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Chapter 803: Clear the Area First


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Tianhe used the surrounding scenes to block his body and disappeared from everyone’s sight. In the next second, his body appeared behind Xuanyuan Tian like a ghost.

Xuanyuan Tian had just noticed it when he felt a pain in his abdomen. He did not expect to be stabbed directly. However, his reaction was also very fast. He quickly covered his wound and took a few steps back before drinking a bottle of medicine. Then, he punched him with his back.

Lin Tianhe didn’t expect that these country b.u.mpkins had such high defense that he couldn’t kill them with a single strike.

“Rainbow Piercing Sun!”

Lin Tianhe used his ultimate move on the spot.

“Ding ~ You have obtained the ultimate skill [Long Rainbow Piercing the Sun].”

Chu Bai immediately received this kid’s ultimate move.

[Long Rainbow Piercing the Sun]: One of the cores of the Lin family’s sword technique. After using it, a gust of wind will be emitted on the spot. Then, a few sword intents will be emitted. The enemy who is. .h.i.t will suffer 60% of the maximum HP damage and cause the bleeding effect to last for one minute, losing 1% of HP every second. [Cooldown time: 1 hour]

Chu Bai couldn’t remain calm when he saw such a terrifying skill. This kid was indeed very strong. If he was allowed to develop like this, no one would be his match.

It was no wonder that the people around him quickly retreated and hid after seeing this kid come out. It seemed that it was not a good thing to fight him.

“Retreat, retreat!” The moment Chu Bai saw the big move, he was already planning to retreat.

Seeing Chu Bai speak like this, Feng Yun hurriedly left.

Piercing Wind did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle at all. He had already dodged.

Dugu Wenjian and Xuanyuan Tian saw that the people around them had already left. The two of them looked at each other and quickly scattered smoke before quickly pus.h.i.+ng them away.

Lin Tianhe’s big move missed, but his sword intent still killed a few people hiding in the dark.

Lin Tianhe stood where he was, panting a little. After all, he had just released his ultimate move and instantly became a little weaker. However, the others still did not dare to attack him. Even a starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

“How could this guy be so terrifying? If we were hit by that move just now, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to escape death.”Feng Yun could not believe that the skill he had learned for so many days was not as good as a casual sword attack.

“That’s not a random move. That’s his ultimate skill. Moreover, this kid has other skills. Our current detection technique is actually not very effective against them. Sometimes, we can’t even see their attributes.”

Chu Bai had already noticed this problem. Sometimes, it was easy to fail when using this detection skill on others. One could not see the opponent’s attributes at all.

Therefore, they didn’t know what the opponent’s situation was, but now they should be able to understand that in this battle, you only needed to hit a few times. It was probably not possible.

Therefore, everyone was very serious and careful. Basically, they did not make any big mistakes.

“Then what should we say now? Should we hide here and wait for an opportunity, or…” Feng Yun was about to speak when he saw people fighting in the distance.

In the distance, Piercing Wind did not know why he was suddenly targeted by two people. At this moment, they were attacking him. The two people’s attack speed was very fast, and he was forced to retreat.

Piercing Wind’s legs kept crossing each other on the ground. The ground was full of his footprints, and his body was full of other people’s wounds.

The two men’s attack speed was very fast. Piercing Wind seemed to be no match for them. He was beaten up very badly. Soon, he retreated directly to a huge rock and crashed into it fiercely, raising a huge cloud of dust.

“I don’t know why this kid offended them. It seems that he’s dead now. Those two are probably in cahoots.”

Feng Yun hid at the side and watched the situation. At this moment, he could not help but sigh. This cousin of his usually liked to offend people. It was not strange for him to be surrounded by people now.

“Be careful. We shouldn’t be ambushed. The valley is quite big. As long as we follow this line, there shouldn’t be any problems for the time being.”

Chu Bai’s eyes were constantly looking around. He didn’t want anyone to suddenly appear and intercept them.

“Don’t look over there. It’s more exciting here.”Feng Yun was obviously already in awe. He felt very happy when he saw his cousin getting beaten up.

Piercing Wind did not expect that he would suddenly be targeted by so many people.

He clearly did not anger these people. He did not understand why these people suddenly came to target him. It was really uncomfortable for him.

Piercing Wind was now cras.h.i.+ng into the wall, looking a little disheveled. Fortunately, he took advantage of the smoke’s effect to escape quickly.

“Good luck!”

“All the best, Guild Leader!”

The members of White Wind Alliance kept cheering. At this moment, they were united. After all, they had all joined the same sect. Now, of course, they were all focused on their guild leader.

The other members of the sect couldn’t help but cheer. After all, this concerned the glory of their sect. They had to win.

At this moment, the situation in the valley was very good. Everyone had hidden themselves. Other than a few people who had sneakily attacked a few times, most of them did not make a move.

Because the terrain was too big, everyone had a lot of room to play. They couldn’t fight at all. This made the people above anxious. After all, they could see everyone’s movements from above.

The two of them were hiding behind the trees every few dozen meters. Now, no one was willing to make the first move. There were a total of 36 people. If anyone made the first move, it would be over.

However, at this moment, everyone realized that something was wrong with two people.

Chu Bai and Feng Yun suddenly ran to the end of the valley. Just as everyone was wondering what the two of them were doing here, they felt that something was wrong.

“I promised you that 1 would only use one move. You have to protect me.”As Chu Bai spoke, he had already begun to condense his ultimate move.

Feng Yun held a s.h.i.+eld in one hand and a sword in the other. His eyes were sharp as he nodded in agreement.

“Alright, then I’ll clear the area.”

Chu Bai couldn’t stand the number of people around him anymore. He planned to clear the area with one move and see if he could kill a few people.

“What is he doing? Was he trying to escape by standing there?”

“Wouldn’t they be on stage after a few more steps?”

“Aren’t those people from Cloud Sky Palace? What do they want?”

“These two people didn’t break the rules. Are they trying to escape?”

Just as everyone thought that the two of them were trying to escape and did not want to continue looking down on them, they suddenly felt that something was wrong. Then, they saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives..

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