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Chapter 871: The Four Little Ones Go to the Holy Maiden Temple (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Today, Cheng Sang’s crazy illness suddenly recovered and she returned forcefully, giving everyone an opening gambit.

Even Xie Yunhe was shocked.

Xie Yunhe and Cheng Sang had been married for many years. Although he did not know Cheng Sang’s personality like the back of his hand, he was at least close.

Cheng Sang’s reaction just now… was a little too fierce.


Steward Cui entered with a bowl of ginseng soup. “You’ve been busy with the Cheng family’s business recently and haven’t slept well. Have some ginseng soup to nourish your body.”

Xie Yunhe said nothing.

The Cheng family had two stewards.

Steward Pang was Cheng Lian’s trusted aide.

Steward Cui was Xie Yunhe’s trusted aide.

The commotion on Cheng Sang’s side was very big, and it spread throughout the Cheng family.

“Is Old Master thinking about Madam?” Steward Cui asked and placed the ginseng soup beside Xie Yunhe.

Xie Yunhe looked at the ginseng soup and clearly had no appet.i.te.

Steward Cui said, “If Madam has really recovered, Master doesn’t have to worry about anything. You’ve been meticulous to Madam all these years. Other than marrying her sister, there’s no other fault Madam can find with you. Moreover, marrying Second Madam is for the greater good. We can’t let the Cheng family have no descendants.”

Xie Yunhe still had a complicated expression.

Steward Cui continued, “Besides, I think Madam treated you a little differently.”

Xie Yunhe’s expression changed slightly.

Steward Cui said, “She gave Second Madam a big opening gambit today but she’s only a little angry with you, Master. I think Madam has you in her heart. She’s angry that you married someone else and love and hate are intertwined, but as long as this friends.h.i.+p is there, you and Madam will have a chance to reconcile.”


The maidservant outside the house reported, “Madam is not feeling well.

Please go over.”

“Which Madam?” Steward Cui asked.

The maidservant also heard that Cheng Sang was awake and reported in a trembling voice, “Second… Second Madam.”

Before today, no one dared to call Cheng Lian by those two words. At most, they would address the sisters as Madam Sang and Cheng Lian.

Xie Yunhe frowned.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Cheng Lian sat in the room and waited. After waiting for a full hour, no one came.

Her heart turned cold.


The maidservant greeted him in surprise.

The light in her dim eyes gathered. She tidied the silver hairpin in her bun in front of the bronze mirror and stood up to welcome him.

She was only two years younger than Cheng Sang, but because she took good care of herself, she still looked charming.


She looked pitifully at Xie Yunhe, who had entered the house. Even her eyes were red.

Xie Yunhe looked at the red finger marks on her cheek and sat down with a complicated expression.

Cheng Lian sat beside him and raised her hand to touch her slapped face. She said aggrievedly, “Husband, is Sister angry with me? If I had known earlier, I would have shaved my head and gone to the nunnery to be a nun instead of implicating Sister and Brother-in-law.”

“Does it still hurt?” Xie Yunhe asked.

Cheng Lian bit her lip to prevent the tears from falling. “It’s fine if I hurt, but I feel terrible when Sister treats me like that…

Xie Yunhe said earnestly, “She can’t accept it for a moment. Don’t blame her.”

Cheng Lian’s eyelashes trembled. “Husband, are you speaking up for Sister? That’s true. Sister is your first wife. What am I? I just had a one-night stand with Brother-in-law and was pregnant with your child. Brother-in-law had no choice but to give me a status. I’ll apologize to Sister tomorrow and tell her that everything is my fault and has nothing to do with you.”

Xie Yunhe frowned. “Stop fooling around! ”

Cheng Lian smiled bitterly. “Sister hitting me is what I deserve. If I go and say a few words to Sister, I’ll be fooling around…’

Xie Yunhe paused and said, “She just got better. Don’t provoke her.”

Cheng Lian sneered. “If she’s crazy, she won’t be able to take the stimulation. If she’s awake, she won’t be able to take the stimulation… I’ll be able to take everything! ”

Xie Yunhe frowned even more.

Before he could speak, Cheng Lian changed the topic.

“I’m curious. After Sister went crazy for so many years, no matter how many doctors the Cheng family found and how many methods they thought of, they couldn’t make Sister’s illness improve at all. Why did Sister completely recover as soon as that girl arrived? Was Sister pretending to be crazy all these years, or is there something strange about today?”

Usually, when Cheng Lian was unhappy, Xie Yunhe would rest in her courtyard to comfort her.

Tonight, he left after a while.

Cheng Lian tasted what it was like to be alone in an empty room.

Early in the morning, Xie Yunhe came to Cheng Sang’s courtyard..

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