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Chapter 870: Relieved (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“If it’s any worse, I’m afraid someone will ride on my head.”

“Eldest Madam… Eldest Miss!” The nanny hurriedly changed her words.

To be honest, it was a little awkward for Cheng Sang to be addressed that way.

Calling her Eldest Madam in front of Cheng Lian made the latter seem like a concubine, so she still called her Eldest Miss.

In front of Xie Yunhe, in order to show off his status as the family head, she often called Cheng Sang Eldest Madam.

When she arrived in front of Cheng Sang, in order not to let Cheng Sang know that Xie Yunhe had married someone else, she could only call her Madam.

When Cheng Sang was crazy, she had no objections to calling her Madam.

However, when Xie Yunhe called her Madam just now, she rejected him.

The nanny’s eyes flashed as she looked up at Cheng Sang and complained righteously, “Miss! It’s good that you’re sober! Do you know that you were almost deceived! That girl…” Cheng Sang said calmly, “Slap her.”

The nanny was stunned.

Mei Ji put down the sweet potato and flashed over, slapping the old fellow away.


The nanny screamed and fell out of the courtyard in pain.

Cheng Lian’s maidservant began to tremble.

Cheng Sang glanced at her casually. “And get this out too.”

Mei Ji smiled. “Yes, Family Head!”

The maidservant grabbed Cheng Lian’s skirt in fear. “Madam, save me! Madam, save me…”

Mei Ji grabbed her collar and lifted her up effortlessly before slapping her!

Her trusted aide cried out in pain from behind. Cheng Lian clenched her handkerchief and closed her eyes.

The servants in the courtyard did not even dare to breathe loudly.

The two servants were Cheng Lian’s trusted aides.

Eldest Miss didn’t just hit them, but Cheng Lian’s face.

Cheng Sang looked at Cheng Lian with a powerful aura. “You’re still staying.

Why? Do you want to be kicked out too?”

As Cheng Lian opened her mouth, a hint of grievance appeared in her eyes.


Cheng Sang said in disgust, “I told you not to call me sister. I don’t like to hear it. Also, stop pretending. I’m disgusted!”

The servants’ heads drooped even lower.

Cheng Lian was reprimanded by Cheng Sang in public. It was as if she had returned to her childhood. Cheng Sang used to reprimanded her like this.

However, it had been more than 30 years after all. She was used to being a high and mighty Madam. How could she stand this humiliation?

Her nails dug into her palms.

Mei Ji glared at Cheng Lian. “Family Head, should we beat her up too? Those two just now were her trusted aides. Who knows if they were instructed by her to kidnap my Miss?”

Cheng Sang looked at Cheng Lian and smiled meaningfully. “She’s the daughter of a concubine of our Cheng family after all. Don’t do anything.” Cheng Lian secretly relaxed. Cheng Sang continued, “If anyone should attack, I’ll do it.”

Cheng Lian was shocked.

Xie Yunhe’s pupils constricted.

In the next second, Cheng Sang raised her hand and slapped Cheng Lian’s face!

A crisp sound exploded in everyone’s hearts like firecrackers.

Cheng Lian had been the mistress of the household for many years, and the servants in the residence had long determined her unshakable status.

However, Cheng Sang’s slap easily shattered the dignity she had acc.u.mulated for many years.

Cheng Sang grabbed Cheng Lian’s chin and sneered. “If I, Cheng Sang, don’t die, you, Cheng Lian, will still be a concubine!”

Cheng Lian was supported out by two maidservants.

Xie Yunhe said with a complicated expression, “Madam… you’ve been ill for many years and have just recovered…”

Cheng Sang interrupted him calmly. “That’s right. I’ve been sick for many years. There are many rotten accounts waiting for me to slowly settle. I’m tired today. Or do you want me to settle the score with you here?”

Xie Yunhe sighed and said, “Madam, there’s some misunderstanding between us. Since you’re tired, I’ll come back tomorrow to explain it to you.” With that, he left with a helpless expression.

The servants in the courtyard knelt on the ground in fear. They could not move.

“Kneel outside the courtyard!” After Cheng Sang punished the maidservants, she brought Su Xiaoxiao and Mei Ji back to the house.

Mei Ji closed the door.

Cheng Sang, who was sitting on the chair, suddenly tilted her head and smiled cleverly. “Weiwei! Was Mother powerful?”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled and praised, “Impressive. Mother acted really well.”

Not only was she good at acting, but her acting skills were also superb. It would be a pity not to give her a golden statuette.

What she should have said was that Old Madam Wei’s acting skills were blinding, and Cheng Sang’s acting skills were G.o.dlike.

What happened today was Su Xiaoxiao predicting Cheng Lian and Xie Yunhe’s reaction. She had thought of a few countermeasures in advance and asked Mei Ji to act it out while Cheng Sang imitated it.

Cheng Sang was really a smart person and remembered it all.

Su Xiaoxiao made a meal of roast goose (vegetarian roast goose) and red braised pork (vegetarian meat).

“Xiao Hei, eat meat!”

Cheng Sang did not forget her little friend.

Yuchi Xiu sat on the beam and made a concave pose. “Heh, I don’t…”

He sniffed. “It smells so good!”

He jumped down from the beam.

The old and young began to fight for food.

Mei Ji asked. “Do vou think Cheng Lian and Xie Yunhe will believe it?”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “They won’t believe it all, nor won’t they. When they come back to their senses, they’ll think of a way to test Cheng Sang.”

Mei Ji continued, “Will Cheng Sang expose herself?”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Yuchi Xiu, who was focused on s.n.a.t.c.hing food, and then at Mei Ji, who was eating the sweet potatoes. The corners of her mouth twitched.

“I think she won’t expose herself even if you expose yourselves.”

After Cheng Lian returned to her courtyard, she locked herself in her room.

Nanny Gui and Biter fainted on the way back.

The other servants did not dare to knock on her door.

She sat in the room for a long time and looked at the door that no one had knocked on. She subconsciously grabbed the scissors on the table.

She was about to cut something when she threw the scissors back on the table with a snap.

Her eyes reddened again.

Still, no one dared to disturb her. She opened the door angrily. “Are all of you dead?”

The servants looked at her dumbfounded.

She had never been angry with the servants and had always been gentle and virtuous.

She took a deep breath and said gently, “Go tell Master that I’m not feeling well..”

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