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Chapter 966: The Ferocious Xiaoxiao

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Su Xiaoxiao was shocked. “Are you sure, Uncle Quan?”

If this was the King of the Southern Wilderness, who was in the palace?

Uncle Quan took a closer look. “It’s indeed our emperor… However… his eyes don’t look like it… And he’s too thin. His Majesty is more dignified than the person you have drawn.”

The ink was not dry yet, so Uncle Quan thought that Su Xiaoxiao had drawn it.

Uncle Quan was puzzled. “Little Miss, you just came to the capital. How do you Imow about His Majesty of the Southern Wilderness?”

The King of the Southern Wilderness would appear every year to partic.i.p.ate in the blessing ceremony. There were many opportunities for the citizens of the capital to see him, but not necessarily for outsiders.

Su Xiaoxiao said without changing her expression, “I’ve seen his portrait in the

Holy Maiden Temple. Uncle Quan, does my grandmother know the King of the Southern Wilderness?”

Uncle Quan looked at his young miss in confusion. “I’ve never heard of it. Why are you suddenly asking this, young miss?”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “Didn’t I fall out with the three big shots? I also offended the Saintess. I just thought that if I had the King of the Southern Wilderness backing me, I wouldn’t have to be afraid of them.”

Uncle Quan said firmly, “Little Miss, don’t worry. Cheng Qingyao won’t be the Saintess in time to come. There’s nothing to be afraid of. As for the three chief stewards… they’re not your match at all!”

Little Miss was the smartest in the world and he did not accept any reb.u.t.tal!

“You didn’t offend anyone, right?” Uncle Quan asked.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled.

It was not to the extent of offending him, but she had just poked the hornet’s nest of the Southern Wilderness’ royal family…

After Uncle Quan delivered the red bean soup to the two of them, he scooped a bowl for Xie Yunhe.

It was one thing for him not to like Xie Yunhe, but Xie Yunhe was the old master. He had to do his job.

After all, his actions represented Little Miss and the family. He could not leave any evidence for the two of them.

Cheng Lian looked at the red bean soup in front of Xie Yunhe and asked unhappily, “Where’s mine?”

Uncle Quan scolded, ‘You’re just a concubine maidservant, yet you still want to drink the red bean soup that I personally brewed! Dream on!”

Cheng Lian fell back in anger.

She had been trekking on the mountain for most of the day. She was tired, thirsty, and hungry. It was not easy for her to reach the small bamboo garden, but she could not even drink a mouthful of soup.

How could she reason with him?

At sunset, the three big shots brought a few teams of guards carrying boxes over majestically.

Cheng Lian saw this scene from afar.

She did not know what had happened and thought that the three big shots were here to pick her and Xie Yunhe up.

She couldn’t understand those things, but it didn’t affect her smugness.

She was finally going to be proud.

She dusted her wide sleeves and stopped. A look of high spirits appeared between her eyebrows.

However, to her surprise, the first thing the three of them said after arriving at the little bamboo garden was to ask if the Young Master was around.

Cheng Lian was stunned.

Then, she remembered that the girl had beaten up Steward Lu.

Could it be that the few big shots were here to avenge Steward Lu?

Although it was a little disappointing that they were not here to welcome her and Xie Yunhe, Cheng Lian was already used to it.

These people were arrogant and all of them were troublesome. Other than Old Master Cheng, no one could suppress them.

Moreover, Cheng Lian felt a hundred times better at the thought of causing that girl to fall.

Xie Yunhe sat in the central room and remained silent.

Uncle Quan went to Su Xiaoxiao’s room. Su Xiaoxiao was lying on a rattan chair taking a nap.

Uncle Quan said softly, “Miss, they’re here. Do you want to rest for a while more? I’ll tell them to wait!”

“Did they bring the gold?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

Uncle Quan said, “They moved many big boxes over. I wonder if there’s gold inside.”

Su Xiaoxiao stood up without a word,

“I’ll go see them!”

If one was not proactive in earning money, there must be a problem with that person’s thinking!

Su Xiaoxiao came to the central room.

The three heads had already greeted Cheng Lian and Xie Yunhe.

The three of them were not in a good mood today and their att.i.tude was extremely perfunctory.

However, when Su Xiaoxiao appeared, the three of them instantly tensed up.

This was an instinctive reaction after being tricked. They definitely did not want to lose their composure on purpose.

