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Chapter 905: Searching for the Heavenly Water Holy Spring


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the peak of the mountain, everyone was shocked by Chu Bai’s vicious move. They didn’t expect him to have so many treasures on him.

Feng Yun stood at the side with an indifferent att.i.tude. Although he had wanted to kill White Night before, he no longer had such thoughts.

Seeing that the battle had ended, I Am G.o.d quickly approached and found my Light of Faith.

“If the two of us cooperate, why don’t we take this opportunity to kill White Night?” I Am G.o.d had a lot of thoughts on his mind right now.

When I Believe in Light heard this, he turned his head and glanced at him.

“Aren’t you joking with me? With your strength, how can we fight him?” It was obvious that I didn’t think much of the people from the Cherry Blossom Kingdom. After all, from the few times I interacted with them, I realized that they were terrifyingly weak.

“Are you looking down on the people of our Cherry Blossom Country? Our ninjutsu is the best in the world.” I Am G.o.d stood there and started to brag. “Are you talking about the technique of endurance?” I looked at them with disdain.

I just grunted a few words and turned around to leave. After all, this scene was too embarra.s.sing.

I Faith Light turned around and saw Chu Bai. He did seem very weak now.

After all, his equipment seemed to have lost a certain ability.

I, Light of Faith, was also starting to think about the pros and cons. Should I make a move?

Just as he was thinking, Feng Yun suddenly walked up.

” White Night, looks like you’ve won again. Looks like we can work together again.” Feng Yun did not intend to kill him this time. Instead, he wanted to continue cooperating.

This was because Feng Yun had already seen the business opportunities hidden in this. As long as the two sides cooperated, the mining matter would be very smooth.

“You make it sound like we’ve worked together before?” Chu Bai picked up the dim gems from the ground. These gems could help him win today, so they were worth collecting.

Feng Yun did not get angry when he heard this. The previous few times were his mistakes, and he had almost killed White Night. Although he could kill him, no one could say what would happen next.

Therefore, Feng Yun gave up on targeting White Night and turned around to ask for cooperation. As long as the two sides cooperated now, everything that had happened before could disappear.

Chu Bai also didn’t expect Feng Yun to actually look for him to cooperate. Under the current circ.u.mstances, it wasn’t impossible for them to cooperate. After all, the main thing was mining.

It was just making money. It was fine.

After Chu Bai collected the gemstones on the ground, he turned to Feng Yun and said,” That’s fine too. I’ll call my men over. We’ll mine together.”

Chu Bai would be an idiot if he didn’t earn money. Although the two of them had grudges, it was better to earn money now.

The members of the Heaven Alliance were excited when they heard about mining. Before Chu Bai could gather his men, they had already organized a team.

Only now did Chu Bai realize how useful these ores were. To them, this ore was quite useful.

Therefore, these people desperately wanted to buy this mine.

Now that they could dig, they were naturally happy.

Chu Bai also gave them their own quota. As long as they could dig up a certain amount of ore, 10% would go to the miners.

These miners were all excited and immediately ran to dig.

Feng Yun did not say anything when he saw this. After all, it was normal for them to cooperate.

After Chu Bai was done with all this, he finally set his sights on the Heavenly Water Holy Spring.

This was the place he wanted to complete.

The Demon Emperor had already helped him a lot, and now he had to repay him.

Chu Bai also knew that he was no match for the sect leader. If he wanted to fight the sect leader now, he was still a little short.

Jun Ling was quite strong, so he couldn’t challenge her easily. Chu Bai didn’t return to the sect to get his reward.

Chu Bai immediately began to search for the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring.

The Demon Emperor had said that he couldn’t go to the most sacred place, so Chu Bai’s target was the most sacred place.

But the map was so big, how could it be sacred enough?

Piercing Wind was already dead, and no one would stab him in the back. Chu Bai could finally relax a little.

Back at Mount Phoenix Cry, Si Nantian returned to his sect and hurried out again.

“As long as we go here, we can complete it.”

It took Si Nantian a long time to reach a holy land. He then found some spring water and used it.

Piercing Wind walked out of the light.

“Oh? Master didn’t expect you to keep your word. You said that if I lost, you would resurrect me.” Piercing Wind did not dare to believe it at first, but since his master had said so, he chose to believe it in the end.

He did not expect that he would still not be able to defeat White Night, and in the end, his master had also successfully resurrected him.

” After reviving you this time, you will obtain a portion of the Holy Spring Water’s ability. You must make good use of it.” Although Si Nantian wasn’t satisfied with his death, he had to keep his promise.

” Of course. I feel that my entire body is filled with power. This holy feeling makes me very strong.” Piercing Wind could also feel the abundant energy in his body. This energy filled his entire body with strength.

Si Nantian nodded. He had no opinion on this matter.

On the other side, Chu Bai was still looking for the Heavenly Water Holy Spring. However, after asking around, he finally pointed his target at Mount Phoenix Cry.

According to the report from the Heaven Alliance members at Mount Phoenix, there was a spring water that could be exchanged for 10,000 ores. Although it ’ was only one drop, it could quickly heal all injuries.

This thing was very similar to the Heavenly Water Holy Spring that Chu Bai had described.

After Chu Bai received the news from his subordinates, he quickly came over.

Soon, a person walked out from behind a mountain.

“Guild Master, my name is Yang Buxing. We should be here to find the Heavenly Water Holy Spring, right? That thing is in my sect.” After Yang Buliu finished speaking, he looked at Chu Bai eagerly.

Chu Bai didn’t stand on ceremony and took out 10,000 ores from his pocket. He had even borrowed this from Feng Yun.

A person could only dig up 100 to 200 ores a day at most.

Feng Yun had already spent a long time acc.u.mulating these ores. This time, he had only sent these things up on account of Chu Bai.

After Yang Buliu received the ores, he entered the sect and prepared to exchange for a drop of water from the Heavenly Water Holy Spring.

At the same time, he had to find out its origin. This magical spring water was definitely not ordinary, so the origin behind it was also worth pondering..

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