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Chapter 558

Facing this mermaid that fell from the sky, after a brief fright between the two parties, they chatted with each other as if they were very familiar with each other.

Looking at Camie who was chatting cordially with Luffy in front of him, Lin Tian really felt it was a miracle that this girl who had no defense at all was able to live happily until now.

To many human beings, mermaids are simply legendary creatures. Of course, most people in the Grand Line know that mermaids live on Fish-Man Island.

However, it is rare to see mermaids in the human world. If there is only one place where you can see the most mermaids, it is the auction house.

After all, for human beings, apart from being legendary creatures, mermaids are innumerably expensive. There are some people in this world who earn money exclusively by selling mermaids.

So for most mermaids, human beings are evil existences. Usually, even if mermaids leave Fish-Man Island, they will rarely reach the gathering place of the human world safely.

Not to mention seeing human beings, where there is no way to talk to them, the first reaction is often to quickly dive into the sea to escape the clutches of human beings.

“That’s right, this is the mermaid, the beautiful mermaid, the idol mermaid wors.h.i.+ped by all mankind, the gem of the sea, the mermaid. Today I met a real mermaid. She’s so cute. It’s the first time I’ve seen a mermaid.”

Sanji, who woke up, was very excited and turned around in circles, with red hearts in his eyes, staring at Camie who was sitting on the ground in front of him.

Next to Usopp, he suddenly reminded: “No, Sanji, isn’t Granny Kokoro of the Water 7 a mermaid?”

As soon as Usopp reminded him, the scene of seeing Granny Kokoro out of the water on Judicial Island immediately appeared in Sanji’s mind, and the joy in his heart seemed to be completely wiped out by a basin of cold water.

After walking a few steps with a waste of energy, Sanji finally couldn’t stand it any longer. He knelt down on the ground, hammered the ground with both fists, and said with a choked voice.

“The Water 7- that’s not scary, it’s just a dream, everything is fake!”

Seeing Sanji’s expression, Usopp quickly waved his hand to comfort him and said, “Hey, wait a minute, Sanji, that’s already in the past. I’m sorry, let’s just pretend that it doesn’t exist.”

On the one hand, Luffy heard the conversation between the two, imagined that Granny Kokoro looked like a mermaid, and said with black lines all over her head: “Grandma Kokoro is actually a mermaid, it’s really disgusting.”


Nami punched Luffy angrily and knocked him to the ground, “You’re too rude!”

With her arms folded, Nami said helplessly, “I really can’t bear it, you men are really looking forward to the mermaid…”

“Hey, Nami.” Hearing what Nami said, Lin Tian suddenly felt that he had to explain, “I’m different from these guys. Although mermaids are beautiful, I’m not interested in them.”

From Lin Tian’s point of view, although most mermaids are beauties to human women, they are still fish in essence.

Although a mermaid can turn into a human being at the age of thirty, Lin Tian thinks that she is actually still a fish. After thinking about it, Lin Tian thinks they’re not that awesome.

The women around him are more beautiful than mermaids, and a million times more beautiful. So, mermaids are not very attractive to Lin Tian.

Looking sideways at Lin Tian, Nami snorted coldly: “Although you don’t like mermaids, you are worse than those men, playboy.”

Speaking of this, Lin Tian quickly fell silent, looking around unnaturally, not daring to look at Nami, “What I have to do now is to keep silent, don’t say anything, otherwise the consequences will be even more serious.”

The sudden appearance of Camie brought a lot of joy to the boat. After all, facing the legendary mermaid, everyone may have a lot of curiosity in their hearts.

Until, the partner that Camie was looking for was captured by a group of pirates. After listening to the phone bug’s threatening words, Camie lowered her head with deep worry on her face.


Seeing Camie’s sad look, the kind Nami said, “Wait a minute, Camie, sorry for our meddling. If you want to save your friends, we can help you too.”

Hearing this, Franky and Sanji nodded silently behind them. This kind of thing is just a matter of effort for them.

“However, how about you tell us the way to go to Fish-Man Island?” Nami changed the subject and put forward her own conditions. This is Nami after all.

“Really? Nami, thank you!”

Camie, who was at a loss, had an excited smile on her face when she heard Nami’s words. She really didn’t know how to save Hatchan by herself. Now with their help, the success rate is much higher. Just now the huge sea beast can be defeated.

Standing in front of him, Luffy suddenly asked: “Yes, yes, but Camie, who is the Hachi you’re talking about!”

Camie replied: “He’s the owner of the takoyaki shop where I work. His takoyaki is the best in the world!”

After listening, Luffy, who was originally calm, suddenly changed his face, and then shouted more anxiously than Camie.

“Brothers, this is a very important matter. Even if we die, we must save the takoyaki.”

Lin Tian suddenly had black lines all over his head. Is this guy Luffy going to save the octopus, or the best takoyaki in the world that Camie said?

After listening to the voice from the previous phone call, and Camie calling Hatchan, Lin Tian has roughly guessed who Hatchan is.

