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A Stern Mistress from the Ancient Past Becomes the Cannon-Fodder in a Wealthy Family summary:

Yuan Shu died on the most glorious day of her life.
She came from a family of generals and was the mistress of a wealthy family in the ancient past.
She was responsible for a family with several hundred family members. Before she died, the emperor even awarded her the Imperial Mandate Mrs.
Yuan t.i.tle. Her life was full of glamor.
However, after waking up one day, she realized she had transmigrated into a book.
She became the cannon fodder who used cunning means to get married to the male lead.
She was also destined to get a divorce and die young!
Moreover, as soon as she transmigrated, she was faced with the problems left behind by the male lead after he disappeared.
These included his rumored mistress, who showed up pregnant, his second brother, who often went missing in search of excitement, his third sister, who was an idiot, his fouth brother, who often got into fights and could never hold down a job, and his fifth brother who was a man of duplicity and had a twisted personality.
The male lead also had many enemies who were waiting for their next prey.
While Yuan Shu wasn’t quite bothered by the other stuff, she felt an itch in her hand, which happened to have a whip, while she looked at the male lead’s four problematic siblings. Before she transmigrated, all the children in her family were people who contributed to society.
She could not tolerate losers like those in front of her.She didn’t mind discussing the matter of divorce later.
The most important thing before she got a divorce was bringing these four kids back on track!
Hence, when the missing male lead returned, he realized everything had changed!
His second brother, who had just won the best actor award and stood on stage while receiving his award, said, “I would like to thank my sister-in-law. Without her, I wouldn’t be standing here today.”
His third sister got into a prestigious university in the country.
“I would like to thank my sister-in-law…”His fourth brother stood on stage at a diplomatic event.
“I would like to thank my sister-in-law…”His fifth brother brought glory to the country.
“I would like to thank my sister-in-law…”Even his past enemies openly showed their admiration for his wife.
’What happened to this world?’ s.h.i.+ Xiao thought to himself. He went missing, but he didn’t die.
So why was everyone waiting in line to marry his wife?

A Stern Mistress from the Ancient Past Becomes the Cannon-Fodder in a Wealthy Family Chapters

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Chapter 359- Fired Mar-06-24
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Chapter 333: Bribe Feb-09-24
Chapter 326 Noob Feb-08-24
Chapter 321: Fight Feb-08-24
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Chapter 12: Fraud Feb-08-24
Chapter 11: Plan Feb-08-24
Chapter 10: Afraid Feb-08-24
Chapter 8: Escape Feb-08-24
Chapter 7: Beaten Feb-08-24
Chapter 2: Chu Mei Feb-08-24
Chapter 1: Rebirth Feb-08-24
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