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Chapter 965: The Truth

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Ting returned to the small bamboo garden.

It was still more than two hours before dark. Xue Ping and the others were not in a hurry to give her money.

However, two uninvited guests still came to the little bamboo garden.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Xie Yunhe and Cheng Lian, who were panting with the help of the servants. She ignored the two of them and held Wei Ting’s hand as she strode in.

Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao ignored him and even hooked up with a coachman, Xie Yunhe couldn’t help but be furious.

“Stop right there!”

Su Xiaoxiao looked back at him with a faint smile. “Grandpa, are you talking to me?”

Xie Yunhe’s gaze landed on the two of them holding hands and his expression darkened. “What’s wrong with you?”

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t hide the mockery in her tone. “What’s wrong with

Grandfather today? Didn’t you not acknowledge me as your granddaughter? What does it have to do with you whether I’m decent or not? I’m not used to you suddenly caring about me.”

She liked to fight and was not stingy with her words. She would anger one to death.

Cheng Lian wanted to stoke the flames, but she was so tired that she was out of breath and could not say a word.

Xie Yunhe’s face turned green and white. “No matter how angry you are with me, you shouldn’t disregard your reputation.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Wei Ting coldly. “Aren’t you afraid of being pulled by a coachman…”

Su Xiaoxiao interrupted him bluntly. ‘What are you afraid of? Am I going to be struck by lightning? I’m upright. So what if I like him? Not only do I want to pull him along, but I also want him to be my live-in son-in-law!”

Xie Yunhe’s veins bulged. “How dare you…”

He suddenly raised his voice, wanting to alarm Cheng Sang.

However, he was probably going to be disappointed. After Cheng Sang woke up from her afternoon nap, she went to the backyard to play with bamboo with the three little fellows.

She couldn’t hear what was happening ahead.

Cheng Lian finally caught her breath.

She said to Su Xiaoxiao, “Cheng Su, your grandfather is doing this for your own good. You’re the young master of the Cheng family. Even if you want to find a lived-in son-in-law, you have to find a good character and family background. If you really want to get married, you don’t have to be anxious. Your grandfather will take a look for you.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked calmly, “Will you take a look at it for me, or do you already have a suitable candidate?”


Cheng Lian’s eyes flashed.

A cold glint flashed across Wei Ting’s eyes.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “Do you want me to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps and entrust the Cheng family to a live-in son-in-law? I heard your plan from the top of the mountain!”

Xie Yunhe choked and blushed.

Su Xiaoxiao continued, “I don’t understand. The Saintess and Cheng Qingxue are my grandfather’s daughters, and I’m my grandfather’s granddaughter. Why does Grandpa only dote on them but harbor endless schemes against me? Am I not your biological daughter?”

Xie Yunhe’s pupils dilated.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t let go of any of his expressions.

At that moment, he felt guilty.

Su Xiaoxiao looked hurt and entered the house with Wei Ting.

Xie Yunhe and Cheng Lian had nowhere else to go, so they could only enter the central room.

Su Xiaoxiao gave Uncle Quan a look.

Uncle Quan understood and poured tea for Xie Yunhe. “Master, please have some tea.”

As for Cheng Lian, Uncle Quan always remembered her ident.i.ty as a concubine maidservant and insisted on not serving her!

Cheng Lian turned pale with anger.

After Xie Yunhe drank it, Uncle Quan removed the tea set.

“Miss.” Uncle Quan carried the tea set into the kitchen.

Su Xiaoxiao was inside.

Wei Ting went to see Wei Xu.

“Which one did he drink?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

“This.” Uncle Quan pointed at Xie Yunhe’s teacup.

Su Xiaoxiao took out a cotton swab and dipped it in the cup before returning to her room to enter the pharmacy.

The results of her previous comparison were already out.

Family ties did not hold.

The mysterious man in the mine was not her biological grandfather.

Su Xiaoxiao hummed. “I’m thinking too much.”

Next was to check on Xie Yunhe’s results.

Xie Yunhe’s results matched. The fetus in Cheng Sang’s stomach was his own flesh and blood.

However, his reaction just now was clearly that she was not his biological grandchild.

She could not have gotten the wrong results, because her relations.h.i.+p with Cheng Sang was also valid.

Could it be that… someone had interfered and made Xie Yunhe misunderstand Cheng Sang?

If that was the case, there was no need to guess. It could only be Cheng Lian. After Wei Ting checked on Wei Xu, he came over and saw Su Xiaoxiao frowning, deep in thought.

He asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sil Xianvian told Wei Ting the results

Wei Ting knew that she had a way to verify her kins.h.i.+p and would definitely not make a mistake.

“So what exactly happened back then?”

“Yes.” Su Xiaoxiao nodded. “How did Cheng Lian make Xie Yunhe believe that the child was not his biological child? Would Xie Yunhe rather kill a hundred wrongly than let go of a thousand?”

Wei Ting thought for a moment and asked, “Do you still remember inviting the Gu to acknowledge family?”

Su Xiaoxiao paused. “Cheng Lian used a Gu and invited a Gu to acknowledge my mother and Xie Yunhe. In the end, my mother ‘died from the poison’ , and Xie Yunhe believed that this child was not his biological child. In fact, Cheng Lian might have done something else to my mother.”

“Cheng Lian!”

Su Xiaoxiao clenched her fists.

After a long time, there was no response from Wei Ting. She turned around.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Do you think I guessed wrong?”

Wei Ting came back to his senses. “No, your guess makes sense. I’m just wondering how Cheng Sang fell into the mine back then.”

Su Xiaoxiao said coldly, “It must be Cheng Lian’s scheme again.”

Wei Ting said, “Let’s say that Cheng Sang knew that person first and met Xie

Yunhe later…

Su Xiaoxiao was enlightened.

“After experiencing life and death and being her savior, it’s very difficult for Cheng Sang not to be tempted. Her marriage to Xie Yunhe was a helpless move… She has to get married and can’t be involved with that person at all. Otherwise, she and the entire Cheng family will be consigned to eternal d.a.m.nation! ”

She felt a chill run down her spine. “Who is that person?”

Wei Ting took a pen and paper and drew that person’s portrait.

The two of them stared at the portrait for a long time, but they could not figure it out.

After all, the two of them had not been in the southern border for long and had not seen many people.

Not to mention a man who had been imprisoned in the underground palace for more than thirty years. “Miss, the red bean soup is ready. I’ll bring you a bowl.”

Uncle Quan said at the door.

Su Xiaoxiao had a good appet.i.te recently. She had to eat two extra meals a day. Uncle Quan didn’t ask further and just carefully prepared them for her. It was just that his culinary skills were really a little difficult for Little Miss.

“Come in, Uncle Quan.”

Su Xiaoxiao said.

Uncle Quan pushed the door open and entered.

Although it was a bowl, he actually scooped a bowl for Wei Ting.

Wei Ting had an indescribable expression.

Uncle Quan was about to leave.

Su Xiaoxiao suddenly stopped him and pointed at the portrait on the table. She asked like she was trying to make a Hail Mary effort, “Uncle Quan, do you know this person?”

Uncle Quan came over to take a look. “I know him.”

Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Ting looked at each other.

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Who is he?”

Uncle Quan said, “Isn’t this the King of the Southern Wilderness, our emperor!”

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