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Chapter 1019: Might of the G.o.d of War! (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The three of them rested for a while.

It was mainly because Su Xiaoxiao and the man needed time to rest. Wei Xu simply sat on the ground and played with the gra.s.s.

After an unknown period of time, the man finally recovered from his dizziness.

Su Xiaoxiao took out a spare mask and handed it to him. “Put it on. Change your hairstyle. It’s best if you wear your clothes the other way.”

The man looked at Su Xiaoxiao in surprise. “You’re young, but you’re very meticulous.”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “Thank you for the compliment.”

The man took off his outer robe. Not only did he wear his clothes inside out, but he also tied the hem up. At a glance, it was impossible to a.s.sociate him with what he was wearing in the secret room.

Next, he was not in a hurry to put on the mask. Instead, he suddenly raised his head and looked at the dazzling galaxy that filled the sky.

Then, he looked at the endless mountains under the night sky and slowly squatted down to touch an inconspicuous green weed by his feet.

His hands trembled gently, and his eyes watered.

He knelt on the ground without caring about his image and greedily breathed in the smell of mud and gra.s.s.

Wei Xu looked at him in confusion, blinked, and knelt down like him.

Wei Xu sniffed.

He grabbed a handful of soil, and so did Wei Xu.

The man was speechless.

The man, who was originally so excited to see the light of day again, was suddenly stunned by Wei Xu. His emotions ran away!

Su Xiaoxiao touched the bridge of her nose and interrupted them. “Um, should we leave? It’s almost dawn.”

The man glared at Wei Xu and stood up in exasperation. He brushed the mud and gra.s.s off his sleeve.

They were not walking the way they had come. They were still a mile away from the official road.

Su Xiaoxiao and the man didn’t need Wei Xu to help them.

Su Xiaoxiao was fine. She had been taking pregnancy medicine from the pharmacy and her physique was excellent.

The man had been imprisoned for many years. After taking a few steps, he felt lead under his feet.

Wei Xu carried him up.

The man was upside down. His head was filled with blood and his face was twitching.

Couldn’t he let him sit on the bamboo chair on his back?

Wei Xu said, “Daughter-in-law’s seat.”

According to the plan, they had to wait for the Saintess to enter the mountain and kill their way out of the mine in the chaos. Unexpectedly, Wei Ting took action first, causing their side to be abnormally smooth. Even Su Xiaoxiao found it unbelievable.

Just as Su Xiaoxiao thought that this trip was foolproof, something unexpected happened.

Old Master Feng went to town to drink and have fun until dawn.

He met Su Xiaoxiao and the other two with more than ten guards.

Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Xu had already taken off their night clothes and masks. They smeared mud on their faces to hide their original appearance.

The man on Wei Xu’s shoulder was wearing a mask, but it was not an exaggerated mask with fangs. It was a silver mask with half a face. It was very common on the market.

This outfit was more than enough to deal with ordinary people.

However, they b.u.mped into Old Master Feng.

Old Master Feng asked the guards to stop them.

“Who is it?” the guard asked arrogantly.

Although Su Xiaoxiao was dressed as a man, she would definitely expose herself the moment she opened her mouth.

The man could not say anything. Old Master Feng recognized his voice.

As for Wei Xu, he was basically half a mute when he was delirious.

She couldn’t avoid this fight. Su Xiaoxiao gave her father-in-law a look.

Wei Xu took a step forward and kicked the guard off the horse. Old Master Feng was shocked and looked at Wei Xu angrily. “Take him down!” The remaining nine guards swarmed forward and slashed at Wei Xu.

“Can he deal with so many people?” the man asked. “A few of them are shadow experts.”

The shadow experts were secret guards of the mine. He was skilled in martial arts and was good at killing.

Su Xiaoxiao had seen her father-in-law defeat more than ten shadow experts.

These people should not be a problem for her father-in-law.

As expected, the nine guards fell one after another.

Seeing that the situation was bad, Old Master Feng couldn’t be bothered to find trouble with them and fled in a sorry state.

Wei Xu did not chase after them.

A small patch of dawn appeared on the horizon.

The man’s face suddenly turned pale. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he could not open his eyes.

Wei Xu looked at him curiously.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Not good! He’s been locked in the mine for too long and can’t adapt to the light in the day. We have to cover him up quickly!”

Wei Xu took off his robe and covered the man.

The three of them continued on their way..

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