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Chapter 1068 - Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body,

Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body,


Mission Completed 2

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[Your [Tai Qing Qi Eating] has been activated. You have obtained the experience of [Eight Spearman Styles]!]

Obviously, Wu Wei’s efforts this time had failed.

He couldn’t get [Distorted] through [Tai Qing Qi Eating].

After the Centurion died, his body distorted again. Fourth Brother’s Tree World collapsed again, and the Centurion was resurrected again in the next second.

The Centurion’s second resurrection was harder for Wu Wei.

The entire team on his side was already in a half-crippled state. It was obviously impossible for them to kill an energetic Fourth Stage Path-Stepping Cultivator in such a state.

At this moment, Wu Wei could finally understand how Han Xin felt when he saw the resurrected Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers.

F * ck, hanging on the wall is the most annoying!

At the same time, the golden finger in front of him refreshed.

[You have used [Eye of the Thunder G.o.d] to successfully see through one of the conditions for [Acardo’s Experimental Item] and [Transformed Distortion] to be activated-a complete operating theater!]

Wu Wei’s mood immediately improved when he saw this cheat.

“No wonder Fourth Brother’s tree world would collapse every time it resurrected. So this is the reason!

Now that he had figured out one of the conditions to activate [Distorted Distortion], the next step was easy. Since the operating theater was one of the conditions to activate it, he would think of a way to destroy it!

However, if they wanted to destroy the operating theater, Wu Wei’s first problem was to deal with the centurion. Even if they could not control him, they had to at least restrain him.

Right now, Wu Wei and Sixth Brother didn’t even have a drop of it, at least their combat power had dropped to 20 – 30% of their peak.

This was still a conservative estimate. After using up his ultimate move, it would be considered high if he could only have 10% to 20% of his combat power.

Therefore, Wu Wei could only temporarily hand over the task of restraining the centurion to Ah Huang!

“Ah Huang, hold him back at all costs!”

With Wu Wei’s order, Ah Huang’s body flickered with golden and green light as he left.

The golden one was Ah Huang’s [Dragon Elephant Golden Body], while the green one was Fourth Brother’s [Nature s Gift].

With its defense activated and its milk bottle hanging, Ah Huang went up to the resurrected Centurion.

Even though they had already killed the Centurion twice in a row, those two times were the result of Wu Wei’s full cooperation. Most importantly, they were under Sixth Brother’s control.

Now, without Sixth Brother’s control and Wu Wei, only Ah Huang charged forward. The centurion instantly revealed his fangs.

“Puff!” “Puff!” “Puff!”

The long spear was like a dragon, instantly opening three b.l.o.o.d.y holes on Ah Huang’s golden body.


The golden finger notification floated up at this time. Obviously, Ah Huang’s three attacks weren’t in vain. As long as there were another 97 attacks, Ah Huang’s [Dragon Elephant Golden Body] could be upgraded.

However, in reality, let alone the next ninety-seven strikes, Ah Huang might not even be able to withstand the fourth strike.

The three attacks directly destroyed Ah Huang’s Dragonesque Elephant Golden Body. The golden light dissipated, and the Centurion stabbed at Ah Huang’s head for the fourth time!


A light flashed on Ah Huang’s body, and he was teleported away in an instant, allowing him to avoid this fatal shot.

On Wu Wei’s side, he didn’t just let Ah Huang restrain the Centurion.

While Ah Huang was restraining the centurion, he was recovering his spirit essence. At the same time, he took out the flood dragon flag in his hand and called out the Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers.

As Ah Huang was being transferred away, the Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers charged towards the Centurion like a tide.

The level 101 totem, iron-quality Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers, took the lead and activated [13 Dragon Elephants] and [Crash Through the South Wall], They all smashed their eggs on the centurion with an unstoppable momentum.

Relying on the time that the 144 Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers exchanged with their lives, Ah Huang’s side rallied and charged forward with his golden body again. He worked with the Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers to restrain the centurion.

Find the right opportunity to enter the battlefield when the centurion was about to fire his gun.

With the lives of 14 Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers, Ah Huang successfully s.n.a.t.c.hed the spear from the other party’s hand at the cost of taking another shot.

This was actually a fluke.

If the centurion had not been modified and had no intelligence, Ah Huang would not have been able to s.n.a.t.c.h the spear.

Of course, if that was the case, Wu Wei and the others might have taken the centurion away in the first round.

No matter what, Ah Huang had successfully s.n.a.t.c.hed the other party’s spear.

The centurion’s combat power was 70% to 80% on the spear. Without the spear, the centurion was like a toothless tiger, and the threat to Ah Huang plummeted.

However, it was still possible. His attacks could still break Ah Huang’s golden body, but the damage was not as great as the spear.

The spear, Ah Huang couldn’t withstand three spears, but now, Ah Huang could withstand 10 punches.

Every attack from the centurion was a form of tempering for Ah Huang s Dragon Elephant Golden Body.

Ah Huang had also learned his lesson. He moved aside eight or nine times in succession, letting the Dragon Elephant Dao Soldiers restrain him and let him rest for a while. When he was almost fully recovered, he would come back and continue to farm proficiency.

With this method, Ah Huang had reached the Small Success Level of the Dragon Elephant Golden Body in just five minutes!

[Your first origin, the pseudo-divine power of the Yellow Scarf Strongman, True, has reached the standard to be upgraded. It requires 10 million spirit elemental stones. Do you want to…]

“Yes, yes, yes!”

As Wu Wei nodded, another tens of millions of spirit essence and spirit stones were gone.

However, Wu Wei only lost spirit stones, while Ah Huang gained a real increase in combat strength.

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