My Runes Can Be Upgraded Chapter 1067 - Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body-

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Chapter 1067 - Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body-

Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body-


Mission Completed

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Mysterious Realm No. 3, operating theater!

A cold light shone.

A long spear was pointed at Wu Wei with a majestic aura!

This shot came from the centurion whose head had been chopped off. Without his head, it did not seem to affect him at all.

There were even some unexpected benefits.

Even though Wu Wei felt that something was wrong at the end, he still relaxed the moment he chopped off his opponent s head.

The spear was like a dragon as it landed on Wu Wei’s body.

Fortunately, it landed on Wu Wei.

Otherwise, even Ah Huang might not be able to withstand a full-force attack from the other party’s pseudo-divine power at the level of Greater Mastery of the Fourth Stage Dao Stepping Realm, but Wu Wei could!

[You have activated Dao Protection!]

With 30 seconds of invincibility, Wu Wei took the shot head-on.

Taking advantage of the fact that the spear was blocked by his [Dao Guard], Wu

Wei grabbed the spear and closed in on him.


The spirit essence in his body circulated, and the [Thunder Dharma] opened its big hand and grabbed the centurion’s body. The remaining 10,000 or so spirit essence in his body smashed into it, forcefully burning the centurion’s entire body.

While Wu Wei was electrocuting his body, Sixth Brother, who was inside the centurion’s body, did not stay idle either. He suddenly erupted and attacked Wu Wei from both inside and outside, letting the centurion experience the Song of

Ice and Fire.

At the same time. Ah Huang threw a second punch.

Wu Wei’s family of three worked together to beat up the centurion. At this moment, the golden finger notification refreshed.

However, when Wu Wei saw the golden finger notification, his expression turned even uglier.

[You have defeated [Acardo’s Test Item], You have obtained one-tenth of the experience points from killing [Acardo’s Test Item]. Your [Original Experience Talisman] has taken effect. You have obtained too times the experience


He didn’t kill them, he just defeated them!

“That guy didn’t die!”

Before Wu Wei could finish his sentence, the Centurion’s corpse, which was already close to Grayley, started twisting again.


The surrounding wooden houses were shattered.

At the same time, the golden finger notification refreshed.

[Please note that [Acardo’s Test Item] has activated [Distorted Transformation]. The truth of his injuries has been distorted!]

[Your fourth origin’s pseudo-divine power [Fourth Brother’s Tree World] has been destroyed!]

The Centurion stood up again after the two golden finger notifications.

Then, the fourth brother suddenly realized that the tree world that had just been destroyed had been restored.

At this moment, Wu Wei cursed loudly!

Did this BOSS have any shame? This cheat was comparable to the [Flood

Dragon Army Flag],

” I knew this battle wouldn’ t be easy!”

Wu Wei cursed angrily and went up to him at the same time.

Although his [Lightning Dharma] was gone, his [Dao Protection] was still there.

Taking advantage of his invincibility, Wu Wei stood in front to attract the centurion’s attention.

The centurion had just revived. When he saw Wu Wei coming over, he subconsciously shot his spear at him. Wu Wei did not dodge or dodge. He relied on [Dao Protection] to forcefully block the spear and at the same time, he held onto the centurion’s spear.

The next second,[Spatial Teleportation] (Marked Version)!

Fourth Brother directly exchanged Wu Wei and Ah Huang’s positions. After replacing Ah Huang, Ah Huang’s power erupted!

Even though it was only at the second-stage Dao Stepping Realm, Ah Huang walked the path of strength. With the support of the pseudo-divine power and the origin talismans, its strength could instantly reach the terrifying level of tens of thousands of stars. Even a fourth-stage Dao Stepping Realm cultivator would not be able to withstand it.

The spear in the centurion’s hand was s.n.a.t.c.hed away once again. Ah Huang Qi went over and controlled the centurion like a huge lock that was s.h.i.+ning with golden light.

At this moment, Sixth Brother stuck it up and froze the Centurion on the spot while the effect of the [collector’s little library] was still active!

At this moment, Wu Wei could seize the opportunity to kill the centurion.

But Wu Wei did not have such a plan!

So what if he was killed?

If he didn’t solve the reason why the other party was resurrected, even if he died now, he would still be resurrected later!

Therefore, Wu Wei took advantage of the time when the centurion was being controlled to figure out how this guy was resurrected.

It was obvious that the resurrection of the Centurion relied on the source of [Distorted Distortion).

Wu Wei didn’t expect this thing to have the same effect as [Backtrack].

Other people also had their own cheats, which made Wu Wei quite unhappy, so Wu Wei wanted to kill him completely.

However, if he wanted to kill him, Wu Wei had to figure out what was going on with this [Distorted Transformation]!

What were the conditions for him to activate it? Were there any restrictions?

As long as he understood this, he would be able to get rid of the Centurion completely.

The best way to figure this out was to kill them again.

However, this time, he had to kill Wu Wei when he was prepared.

Taking advantage of the centurion being controlled, Wu Wei took out spirit essence and spirit stones to replenish his state. At the same time, he let the fourth brother use [Nature’s Gift] on himself to recover his spirit essence.

She looked at her watch.

As soon as he recovered and could use the [Eye of the Thunder G.o.d], Wu Wei immediately made his move!

“Kill them!”

With Wu Wei’s order, Ah Huang and Sixth attacked at the same time.

Without Wu Wei’s help, it was quite difficult for them to kill the centurion.

After spending about a minute, Sixth Brother’s spirit essence was exhausted before he could barely kill the centurion again!

On Wu Wei’s side, before the Centurion died, he reached out his hand and activated [Eye of the Thunder G.o.d].

[You have defeated [Acardo’s Test Item]. You have obtained one-tenth of the experience points from killing [Acardo’s Test Item]. Your [Original Experience Talisman] has taken effect. You have obtained 100 times the experience points!]

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