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Chapter 557

The gloominess of the sea contrasted sharply with the bright light in the distance.

In the sunlight, the magnificent Red Line Continent appeared in the excited eyes of everyone.

Luffy, who was sitting on the stone at the bow of the Merry, covered his straw hat with an excited smile on his face, “I see, that’s the Red Line Continent!”

“Finally here again…” Seeing the Red Line Continent again, everyone couldn’t help sighing in their hearts.

From seeing the Red Line Continent that day to seeing the figure of the Red Line Continent again now, everyone had sailed half a Grand Line.

Along the way, everyone experienced countless adventures, faced countless powerful opponents, and fought many life-and-death battles, but they also gained many precious friends.h.i.+ps.

Step by step, their journey has crossed half of the Grand Line. From entering the Grand Line to now, each of them has grown a lot and changed a lot.

Time seemed to return to that day again, and it was also a stormy day.

That day, they set off from the East Blue, gathered six partners, and established the Straw Hat Pirates. After crossing the East Blue, they arrived at the Red Line Continent, the crossroads of the Grand Line.

They each made an oath to go to the Grand Line, and entered the Grand Line with their dreams. Although they have not yet realized their respective dreams, they have already taken a big step towards their dreams.

“For me, it’s been fifty years.” On that day, their entire pirate group pa.s.sed through the Reverse Mountain and came to the Grand Line.

They were also followed by Laboon, but now, fifty years have pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye, and besides himself, Laboon is still alive in the Rumbar Pirates.

Lin Tian suddenly opened his mouth to remind: “Everyone, be careful, a big guy is about to rush out.”


On the sea that was sailing ahead, a huge current rushed out from the bottom of the sea. Everyone was shocked by the current in front of them. In comparison, the surrounding current was like the difference between a branch and a trunk.

Franky suggested, preparing to cross the ocean current, “Do you want to switch to the outer paddle and start the two paddles on the back at the same time?”

Nami didn’t even think about it, she shook her head and rejected Franky’s suggestion, now it’s too late to change the pulp. The current in front of her is not a bad thing.

“Perhaps, we can use it to cross the serpent current in front of us.” Pointing to the current in front of him, Nami showed a confident smile on her face.

Hearing this, Sanji, Zoro and the others immediately understood what Nami wanted to express, “Nami, it seems that you are going to do that?”

Nodding her head, Nami commanded: “Sanji, take control of the rudder and let the Sunny head into the current!”

Hearing this, Franky’s face changed, and he said quickly, “Hey, Nami, how could it be possible? The multiplier is…”

“Don’t worry.” Facing the worried Franky, Nami said to herself, “Don’t worry, we’ve experienced anything more exciting than this when we went to Sky Island that day.”


On the huge current, the Sunny, which was going against the current, was like an inconspicuous little ant, but it nimbly rushed through the obstruction of the wind and waves, and rushed to the sky with the rising current.

Seeing this, Franky hurriedly opened the cover on the deck and entered the cabin to prepare, “Now, we can use the wind to jet through this sea area!”

Facing the violent sea wind, the Sunny is about to rush to the top of the current under the sea and the strong wind. Nami commanded: “Zoro, Luffy, put up the sails!”


The two jumped to the top of the mast, untied the tied thick ropes and jumped down towards the deck. The huge sails were furled very quickly.

Next, Franky yelled at the right time: “Get ready, everyone! Coup de Burst!”

Sunny, which rushed to the top of the current, flew up obliquely, and from the jet port behind it, a violent propelling air was ejected in a timely manner.

Propelled by a powerful force, the Sunny not only did not fall, but continued to fly towards the sky in the direction it flew up earlier.


Pa.s.sing through the serpent current, the Sunny dropped from the sky and slid several kilometers on the sea surface, before finally exhausting the propulsion generated by the fall, and landed firmly on the sea surface.

“It’s so big! I can’t see the end of Red Line Continent, I can’t even see the top of the mountain!” Chopper looked up at the Red Line Continent in front of him, and the top of the mountain soaring into the sky, his face full of shock emerged.

Although Chopper is on the Grand Line, Chopper has lived in the Drum Island since he was a child. The first time he went to sea was with Luffy.

Looking up at the Red Line Continent in front of her, Nami exclaimed, “I can’t help but feel very nostalgic. I really feel a lot of emotion.”

Luffy stood on the bow of the boat and said with a smile: “The Twin Cape are just across the sea connected to a cliff; we met Laboon there. It’s really great that all the crew can come here without incident.”

“Before I was sensible, I seemed to have crossed the Reverse Mountain from the East Blue, but it was more than 30 years ago.” Seeing the Red Line Continent again, Franky couldn’t help but recall a trace of memory in his heart.

Gently leaning her head on Lin Tian’s shoulder, Robin recalled that year, “I entered the Grand Line in the human trafficking s.h.i.+p, but at that time Lin Tian led the marine to destroy the port and let me out.”

