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Chapter 438

Until the training in the training room ended.

The 250 tons of gold bricks were still in the 100 times gravity zone!

The people watching were drooling!

Moreover, it had been released for many years…

Jiang Nan, who had sold the goods for the entire afternoon, had managed to get back quite a bit of money!

Let’s open the stall…

And there were many more “bald heads” in the training room, as well as the Half-Beast Senior who was wearing Hulk Underpants!

He rushed into the hundred-man ranking list with tears in his eyes!

Even Zhong Yingxue and the others had rushed into the top 100, but the contribution points they received were of no use at all!

After the gravity training ended, the students went to the seniors area to do volunteer work!

Jiang Nan’s eyes lit up and he teleported everywhere!

“Uncle Li! Uncle Li, where are you? I’m here to learn some unique skills from you!”

After searching for a long time, he still could not find a single person!

At this moment, Li Kai was hiding under the bed with a dark face, not daring to go out at all!

While watching cartoons on his phone, he frowned and wrote something on his notebook!

He was so worried that he scratched his hair!

“Tsk… I’m dying!”

[Li Kai’s Resentment Points +888!]


This Super Saiyan was not easy to change!

However, at this moment, Uncle w.a.n.g, who was leaning on a walking stick, was looking for Jiang Nan!

When he caught a student, he asked, “Little son, have you seen Jiang Nan? Uncle has a unique skill that must be taught to him!”

Ning Youyou’s face was full of wors.h.i.+p!

Nan Shen is indeed outstanding. Even the seniors are rus.h.i.+ng to teach him the unique skills!

“I didn’t see him!”

Uncle w.a.n.g let out a long sigh, why are you running around every day?

I want the black garlic!

After tasting the fragrance of the rice, how could he still chew on the bark!

Qin Ci was still sweating profusely as he flipped through the ground…

Wu Liang went to find Zhao Dewu to learn the unique skills!

Without Wu Liang, the square was more or less a little lonely!

“That…! Brother Nan said that you have a special job to teach me!”

At this moment, Zhao Dewu was sitting on the wheel chair with tears all over his face!

What column!

In the future, call me Zhao Dewu!

It’s all my fault for being too careless and getting stabbed!

I don’t blame Jiang Nan, but why is he still so angry!

“Sigh! Sit down! I’ll teach you!”

Wu Liang swallowed his saliva and asked curiously, “Sir! What kind of unique skill? Is it awesome?”

Zhao Dewu grinned. “That’s awesome! If you learn it and use your spiritual skills! The number one tank in the country hasn’t run away. Do you want to learn it?”

Wu Liang’s eyes lit up. “Learn! You have to learn!”

“Learn? My unique way of learning is a little special. It is not something that ordinary people can resist!”

Wu Liang said, “It’s okay! I am from Cla.s.s 10! I will teach you well!”

Zhao Dewu: !!!

At eight o’clock in the evening, Jiang Nan did not find Uncle Li until the volunteer work event ended!

He couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed!

When they gathered, they saw a strong man in green with a swollen face walking back with his crotch!

He cried when he saw Jiang Nan!

“Brother Nan! Uncle Zhao’s unique skills are too hard to learn! He sat in a wheelchair and cut it on the ground for three hours!”

“Every inch of his body has not fallen down! Especially where the door is… Hiss…”

When he said this, Wu Liang shuddered!

Jiang Nan: !!!

Why did he make everyone change color? Was it okay to turn green?

What kind of unique skill was this?

Phew… I was scared to death!

Fortunately, I didn’t learn it back then!

Looking at Wu Liang crying his eyes out, Jiang Nan couldn’t bear it. “Hurry up and take the little ginseng. You won’t learn from Lord Zhu anymore! I’ll find another one for you!”

Wu Liang cried and said, “I can’t leave it! Otherwise, I’ll be beaten up for nothing!”

“I won’t say anything, Brother Nan! Wait until I master my divine arts!”

“I’m going back to sleep. I still have to get beaten tomorrow!”

Jiang Nan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Did he need to work so hard?

When the students returned to the dormitory area, they found 23 girls carrying small suitcases and bedding as they walked out of the dormitory!

Like chicks, they formed a long queue and followed behind Jiang Nan!

They walked in the direction of the Maple Forest Villa!

“Come! Little sisters, come this way! Remember to bring your belongings with you. Don’t fall behind!”

“You can sleep tonight. Get up at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning and teleport to the cla.s.s!”

Jiang Nan, who was walking at the front, had a ruddy face. She was holding a loudspeaker and laughing so hard that her lips almost reached her ears!

At this moment, the students in the boys’ dormitory were completely blown up!

“Ah! Jiang Nan! You’re not human!”

“You’re not going to visit us now? You’re going straight home? You’re going to collect so much in one territory?”

“Sisters, don’t go! If you go, you’ll be like sheep in a tiger’s den!”

“Is the hydraulic crus.h.i.+ng hammer going to work again?”

“Stepping on hundreds of boats? Is Jiang Nan a centipede?”


The resentment point crazily refreshed, and Jiang Nan was crazy with joy!

Ignoring the barking of the single evil dogs, he led the girls to his big villa!

The girls in the cla.s.s were stunned!

“Oh my G.o.d! Such a big villa? Is there a mistake?”

“Is it so luxurious? Isn’t it too happy to have a big villa in school?”

“What… There is a swimming pool? Wow! I admire you!”

“Hehe! With so many of us together, Night Devil can’t possibly come, right?”

The villa was filled with all sorts of girls!

Rabbit baby looked around excitedly. “Which room is Nan Shen in?”

Xia Yao pointed. “The one next to the kitchen! But you are not allowed to enter.”

The group of girls: ???

Xia Yao lowered her head and clasped her fingers. Her face was a little red!

Zhong Yingxue smiled. “There are more than ten rooms in the room. Two people living in one room should be enough. Little Nan… Eh, what are you doing?”

They saw Jiang Nan take out a green teletubies invisibility cloak from the alternate dimension and put it on!

The girls could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

The girls who had partic.i.p.ated in the All-Star Match with Jiang Nan were all deeply traumatized by the battle uniform set!

Jiang Nan’s expression turned serious!

“As Cla.s.s 10’s cla.s.s monitor, I feel that it is necessary to think about the safety of our cla.s.smates!”

“You can sleep at ease tonight! I, Jiang Nan, swear that I must catch Night Devil! Bring him to justice!”

“Give everyone a quiet and peaceful night!”


I really just want to let the senior sisters have a good sleep!

I’m not going to do some strange things!

If the Lords were to live up to his conscience!

More and more senior sisters were lost, and it would be terrible if they hit me together!

I still have to steal back my little slippers as soon as possible!

At this moment, the girls were all looking at Jiang Nan with touched faces!

“Nan Shen! You are too good!”

“I am so touched! I will give you a thumbs up!”

“Wow! My nose is sour and I want to cry!”

“Kill the perverted Night Devil! Believe in Nan Shen! We can win!”

At this moment, Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao looked at Jiang Nan with extremely gentle gazes!

They clearly knew that the side effect of the Invisible Cloak was 24 hours, and they would not be able to take it off after wearing it!

Little Nan still had to help catch the Night Devil! This kind of dedication was too touching!

“Little Nan, you must be careful! Don’t get hurt!”

“En! That Night Devil must be very powerful. Be careful!”

Jiang Nan grinned. “It’s fine! Don’t worry!”

What are you afraid of?

It was just a thief shouting to catch a thief!

Jiang Nan, who was wearing the green teletubies, disappeared in a blink of an eye!



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