Supreme Tamer Chapter 253: Chapter 132: The Momentum of the IceFeathered Spirit

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Chapter 253: Chapter 132: The Momentum of the IceFeathered Spirit


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Five-level soul armor is valued at over 1.5 million gold coins, and for a young expert, having a bet of over a million gold coins in a single battle is already considered high. Chu Mu’s brother, Chu Yue, probably wouldn’t easily make such a big bet with others either.

Seeing Chu Mu throwing out the five-level soul armor, Chu Jia was also stunned, completely unprepared for the sudden appearance of this man with such a move.

“You want to bet in a battle with me?” Chu Jia himself also has a five-level soul armor, but he doesn’t mind having another one, as these things are always in demand.

When fighting for reputation and fame does not satisfy those soul pet masters, wagering battles becomes the most common thing between them.

Wagering battles usually involve both parties putting up a spirit item that the other party approves of, or simply using gold coins directly. Then both parties battle, with the winner taking back their own items and the loser’s.

“Don’t you dare?” Chu Mu looked at this ugly fellow and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Had it been before, Chu Mu would have simply ordered MO Ye to give this wretched fellow a claw, killing him right here. However, now that he was in the Great Chu n.o.ble Family, Chu Mu naturally had to be more low-key, not to anger the older generation.

The five-level soul armor was emitting a light blue glow, looking like a water-made armor, s.h.i.+ning brilliantly. Chu Qian, who was standing next to it, was also very astonished seeing the soul armor thrown so casually onto the ground.

“Chu Mu, don’t be impulsive. This is not a big deal, and can be easily resolved.” Chu Qian knew that Chu Mu wanted to defend her and immediately tried to stop him.

“Laughable, someone like you is not even worth my attention. Let’s wager then.” Chu Jia said.

Chu Jia was somewhat apprehensive about Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, but with three soul pets summoned together, defeating his Night Thunder Dream Beast was not a problem at all.

Chu Jia was not the kind of person who liked to talk about righteousness. After knowing that the man in front of him was Chu Qian’s younger brother, Chu Jia roughly guessed that Chu Mu should have come from an ordinary city, never having seen any major powers. He thought himself very powerful in that small city then dared to swagger in this Great Chu n.o.ble family. So when Chu Mu proposed this arrogant battle method, Chu Jia didn’t think the other party was humiliating him, simply thinking it was an arrogant, ignorant person sending treasures to him.

“Chu Mu…” Chu Qian looked worried. Chu Mu’s driving his Night Thunder Dream Beast to come here showed that Chu Mu had already overcome his past shadow and become a true soul pet master.

However, even the first rank, seventh-stage Night Thunder Dream Beast might not necessarily be able to defeat Chu Jia. This kind of wagering was simply giving the five-level soul armor to Chu Jia.

“You should go to the side, be careful not to get hurt.” Chu Mu interrupted Chu Qian’s words, not allowing him to dissuade himself.

Chu Qian was about to speak, but seeing Chu Mu’s confident eyes, she didn’t know what to say for a moment…

“Don’t waste time, let’s get started,” Chu Mu said.

“Hehe, the five-level soul armor is mine,” Chu Jia laughed, immediately reciting the spell, and directly summoning his third soul pet.

Chu Jia had already summoned two soul pets earlier when fighting against Chu Qian – the eighth-stage War General-level Storm Spirit and the third-stage Commander-level Flame Bird.

As the spell was recited, Chu Jia also didn’t hide his strength, directly summoning his main pet, the seventh rank, second-stage Bright Horned Beast.

Chu Mu’s gaze swept over, and the quality of these three soul pets should be good. But Chu Mu could roughly guess that these soul pets had not undergone very good spiritual object strengthening, and only had levels and stages without any extraordinary power. Defeating them with a single pet would be enough.

Chu Mu also recited a spell, summoning his soul pet. Chu Mu’s summon this time was not MO Ye, but the Ice-Feathered Spirit that had been strengthened by nearly 6 million gold coins.

After being strengthened by the Cold Spring Pool, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s control over ice can deal significant damage to many ordinary Commander-level soul pets of the seventh rank. Now that it has the Xuan Crystal Ice Crystal, its ice-element attributes have been absolutely strengthened, making its combat power rank third among Chu Mu’s soul pets.

“Chu Mu, aren’t you going to use that Night Thunder Dream Beast to fight?” Chu Qian was somewhat surprised looking at Chu Mu.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dark and demon spirit auras were very intense, and Chu Qian believed in Chu Mu precisely because of this extraordinary Night Thunder Dream Beast. What Chu Qian didn’t expect was that Chu Mu was actually not using this Dream Beast to fight…

Chu Mu grinned, not saying anything, and turned his attention to Chu Jia’s three soul pets.

“Strengthening the Ice-Feathered Spirit? That’s hilarious. A rank six, seventh-stage soul pet dares to make such a big claim. Frogs at the bottom of a well will always be frogs at the bottom of a well. I’ll show you what real strength is.” Chu Jia sneered when he saw Chu Mu’s summoning the sixth-rank, seventh-stage Ice-Feathered Spirit. His face was even more disdainful.

Chu Jia’s eighth-rank, seventh-stage Storm Spirit was at the same level as Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit, and its stage was a whole level higher. Chu Jia didn’t know whether this guy was genuinely ignorant or just had a problem with his brain.

