re worried about.” Every day?

Steward Xue frowned.

He had not received orders to patrol this person day and night.

Could it be that… Mu Tan had received His Majesty’s orders alone?

Or did Mu Tan have ulterior motives?

Steward Xue frowned suspiciously.

Coincidentally, a secret signal came from outside the stone door.

Steward Xue turned around and gave the two people guarding the door a look.

The two of them opened the stone door and a guard whispered something to them.

A shadow expert walked over and reported to Steward Xue.

Steward Xue’s expression darkened. “Let’s go!”

The stone door closed.

Su Xiaoxiao waited in the bedroom for a moment. After confirming that Madam Xue had really left, she walked out of the bedroom.

“Someone broke into the mine.”

The man said.

“You heard that?” Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled. The man said, “I know a little about lip reading.”

Su Xiaoxiao was full of admiration.

Even if this person was not an emperor, he was still a general.

But who was the intruder in the mine?

Was it Wei Ting and the others?

They had arrived so quickly?

It was much earlier than expected, but it was not a bad thing. They had to end it quickly to avoid any delays.

Su Xiaoxiao made a prompt decision. “There’s no time to lose. Let’s leave quickly!”

Su Xiaoxiao found Wei Xu’s painting, folded it, and put it in her pocket. Then, she went to open the stone door.

The man looked at the bedroom one last time with a complicated expression.

However, before he could react, he was mercilessly caught by Wei Xu.

The man opened his mouth. “Well, actually…” Swis.h.!.+

Wei Xu flashed out with him under his arm.

The sound of intense fighting came from the other side of the mine, creating the perfect opportunity for Su Xiaoxiao and the others to escape.

After the three of them left the mine, they immediately rushed down the mountain.

After running around the mountain path for half the night, they were almost bitten into toads by the mosquitoes in the mountains. Finally, they arrived at the foot of the mountain before dawn.

Wei Xu put down the bamboo chair on his back. Su Xiaoxiao walked down the bamboo chair and held the tree trunk, retching violently.

The man who had been sandwiched all the way fell to the ground.

He didn’t walk, but he was drained of all his strength.

After Su Xiaoxiao finished vomiting, she turned to look at him. “What were you trying to say just now?”

The man spat out the gra.s.s in his mouth and replied with an ashen face, “There’s a shortcut down the mountain. We can reach it in an hour by walking.”

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless..

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