Among the large number of trafficked women of various races that were rescued in the destroyed dark port on Saxon Island, there was a n.o.ble and stunning woman among them, that was Robin who came to the Grand Line back then.

Standing on the bow of the boat, Luffy held his straw hat on his head and said excitedly: “As long as I sail half around the Grand Line and see this cliff again, then I will be the Pirate King, s.h.i.+s.h.i.+s.h.i.+…”

Arriving around the Reverse Mountain, the ever-changing sea will calm down. The sunny weather and the slightly rippling waves make people feel that this is not a Grand Line.

Surrounded by the table, looking at the pointer on her wrist pointing to the bottom of the sea, Nami asked suspiciously: “Lin Tian, why do we have to go to the Sabaody Archipelago to reach the Fish-Man Island?”

Pointing to the desktop map, Lin Tian explained: “Going to the New World, as a pirate, there is only one way, and that is to go through the Fish-Man Island, and to go to the Fish-Man Island by boat, you must go to the Sabaody Archipelago, where you can reach the path to Fish-Man Island.”

“That’s it, then let’s quickly set off for the Sabaody Archipelago!” Luffy urged.

For the legendary New World, Luffy can’t wait. Not only will he have more exciting adventures, but Shanks is waiting for him somewhere in that sea area.


At this moment, the Sunny, which was running smoothly, trembled violently. Everyone hurriedly grabbed the things that could be fixed nearby, and a hint of puzzlement flashed in their eyes. What happened?

The next moment, they saw the surface of the sea bulge, and a huge sea beast rushed out of the sea. It looked at the people on the Sunny with red eyes, it was the expectation of its food.

Facing the giant sea beast that could scare ordinary people out of their wits, everyone looked very calm. Even the timid Usopp and Chopper didn’t show any fear on their faces.

With his hands folded in front of his chest, Usopp sighed: “I’ve seen Oars’ huge body, and now I see these sea beasts, I don’t think they are that big anymore.”

“En!” Chopper nodded in agreement.

Being stared at unscrupulously by these insignificant humans, in the eyes of sea beasts, this is a naked provocation, opening their mouths to swallow them at Luffy.

Every time a human being sees it opening its mouth, they jump into the water in great terror, but among these people, there is no panic at all, only a thin guy comes out.

Luffy waved his fist, already thinking about the final fate of this sea beast, “Sanji, let’s have this sea beast for lunch today.”

“Rubber Rubber Pistol!”

With one punch, it seemed to be enough to swallow the side sea beast of the Sunny in one gulp, and it was easily knocked out by Luffy’s fist.

Seeing the sea beast poured into the sea, Luffy wanted to grab the sea beast and prevent it from escaping. After all, this was their lunch today.


Suddenly a scream came from the sky!

Hearing the screams from above, everyone couldn’t help raising their puzzled eyes and looked up at the sky. Under the glare of the sun, they could only vaguely see the shadow of a fish’s tail.

Luffy was surprised and said, “Fish? Did a fish fall from the sky?”

Taking a closer look, and listening to the waving hands, Usopp corrected, “No, that’s a human being!”

As the black shadow in the sky approached, everyone’s puzzled eyes were replaced by surprise, no! One of them had eyes filled with red hearts.

Sanji’s eyes were red, and he stared at the black shadow that fell from the sky and hit him. The moment he fell, he could clearly see the excited smile on Sanji’s face.

Silence! Deathly silence!

Everyone stared dumbfounded at the mermaid that fell on Sanji. It has a human upper body, a fish-like tail, and a beautiful face. The legendary mermaid actually fell from the sky onto their boat.

“This…is this really a mermaid?” Swallowing, Nami couldn’t believe it.

They were still discussing how to get to Fish-Man Island just now. Now there is a mermaid falling from the sky. No matter how you look at it, it seems like a dream.

Robin said: “Look at the fish-like tail on its lower body. If there is nothing wrong, this is really a mermaid.”

Climbing up from Sanji, the beautiful mermaid who escaped from death waved her hands and shouted happily: “I’ve been saved, great, great!”

The starfish that fell down with the mermaid turned around to look at the happy mermaid girl, and cursed angrily, “Why are you so happy, you were almost digested!”

The mermaid covered her hands and said embarra.s.sedly, “But didn’t I survive?”

Hearing this, Lin Tian suddenly felt his forehead go black. How thick are her nerves? That’s why she didn’t even see such a big sea beast by her side, and he had to fight with Luffy again.

Maybe it was defeated by the mermaid, the starfish shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter. But who is that under you?”

Hearing the starfish’s reminder, the beautiful mermaid immediately realized that something was still on her body, her eyes were red, and Sanji fell into a coma due to excitement.

Shouted in panic: “I crushed a human being! I’m sorry, are you okay?!”

Under the sway of the mermaid, Sanji regained consciousness a little bit, but when he saw the mermaid in front of him clearly, Sanji suddenly fell into a coma, and muttered in his mouth.

“Mermaid, this is a real mermaid!”

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