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Chapter 437

Under the 100 times gravity, that root wasn’t a nosebleed!

It was flying down three thousand feet!

It made a “hua” sound, comparable to a nosebleed waterfall!

Those senior sisters were stunned!

Hey, hey, hey!

We already know that you are very good at showing off. Don’t do homework in the 100x gravity zone!

This is too much!

Come back! Otherwise, someone will die!

These 10 seconds of HP are almost equal to the total HP of the human body!

How did you survive until now!

Zhong Yingxue said anxiously, “Little Nan! Little Nan, come back quickly, okay? You can write homework anytime!”

Xia Yao stomped her feet anxiously. “Little Nan! Be obedient! Come back quickly! Let’s go home and do our homework! Be good!”

Jiang Nan struggled, “Pfft… hehe! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!”

Jiang Nan spat out another mouthful of blood and ate another Vitality Ginseng!

He didn’t care about anything!

“Nan Shen is indeed a G.o.d! Even if he doesn’t want his life, he still wants to show off?”

“This amount of blood? It can be said to be a human blood bank!”

“Teacher! Teacher, hurry up and persuade Little Nan!”

Qin Ci exploded: !!!

Before he could say a word, he rolled his eyes and stomped on the ground, cras.h.i.+ng to the ground like an old cement board!

[Qin Ci’s Resentment Points +1000!]

This… Who can bear this!

Tao Xinyi’s face turned pale, and she quickly ran to change into the special training suit!

She directly ran to the 100 times gravity zone!

For Diamond Rank experts, resisting the 100 times gravity was not a big problem!

“Student Jiang Nan! You can’t do this! Hurry up and go back with the teacher!”

Jiang Nan didn’t even turn his head. He lowered his head and wrote wildly, “No, no! I have already written half of it. Wait for me to finish writing it!”

Tao Xinyi was touched! She didn’t expect Jiang Nan to be so strong and still love studying so much!

“Teacher won’t accept your homework, okay? Don’t do it again!”

Jiang Nan was stunned. “You won’t accept my homework? Really?”

Tao Xinyi hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes! I won’t accept it!”

Jiang Nan said in surprise, “Thank you, teacher!”

After eating another small ginseng, he continued to carve with his head lowered!

Tao Xinyi: !!!

Why are you still carving? I don’t even accept homework, and you are still writing… Eh!

What are you carving at this moment?

She looked at the incantation on the gold brick and compared it with the one on the metal plate…

Then look at that big gold brick!

Tao Xinyi: ???

[Tao Xinyi’s Resentment Points +666!]

Her pretty face darkened as she silently walked out of the gravity zone!

Zhong Yingxue said anxiously, “Teacher! Teacher! Why hasn’t Little Nan come out yet? He…”

Tao Xinyi gritted her teeth. “He deserves it!”

Zhong Yingxue: ???

Carving a gravity curse on the big gold brick?

I was wondering why he was so desperate!

You little head, Heaven Capital is thinking about writing something weird!

He was so angry that he lost a homework!

At this moment, blood was flowing all over the ground and everywhere!

A few Diamond Rank tutors were wearing special training uniforms, dragging a cloth in one hand and stabbing water in the other!

They were dragging the ground crazily around Jiang Nan, so tired that they were sweating all over!

[Lu Shang, Resentment Points +888!]

[Liu Xiaofei’s Resentment Points +664!]

Under the eyes of everyone in horror!

Jiang Nan wrote 74 minutes of “homework” in the hundred-fold gravity zone!

The teachers dragged 21 pieces of cloth, and their waists were almost broken!

At this moment, Jiang Nan’s name had risen to the top of the weight training list!

First place! Jiang Nan! 100x gravity zone! 74 minutes!

With such a terrifying gap, he was like a cloud of dust!

He had pushed away Xiao Zhen, who had not been shaken for two years!

At the moment when Jiang Nan was filled with joy as he carved the last incantation!

The golden light on the entire golden brick seemed to flicker!

The surface was already engraved with densely packed incantations!

The surrounding spiritual energy was actually attracted by the golden brick and converged into it!

At this moment, the golden brick seemed to have completed a qualitative change!


The special gla.s.s steel on the ground was cracked!

Jiang Nan’s eyes were filled with joy!

He suddenly stood up and crossed his waist!

“Haha! It’s done!”

He couldn’t wait to bend down and pick up the gold bricks!

How much money was this worth?

It was also great to use it to hit people! It could even hit the head!

He had just used his hand to grab it!

Hmm? Why is it not moving?

