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Chapter 933 - 933 Rakshasa Appears

Su Xuan smiled. “I specially came over to open the door for you.”

It would be strange if she believed him. He was a very bad spy.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t go in.

There were some things that were not convenient to say in front of Princess Hui An. They could chat here.

Anyway, the small street behind was quiet and no one would come over.

Su Xiaoxiao said seriously, “I came to look for you today because I have something to ask you.”

Su Xuan said softly, “Speak.”

“Why did you come to the southern border?”

With that, Su Xiaoxiao raised her hand and gestured for him to stop. “Not to mention that Princess Hui An is coming to look for me, without you opening the back door for her, would she be able to get rid of the guards who escorted her to the temple?”

Su Xuan smiled quietly. “So I’m so powerful in your eyes.”

Su Xiaoxiao had her sister’s filter on him so that she wouldn’t be distracted by his beauty.

Su Xiaoxiao said solemnly, “Cut it out. I won’t fall for it.”

Su Xuan smiled at her. “Looks like you’re very curious about me.”

Su Xiaoxiao said firmly, “No, I’m not curious at all!”

Su Xuan said, “Then why did you ask?”

Su Xiaoxiao revealed the same cold expression as Wei Ting. “I… I’m not curious about you, but I have to be responsible for Princess Hui An and the people around me. I have to figure out if your actions and plans will bring danger to all of us!”

Su Xuan chuckled. “Didn’t you come to the southern border to jump into a fire pit? Why are you talking about danger?”

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Indeed, without Su Xuan’s appearance, they would be digging their own graves if they wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Wei Xu from the Saintess and the King of the Southern Wilderness.

Wait, that was not right.

She was here to interrogate the Head of the Secret Service. Why was he asking her a question?

Su Xiaoxiao came to her senses and returned to the topic. Her expression was extremely serious. “Why do you know Elder Lou? And why do you have the keys to the Holy Maiden Temple? You gave me three keys in the third brocade bag. Where do I use the other two?”

Su Xuan smiled. “I stayed with the Guo family in South County for a few years. During this period, I traveled to the southern border several times and unintentionally ot to know Elder Lou.”

This was equivalent to saying nothing.

He did not reveal anything that she didn’t know or could guess.

If he did not come to the southern border, could it be that Elder Lou of the Holy Maiden Temple had gone to the Great Zhou?

Unintentionally getting to know Elder Lou… How unintentionally?

Su Xuan continued, “You should be able to guess that the key to the Qionghua Hall was given to me by Elder Lou. The news that the Holy Maiden privately raised a powerful puppet was also leaked by Elder Lou.”

This time, it was not unintentional, but a slip of the tongue.

Wasn’t this the same!

The Head of the Secret Service seemed to have confessed everything, but he also seemed to have not confessed at all.

Su Xuan looked at Su Xiaoxiao. “As for the other two keys, you’ll naturally know when the time is right.”

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless.

So had she been asking in vain?

She didn’t know if she should say it!

Su Xuan smiled harmlessly. “Cousin, is there anything else you want to ask?”

The corners of Su Xiaoxiao’s mouth twitched. Had he answered all her questions?

Suddenly, an idea flashed across Su Xiaoxiao’s mind. “There are really two questions. First, someone found the residence you provided for us in the middle of the night a few days ago and almost killed Wei Xu while he was asleep. Wei Ting picked a mask. Yuchi Xiu said that belongs to the Jade-faced Rakshasa. Who is Jade-faced Rakshasa? Why did he Wei Xu?”

“Are those your two questions?”

“The two just now can only be considered one.”

“What else do you want to ask?”

“I keep feeling that Second Brother seems to be related to this Jade-faced Rakshasa.”

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