Su Xiaoxiao sat down elegantly.

Cheng Lian snorted disdainfully.

She was still putting on a brave front even at the brink of death.

She shouldn’t cry and beg her and Old Master to save her life later.

The three big shots walked in fiercely and glared at Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao took a sip of tea leisurely.

The three of them suddenly cupped their fists and bowed. “Greetings, Young Master! ”

Cheng Lian was stunned.

Xie Yunhe also looked up in surprise.

He observed their expressions.

The three of them looked like they were gritting their teeth. Clearly, they were unwilling to bow.

However, they seemed to be very afraid of the little girl.

Su Xiaoxiao rested her elbows on the armrest and rested her chin on one hand. She looked at them calmly. “Have you brought what I asked for?” The three of them gestured to the guard outside.

The guards carried the heavy boxes in and soon filled the central room.

Uncle Quan went forward to check.

When he opened a box lid, a dazzling golden light was projected. Cheng Lian and Xie Yunhe were simply dumbfounded.

Not only did Uncle Quan check the top, but he also took out those at the bottom to check. He was afraid that they would use inferior goods to fool Young Miss.

Su Xiaoxiao said casually, “300,000 taels of gold, is that all? Don’t think I don’t know gold.”


Cheng Lian gasped!

What had this girl done? Why did the three big shots want to give her so much gold?

Su Xiaoxiao did something Cheng Lian didn’t even dare to think about.

Cheng Lian felt terrible.

The three of them did not expect her to see that the number was wrong with a glance. They thought that they could bully her for being ignorant.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s less. Just use some people’s arms and legs to repay the debt.”

The three of them choked.

Xue Ping took out a stack of gold notes. “This is all I have. Go to the bank to get the rest.”

Uncle Quan took the gold note and carefully checked its authenticity. He said to

Su Xiaoxiao, “Little Miss, it’s legitimate!”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled in satisfaction and looked at Old Master Feng and the Mu family head. “What about your two families?”

Old Master Feng was furious and coldly handed Uncle Quan a stack of gold notes.

Since the two elders had handed over the gold, Mu Tan could only obediently submit.

Uncle Quan counted until his hands went weak. He counted from the setting sun to the dark. “Miss… it matches!” He was panting to death!

“Can you let him go now?” Xue Ping asked.

“Of course.” Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “Let them go.”

Mei Ji escorted three useless young masters over from the bamboo forest.

Cheng Lian was dumbfounded again.

Weren’t these the grandsons and sons of the three heads?

Had this girl actually captured them?

She had only gone up the mountain half a day late. What had she missed?

Su Xiaoxiao said calmly, “Don’t think about coming back to take revenge on me. If I can capture them once, I can capture a second time, but they might have to suffer some physical pain the second time. I like to collect interest.” The three of them clenched their fists.

The little girl was young, but they felt that she was really capable of incomparably cruel things.

Xue Ping said calmly, “We want to see the family head. This is our last request. It’s not too much, right?”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “On account of the gold, I agree!”

Mei Ji went to the bamboo forest to find Cheng Sang and met the three of them alone in the house.

Xue Ping greeted Cheng Sang.

Cheng Sang said indifferently, “If you have something to say, say it. I’m tired. Don’t delay my rest.”

Xue Ping looked at Cheng Sang deeply and took out a silver bracelet. “Family head, do you still remember this?” Cheng Sang’s eyes darted around.

Weiwei didn’t teach her this…

Xue Ping stared straight at Cheng Sang. “You accidentally dropped it back then. ”

Cheng Sang improvised. “You’re wrong. I threw it away. If you like it, just take it! Don’t disturb me!”

They came out of the small bamboo garden.

Old master Feng ana tne mu ram11Y neaa asKec1 m umson, “HOW IS It(”

Xue Ping looked at the bracelet and said, “The family head hasn’t recovered.

She’s pretending.”

The two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Old Master Feng said, “It’s good that she hasn’t recovered. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome.”

The Mu family head said, “After all, we swore a poisonous oath in front of Old Master Cheng’s bed that we can’t take Cheng Sang’s life. If she’s still a lunatic and doesn’t remember that person, let’s leave it at that for now.”

They dared to be so arrogant in the mine and even fill their pockets because Old Master Cheng had exchanged the entire mine for his daughter’s life..

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