My Runes Can Be Upgraded Chapter 1069 - Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body, Mission Completed 3

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Chapter 1069 - Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body, Mission Completed 3

Initial Success of the Dragon and Elephant Golden Body, Mission Completed 3


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The advancement of Ah Huang’s [Dragon Elephant Golden Body] did not last long, about ten minutes.

It was mainly because of the time it took for Wu Wei to send the spirit stones to Ah Huang’s origin page. During this period of time, Ah Huang could continue to restrain the centurion.

When Wu Wei’s spirit stones arrived, Ah Huang’s Dragon Elephant Golden Body immediately improved.

[Your first origin, the pseudo-divine power of the Yellow Scarf Strongman, True, has been raised to the small success stage. Its strength has been raised by 50 stars, its physique has been raised by 50 stars, and its pa.s.sive defense has been raised to 5000 stars!]

As the golden finger notification refreshed, the golden light on Ah Huang’s body grew brighter.

With the Dragon Elephant Golden Body, Ah Huang faced the centurion head- on. This time, the centurion’s punches and kicks couldn’t break through Ah Huang’s defense.

Such a huge increase made Wu Wei feel that his 10 million spirit elemental stones were worth it.

At the same time, he could not help but feel that this Dao Stepping Stage Four boss was nothing more than this.

Other than the [Distorted Distortion], which was a little difficult to deal with, the rest didn’t seem to be much.

Wu Wei even felt that he could take this opportunity to use the other party as a tool to see if he could raise Ah Huang’s Dragon Elephant Golden Body to the great success realm.

However, the centurion had lost his spear. Without his spear, his fists and feet could not break through Ah Huang’s defense.

If Wu Wei wanted it, he would have to return the spear.

Wu Wei thought for a moment.

“Forget it, forget it. It’s better not to court death!”

In the end, rationality and caution prevailed. Wu Wei gave up on farming Ah Huang’s Dragon Elephant Golden Body and raised his hand to summon 10 Dao Soldiers.

At this moment, the 10 Dao Soldiers that Wu Wei summoned were the 10 Fire Controlling Alchemists under him who had stepped into the Dao.

The purpose of summoning them was very simple. It was to destroy the operating theater.

Although Wu Wei was still holding an [Endless Beehive] in his hand, he did not have a [Dao Protection] now. If this thing exploded, it would take Wu Wei away.

Another reason was that Wu Wei felt that even if the operating theater was destroyed, it should not be wasted.

With such good materials, he naturally wanted to try and see if he could refine medicinal pills.

When the [Fire Controlling Alchemist] came out, the fourth brother’s tree world shrunk by a circle, making way for the [Fire Controlling Alchemist] to throw the [Refining Fire] at him.

As the 10 Dao-stepping-level tempering flames landed on the ground and burned fiercely, a golden finger notification popped up in front of Wu Wei.


Wu Wei was still at a loss. Before he could figure out what this golden finger meant, the centurion who was being held down by Ah Huang and the others stopped.

Then, he looked up at the [Fire Controlling Alchemist]!

There was no doubt that the actions of the [Fire Controlling Alchemist] had triggered some kind of behavior mechanism of the centurion.

The Centurion, who was still fighting with Ah Huang and the others, paused for a moment before his body suddenly twisted.


In the next second, the Centurion exploded.

The golden finger notification refreshed again.

[You have successfully defeated [Acardo’s Test Item], You have received experience points. Your [Original Experience Talisman] has taken effect. You have received 100 times the experience points. Please choose to distribute the experience points!]

Wu Wei did not have the time to distribute the experience points.

At the same time that the centurion exploded, a small piece of the fourth brother’s tree world exploded.

That small piece was near the Fire Controlling Pill Master.

Without a doubt, the Centurion was prepared to revive here. He wanted to kill the Fire Controlling Alchemist. How could he do that? They did not revive!

“Fourth Bro, send Boss over!”

Wu Wei gave the order, and Fourth Brother immediately teleported Ah Huang to the Centurion’s vicinity.

Seeing Ah Huang walk over, Wu Wei felt a little relieved.

He felt that since Ah Huang’s [Dragon Elephant Golden Body] had already reached the initial level, the Centurion’s punches and kicks could not hurt him. Even if he held a gun in his hand now, Ah Huang should be able to restrain him, right?

Then, Wu Wei realized that he was being optimistic!

At the same time that Ah Huang was teleported over, the Centurion was revived!

The spear in his hand appeared again, and the Centurion’s aura changed drastically. Looking at Ah Huang who had activated the Dragon Elephant Golden Body in front of him, the spear in the Centurion’s hand instantly turned red!

[Spearman’s Eight Strikes, Spear Shakes the World!]

The Spearman’s Eight Forms was a special pseudo-G.o.d art. The so-called eight forms didn’t really have eight moves, but were just eight basic usages of the spear.

Different people who learned the [Eight Spearman Styles] could combine different moves according to their own understanding. Some moves were powerful, while others were ordinary.

And it was obvious that the move that the Centurion had used was definitely his proudest and most powerful spear move when he was alive.

He stabbed out with his spear!

Ah Huang’s small success level Dragon Elephant Golden Body was as thin as a piece of paper and instantly shattered. The spear directly penetrated Ah Huang’s body and blew up half of its upper body.

It instantly killed Ah Huang.

The Centurion didn’t even spare a glance at Ah Huang, who had been blown up. He charged straight at the Fire Manipulation Alchemist. At the same time, he was about to pull out the spear that was still in Ah Huang’s body. He wanted to kill them, who were destroying the operating room.

However, as soon as the spear was pulled out, the centurion’s body paused. Immediately after, an incomparably powerful force pulled out the spear from his hand and s.n.a.t.c.hed it over!

Ah Huang, it was Ah Huang!

Just as Ah Huang was about to be destroyed and the Centurion was about to pa.s.s by Ah Huang, Wu Wei used [Backtrack]!

As the [Backtrack Pearl] had not leveled up and was still Epic grade and level 100, the [Backtrack Pearl] could not keep up with Wu Wei’s current strength.

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