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Chapter 932: Xiaohu Smashes the Border

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Saintess did not sleep well at night and had a headache.

After getting into the carriage, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The carriage drove away without any obstruction and arrived at the palace at midnight.

The guards of the palace recognized her carriage and respectfully made way for her.

The King of the Southern Wilderness was discussing important matters with the ministers today.

The Saintess was the chosen servant of the Heavenly G.o.d. There was no need to kneel when she saw the King of the Southern Wilderness. It could be seen how respected her status was.

If the King of the Southern Wilderness was busy in the past, she would probably leave the wine behind and leave.

No, she would not have personally sent medicinal wine to the King of the Southern Wilderness in the past.

It was because of one unlucky incident after another that her reputation was damaged. Her authority was affected, so she had no choice but to lower her status and come over.

Two hours later, the King of the Southern Wilderness finally summoned her.

“Your Majesty.”

The Saintess placed her right hand on her left shoulder and bent down slightly to bow.

Night completely fell.

The hall was wide open. The fire was lit in the oil lamp on the wall.

The King of the Southern Wilderness sat on the throne made of black iron. There were more than ten steps between them as he looked down at the Saintess in red.

“Why did you enter the palace today?”

His voice carried the pressure and deepness of an emperor.

The Holy Maiden said, “The medicinal wine is ready. I’m here to send it to Your Majesty. In addition, there are some misunderstandings that I want to clarify with Your Majesty.”

The King of the Southern Wilderness asked calmly, “You mean about those children?”

The Holy Maiden said seriously, “Your Majesty, Qingyao is a virgin and has never had an affair with anyone. Qingyao always remembers my mission and doesn’t dare to do anything against the rules. Those three children are indeed related to Qingyao, but they’re not the children of Qingyao as the rumors say.”

The King of the Southern Wilderness said in a low voice, “Continue.”

The Holy Maiden said unhurriedly, “A few days ago, a little girl came to the

Cheng family to acknowledge her family. Her name was He Yuying, and the Cheng family’s name was Cheng Su. She had once arranged a marriage in town, and the other party was her fiancé’s sons. They had already finished most of the customary procedures and are only short of a wedding. Cheng Su came to the capital first, and then her fiancé brought the children to look for her. Qingyao can’t interfere with their private matters. Just yesterday, she had already brought the children into the residence.”

The figure of the King of the Southern Wilderness was hidden in the dark, making it impossible to see his expression.

He was silent for a moment and did not pursue the matter. Instead, he said, “What about that person?

The Saintess frowned slightly. “He escaped. I’ve already sent someone to look for him.”

The King of the Southern Wilderness had a sharp gaze. “He’s your puppet. Why did he escape? Didn’t you say that the puppets in your hands are all loyal to you?”

The Saintess also had a headache at the mention of this. “He’s not an ordinary person. I’ve already used several times the amount of medicine, but in the end, he was able to still retain some of his consciousness. This time, I improved the prescription and was about to succeed, but I happened to encounter a group of people who came to disturb the situation and let him go.”

The Saintess did not say that it was the Ji family because she had no evidence.

The Saintess looked at the King of the Southern Wilderness and said firmly, “But don’t worry, Your Majesty. As long as I see him again, I have a way to completely control him.”

The King of the Southern Wilderness said, “That’s for the best.”

The Saintess did not stay in the palace for long. She left after giving her instructions.

The King of the Southern Wilderness returned to the sleeping hall.

The personal attendant poured him a gla.s.s of medicinal wine.

The King of the Southern Wilderness took a sip. The taste was wrong.

The taste of the wine was very faint, but there was an indescribable taste. He had never tasted it in his life.

The wine pot did not change. The medicinal wine was definitely not poisonous.

Thinking that the Saintess often improved the taste and formula, the King of the Southern Wilderness did not say anything else.

The King of the Southern Wilderness did not enjoy such a good thing alone. Instead, he got someone to send a small bottle to the Empress Dowager and a small bottle to the Queen and a few favorite concubines.

That night, the most powerful masters of the Southern Wilderness Palace all tasted Xiaohu’s virgin urine.

In the afternoon, Su Xiaoxiao went out.

She didn’t bring Mei Ji along because she was worried that Cheng Sang wouldn’t be able to deal with the three little fellows. She left Mei Ji to play with the four of them.

“Young Miss, this path is not easy to find. There are too many people. I’ll take another path.”

As soon as the coachman finished speaking, a carriage blocked their way.

Yin Xiaodie jumped down from the carriage and looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s carriage. “Cheng Sul”

She knew Su Xiaoxiao’s carriage and coachman.

Su Xiaoxiao pushed open the car window and her eyes lit up. “Little one?”

Yin Xiaodie’s face darkened.

Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled. “Why are you out? Aren’t you going to the Holy

Maiden Temple today?”

Yin Xiaodie said, “I haven’t officially taken office yet. I don’t have to stay in the Holy Maiden Temple all day! Are you looking for me?”

“Yes.” Su Xiaoxiao waved at her.

Yin Xiaodie thought that she had something to tell her and walked to the carriage window.

Su Xiaoxiao reached out with both hands and pinched her cheeks without hesitation.

Yin Xiaodie, who had been pinched into a pufferfish, was speechless.

Before the little one could flare up, Su Xiaoxiao retracted her hand. “Alright, I’m looking for you for something serious.”

Yin Xiaodie said solemnly, “Speak.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Do you know where Elder Lou lives?”

Yin Xiaodie asked strangely, “Why are you asking about Elder Lou?”

Su Xiaoxiao said without changing her expression, “Did you see Elder Lou’s distant grandnephew last time? He’s from the same hometown as me.” The words were true.

They were all from the Great Zhou, so weren’t they from the same hometown?

Su Xiaoxiao sighed. “You’ve probably heard that my fiancé brought his son to the capital to look for me. He left the children in the Cheng family and left. The children are shouting for their father. I have to look for him. I want to ask if my fellow countryman knows his whereabouts!”

Yin Xiaodie was extremely surprised. “So it’s true. I thought Cheng Qingyao was slandering you… Your fiancé is cunning enough to deliberately leave his sons behind and force you to look for him!”

Su Xiaoxiao spread her hands helplessly.

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you.”

Yin Xiaodie told her where Elder Lou lived and Su Xiaoxiao thanked her.

Fifteen minutes later, she appeared outside Elder Lou’s door.

Yin Xiaodie said that Elder Lou was at the Holy Maiden Temple today.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t stand on ceremony with the Head of the Secret Service and flipped in, saving him the trouble of running out the back door. Princess Hui An was swinging in the courtyard in boredom.

Su Xiaoxiao landed in front of her.

She almost b.u.mped into her and stopped the swing with one foot.

“Little sidekick!”

Her lifeless eyes instantly lit up.

Su Xiaoxiao coughed lightly and said calmly, “I’m here to… see the princess.”

Princess Hui An was pleasantly surprised, but she snorted proudly. “That’s more like it!”

“Is Su Xuan here?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

Princess Hui An’s expression darkened. “Why are you asking about him? Are you here for me or him?”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “He escorted the princess all the way. I have to thank him no matter what.”

From the sound of it, she did not treat her as an outsider. Instead, Su Xuan became an outsider. Princess Hui An enjoyed it. “He’s in the room. Go!”

Su Xiaoxiao went.

However, she did not go to the room. Instead, she went straight to the back door.

As soon as Su Xuan pushed open the courtyard door, he saw Su Xiaoxiao looking at him calmly with her arms crossed..

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