It’s only 5,000 kg! It’s not like I can’t pick it up!


Jiang Nan, who was holding the golden brick with both hands, used all his strength and roared from the depths of his soul!

The golden brick… did not move at all!

Jiang Nan: !!!

How was this possible! It was only five thousand kilograms… Eh!


It seemed like something was wrong.

Under the hundred-fold gravity, the originally 50 kg gold brick became 5,000 v!

After I finished carving the incantation, the weight of the gold brick became 5,000 kg!

Then, the 5,000 kg gold brick was now placed in the hundred-fold gravity zone…


5,000 X100 = I have lost my gold brick!

The current gold brick is 50,000 kg?

250 tons?

Who can move this!

Jiang Nan: ???

I was careless! I was careless!

I even miscalculated the elementary school application questions!

He vomited blood for nothing!

Thinking of this, Jiang Nan couldn’t help but shed tears of regret!

At this moment, the 250 tons of gold bricks seemed to be embedded on the ground!

A big gold brick in anger?

How could that work?

Jiang Nan wiped the blood from his nose and teleported to Tao Xinyi. He said shyly, “Sister Xinyi, can you help me with the gold brick? I will give you half of it!”

Tao Xinyi licked her lips and whispered, “Are… are you really going to give me half of it?”

Jiang Nan waved his hand and said heroically, “I’ll give it to you!”

“Then… then I’ll give it a try!”

She couldn’t help but follow Jiang Nan to the hundred-fold gravity zone!

She stretched out her hand to move it, and her beautiful face was dark red, but the golden brick didn’t move!

The reason why her face was red was partly because she was holding it in and partly because she was ashamed!

I am a Diamond Rank, how can I not take it?

Tao Xinyi looked at the densely packed runes on the golden brick with a face full of horror!

No… It can’t be that Jiang Nan really succeeded in increasing the weight, right? How did you do it?

So now this golden brick has 250 tons?

Did you make a piece of Nan Shen Gold Brick? Like the Hammer of the Thunder G.o.d, only recognized people can pick it up?

“If teacher can’t move it… you can go and try to find Heaven Rank!”

Jiang Nan was about to cry. Where could he find Heaven Rank to move the golden bricks for him?

Was he really going to smash it here?

Jiang Nan was about to cry.

At that time, he shouted loudly, “Who can take out this gold brick! I will give them half of it!”

When these words came out, everyone was stunned!

At that moment, a few teachers did not believe in evil and went to deduct the gold brick!

Their face was red and their fingernails were bleeding, but they did not pull the trigger!

As for the students, there was no need to even think about it. They couldn’t even enter the hundred-fold gravity zone, let alone use gold bricks!

However, it didn’t delay their curiosity!

They directly took down the gold bricks of the hundred-fold gravity zone and posted them on the forum!

The t.i.tle: The hundred-fold gravity zone of the training room was discovered by the “Nan Shen Gold Brick”! The mover would get half of the gold!

Everyone, hurry up and try it out!

Comments below!

“What’s going on? Why are you crying?”

“I heard that Nan Shen wrote 74 minutes of homework in the hundred-fold gravity zone! Then he couldn’t take out the gold homework!”

“Teacher! I’m not lying! I don’t have any homework left. If you don’t believe me, you can go take a look!”

“Hahahaha! Wait! What the h.e.l.l? You’ve finished 74 minutes of homework in the 100-gravity zone?”

At this moment, in the huge egg hall, Han Menglu, who was scrolling through her phone, spat out a mouthful of coffee!


She couldn’t help but click on the picture and zoomin on it! She could vaguely see the incantation engraved on the golden brick…

“Pu… hahahaha! Little money inflation technique? You really are a genius!”

“Hiss! But such a greasy seal carving technique! Ha… Looks like I have to discuss it deeply with him!”

Although he had earned the reward of 10 Platinum Rank Spiritual Beads per month, he was still angry that he had lost a big gold brick!

Jiang Nan felt that this would not do! He had to earn it back!

Therefore, he started to teleport around the training room!

“This senior sister! Beast transformation type? Buy a pair of shorts?”

“Oh? My dear brother? Your bald head is a bit serious. What’s the use of having only this bit of hair? Give me a bottle of Dali!”

“I’ll let you go up to the top 100 in minutes!”

[Nie Wei’s Resentment Points +1000!]

The scalp of everyone in the show was numb!

To casually teleport and sell goods in the training room?

Would the sudden change of gravity not affect you?

Do you need to be so dedicated!

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