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Chapter 906: Tracking Feng Ling


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation | Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Heavenly Water Holy Spring.

Yang Buliu quickly entered the sect to exchange for a bottle. Although it was said to be a bottle, there was actually only one drop inside.

” Guild Leader, this is the spring water you requested. It’s said that drinking a drop of it will immediately heal all your injuries.”

Yang Buxing started to introduce them.

Chu Bai was also shocked when he heard this. He didn’t expect a drop of spring water to have such a terrifying effect. If he really went to the spring water and brought a big kettle with him, wouldn’t he make a fortune when he came back?

“Guild leader? Is our mission to find the location of this spring? I heard that they seem to be looking for this position recently.” Yang Buliu told him everything he had seen and heard in the sect recently.

Chu Bai had an answer in his heart after listening to the introduction. It seemed that the entire Phoenix Cry Mountain Sect Master really did know the location of the spring, but this old fellow was unwilling to say it.

“Guild Leader, look!” Yang Buliu suddenly pointed at the main road outside.

Piercing Wind was strolling leisurely on the road over there. He looked very relaxed as if he was looking at a mission or a map.

“Didn’t you already kill him, President? Why is it alive again?” Goat Buliu had also gone to watch that battle, but he did not expect Piercing Wind to be resurrected.

Piercing Wind’s sudden resurrection was a little surprising. Chu Bai had no idea how he had been resurrected. It was ridiculous that he could be resurrected in such a situation.

No matter how Chu Bai thought about it, he couldn’t figure out how this guy could be resurrected unless he had those things.

“Looks like it should be the function of that spring water. Since a drop of water can directly heal a person’s injuries, then soaking in it might be able to directly resurrect him. However, this corpse…” Chu Bai thought about it. When he died that day, he had turned into a white light.

It seemed that there was the ability to resurrect inside, not just soak in it.

Only this spring water should be able to heal his injuries.

“You must keep this a secret. Alright, you can go mine too.” Chu Bai patted Yang Buliu’s shoulder and sent him away. He had to give him some benefits in this situation. He couldn’t let this matter leak out in advance. After all, the effects of this spring water were too shocking.

The Demon Emperor wanted to find the Heavenly Water Sacred Spring. It seemed that his goal was also for this. As long as he had such a spring water, he would have no scruples in doing anything.

After Yang Buliu received this reward, he immediately ran to mine. After all, mining was too profitable now.

Chu Bai actually didn’t want to take all this money. In the end, these ores were left in the guild as rewards.

Chu Bai stood alone in the small path, his eyes staring straight ahead. He wanted to see what this guy was trying to do.

Moreover, following him seemed to be able to find the location of the spring. As long as he found the location of the spring, his mission would be completed.

If Chu Bai wanted to complete his mission, he had to keep an eye on him.

If Piercing Wind could suddenly resurrect, as long as he followed him, he should be able to find the reason for his resurrection.

Piercing Wind stood on the main road and looked down at his mission list. After all, he had received many missions from the sect master after his resurrection.

Now, he had to return the favor to the sect master, so he had many tasks to complete.

Although Piercing Wind felt safe walking here, for some reason, he felt a special feeling in his heart.

He felt like someone was staring at him.

However, he did not react in time.

Chu Bai continued to stare at Piercing Wind. Seeing that this guy didn’t react, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as he didn’t react in time, he could still go smoothly.

Chu Bai didn’t want to do anything else. After all, he just wanted to follow him to see the location of the spring.

The location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring was very hidden. If there was no one familiar with the place to lead the way, he would probably not be able to find it even if he found it for the rest of his life.

However, since Piercing Wind could be resurrected, the key information should be in Phoenix Cry Mountain. But how could he go up now?

Chu Bai stood at the foot of the mountain in a daze. He had just sent his men out, and with his position, there was nothing he could do.

Piercing Wind stood at the entrance of the mountain gate and was looking around. At this moment, he did not seem to want to show his face directly, so he only handed in the mission here and then turned around to leave.

It seemed that he had other missions to complete. He did not want to waste his time here.

Chu Bai saw that Piercing Wind was about to leave and was extremely anxious. If this guy left now, how could he keep up?

There was no way to find him here.

After all, he was not very familiar with the terrain here. If Piercing Wind ran around, he would not be able to catch up with him at all.

Although Chu Bai was anxious, he still had to try his best to search for it.

At this moment, a familiar figure suddenly walked out from afar.

Chu Bai looked at that person and was shocked.

Jiang Qianyue suddenly walked out of Phoenix Cry Mountain.

Only now did Chu Bai know that this woman had joined Feng Mingshan.

“Hey, hey, hey! Why did you suddenly join Feng Mingshan? I don’t even know about this. Besides, you’ve seen me in the Cloud Sky Palace a few times?” Chu Bai suspected that this woman had never stayed in his sect.

“Didn’t you say that everyone should find their own sect? Of course, I chose to join Phoenix Cry Mountain. I just didn’t expect the environment here to be so special, and so many talents joined, resulting in my current position not being very high.”

Jiang Qianyue sighed lightly, clearly dissatisfied with her current achievements.

“If Piercing Wind can join this sect, it means that there are many experts in your sect. It’s only right that you can’t display your talents now. But now there is a special opportunity.” Chu Bai wanted to give her a difficult task.

When Jiang Qianyue heard this, she couldn’t remain calm. She didn’t expect to be asked to send out a mission, and it even seemed like she was being praised. She felt a sense of mission in her heart…

” I didn’t expect you to find out. Since that’s the case, you can help me complete a mission. You should follow Piercing Wind and see what he’s up to.”

As soon as Chu Bai finished speaking, Jiang Qianyue, who was in front of him, was already in shock. After all, he knew that Piercing Wind had just been killed by him. He didn’t expect him to revive so quickly.

“I want to know how he was resurrected, so you have to follow him and see how he was resurrected. Then, come and tell me. I’m going to Feng Ming Mountain..”

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