This world is really small!

“What should I do, save this guy?” Zoro looked at the struggling Nami and asked.

After all, the octopus Hatchan in front of him is a mermaid in Cocoyasi Village who caused great harm to Nami’s life. It is up to Nami to decide whether he should be saved or not.

Seeing everyone’s serious expressions, Robin asked suspiciously, “What’s going on, what happened?”

Looking back from Hatchan, the octopus in the cage, Lin Tian opened his mouth to solve the doubts in the hearts of Robin and others, “Before when we were in the East Blue, a group of fish-man pirates ruled Nami’s hometown, and he was one of the cadres inside. Nami’s closest relative died at the hands of the Fish-Man Pirates. In order to save the villagers, Nami had to endure pain. She risked her life to s.n.a.t.c.h 100 million Berry from the Fish-Man Pirates, went up to redeem the whole village, but in the end…”

For the next words, in order to take care of Nami’s feelings, Lin Tian didn’t continue, but everyone already guessed in their hearts that those pirates broke their promise in the end.

Hearing this, everyone didn’t open their mouths. Not only did they focus on Nami, but it was up to Nami to decide whether to save the octopus now.

Luffy, who was standing on the bow of the boat, cursed: “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d octopus, if I knew it was you and we wouldn’t come here, but your takoyaki is so good…?”

Seeing this, Sanji cursed helplessly: “Idiot, to be wavering between rationality and appet.i.te at this time.”

“Nami, you decide whether you should save him or not.” Lin Tian patted Nami on the shoulder to encourage her, indicating that no matter what, they would obey her decision.

Patting her forehead, Nami sighed, and said in a slightly apologetic tone, “Camie, why is Hatchan the one you want to save, sorry, I can’t do it.”

Camie clenched her fists, choked with sobs and said, “How come… Nami, can’t you guys help Hachi?”

Looking at Camie’s crying face, although Nami couldn’t help but gritted her teeth and shook her head resolutely, Nami couldn’t do it if she wanted her to save the enemy who killed her dearest.

Hatchan suddenly shouted: “Camie, it’s okay! Just go back like this, this is a trap!”

Shaking her head, Camie said with a firm face, “I don’t want it, Hachi, I won’t leave. You have always been the one who came to save me. This time it will be you instead of me.”

She jumped onto the side of the boat. Pappag followed behind Camie, scolded Nami, who was dying at the back, and jumped into the water with Camie.

“You two idiots! There’s obviously a trap here, and if you jump down, it will only be a matter of time!” Zoro glanced at the two and jumped off the two. While seemingly cursing, he was actually reminding the two of them.

It’s a pity that before Camie jumped into the water, three fish-men who had been ambus.h.i.+ng below rushed out and accurately caught Camie.

“Haha, we are about to become rich men! I didn’t expect you to fall into such a simple trap. Camie, you can’t escape!”

Hatchan, who was locked in the cage, saw that Camie was caught, but he was tied up anxiously. He wanted to act but had no choice but to keep hitting the cage.

“Wait a minute, Camie, I’ll come out and save you right away!”

Watching Camie being caught by three ugly fish-men in the sea, Sanji, who is a Knight of the Sea, couldn’t stand it anymore.

Throwing away the cigarette b.u.t.t in his hand, he walked forward and said, “No matter what, Miss Camie is innocent, we can’t just watch like this.”

Suddenly, Nami stretched out her hand and blocked Sanji who was about to make a move. Under Sanji’s strange eyes, Nami did not explain.

Instead, she closed her eyes tightly, with a look of struggle on her face, as if she had made some decision, she opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a smile from the heart on her face, “If this is the case, how can we only save Camie, let’s save Hatchan as well.”

“He became a harmless guy, otherwise we would have broken our promise with Camie.”

Seeing that Nami was able to let go of the hatred between Hatchan, everyone couldn’t help showing a hint of admiration in their eyes. The opposite side was the group of enemies who killed their dearest one. When you are in a situation, you can’t be sure to be like Nami.

“Okay, since that’s the case, let’s make a move.” Luffy’s eyes were full of takoyaki. It seemed that between reason and appet.i.te, reason only had a little upper hand.

Impatiently, he reached out and grabbed Camie and the five-pointed star who were caught by the fish-men, and flew towards the land ahead.

Seeing Straw Hat Luffy, giving up the past to help them, Hatchan was moved to tears, “Straw Hat pirates, thank you so much.”

Then at the next moment, flying fish carried the people rushed out of the sea. They had already prepared for an ambush, but the trap was not inside the house, but under the sea.

Looking at these insolent little characters, a trace of disdain flashed across Lin Tian’s face. For these people hiding under the sea, Lin Tian discovered from the very beginning through his Observation Haki.

He tilted his head to look at Franky and said, “Franky, let them see how powerful the Sunny is.”

“Understood, let me show you the attack system of the Sunny!”

Franky raised his eyes and looked at the flying fish in the sky with a smug expression on his face.

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