“When you’re ready, let’s start,” Chu Mu said indifferently.

“I’ll finish you in one minute.” Chu Jia mocked, immediately ordering his second-rank, seventh-level Bright Horned Beast to launch a skill and charge at Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit.

“Ning, Ice Air Dance!”

After being strengthened by the effects of the Cold Spring Pool, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s speed in reciting spells was much faster than before. Even the advanced skill Ice Air Dance was completed almost instantly!

The cold-colored ice spread out, and countless ice flowers bloomed in the night sky. Each blooming shot out a cold, sharp light, penetrating the heavy armor of the Bright Horned Beast.

“A defense in the early stage of the seventh level, huh? How could these little ice flowers possibly hurt my soul pet.” Chu Jia showed a mocking smile, clearly very confident in his Bright Horned Beast.

As expected, Ice Air Dance only created some obstacles for the Bright Horned Beast. It wouldn’t take too much time to break through the ice element skill.

When the Bright Horned Beast was trapped in the Ice Air Dance, Chu Jia already sent out a soul command for his Seventh Rank Third Stage Flame Bird to fly high in the sky and directly use fire skills on the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

The Storm Spirit also completed chanting the spirit incantation; a powerful hurricane formed under the control of the Storm Spirit, like a gigantic, tumultuous serpent, sweeping towards Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit.

At the same time the hurricane was formed, the Flame Bird’s Incineration was already completed. With its fiery red wings opened, a large piece of bright red flame fell, only to be swept up by the Storm Spirit’s hurricane!!

‘Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh———-”

An astonis.h.i.+ng Flame Tornado formed, with waves of scorching wind rus.h.i.+ng

towards them.

“Combination skill… Chu Mu, be careful.” Chu Qian watched Chu Mu with furrowed brows.

The power of combination skills would be much stronger than ordinary skills. The Flame Bird and Storm Spirit’s combination skill unleashed by Chu Jia definitely surpa.s.sed the seventh level, almost enough to instantly kill any War General Level soul pet below the Seventh Rank.

“Ning, Ice Thorn!”

Facing such a powerful Flame Tornado, Chu Mu remained extremely calm!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh————”

The scorching Flame Tornado quickly swept towards them, just a few meters from completely engulfing the Ice -Feathered Spirit!

Seeing this, Chu Qian’s heart was already suspended. At this distance, the Ice-Feathered Spirit couldn’t possibly dodge and would surely be swallowed up by the Flame Tornado. Once it was abandoned, the pursuing Bright Horned Beast would immediately deliver a fatal blow to the Ice-Feathered Spirit, which would be unable to balance its body, and the battle would be over!

Just when Chu Qian imagined the tragic outcome, an ice spike suddenly appeared beneath the Ice-Feathered Spirit. This slanted ice spike quickly pushed the Ice-Feathered Spirit up to a height of over twenty meters!

The height of the Flame Tornado was exactly twenty meters. After being pushed up by the Ice Spike, the towering twenty-meter ice spike was quickly destroyed by the Flame Tornado, but the Ice-Feathered Spirit was left hovering at a height of twenty meters, not only avoiding the Flame Tornado, but also leaving the Bright Horned Beast with no target to attack!

“Attack him directly!” Seeing that Chu Mu was now completely exposed under his Bright Horned Beast, Chu Jia immediately ordered the Bright Horned Beast to smash through the ice walls and attack Chu Mu.

With the spell complete, a series of ice walls quickly appeared on the ground, virtually instantly blocking the position between the Bright Horned Beast and Chu Mu, making it impossible for the Bright Horned Beast to attack Chu Mu directly.

“Bang—— ‘

The Bright Horned Beast’s horns possessed strong destructive power, capable of shattering many hard objects! However, Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit had already mastered the more solid Xuan Crystal; although the thickness of the ice walls hadn’t increased, under the effect of the Xuan Crystal, the solidity of these ice walls was much stronger than before, and even a force of the seventh level would need to attack several times in a row to break them!

For the Ice-Feathered Spirit, the casting of Ice Wall spell was almost instantaneous. After completion, the Ice-Feathered Spirit immediately began reciting the destructive Ice Sword Array spell!

The Ice-Feathered Spirit chanted spells much faster than Chu Jia’s Flame Bird and Storm Spirit, and a cold breath began to fill the mountain peak battlefield!

Countless Xuan Crystal particles floated around the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body, and under its control, they quickly turned into enormous ice swords!!

Twenty ice swords, each nearly eight meters long, were suspended imposingly above the head of the Ice-Feathered Spirit!

The appearance of the ice swords was incredibly magnificent, and both Chu Qian and Chu Jia stared with disbelief!

The power of this ice element skill was not inferior to some seventh level ice element skills!


With a long cry from the Ice-Feathered Spirit, the twenty ice swords immediately aimed at the Flame Bird, emitting a terrifyingly cold aura. Under the powerful control of the Ice-Feathered Spirit, they directly bombarded the Flame Bird!!

Although the Seventh Rank Third Stage Flame Bird had exquisite evasion, its realm was no match for Chu Mu’s MO Ye, let alone the strong fine control realm of the Ice-Feathered Spirit. Fifteen of the twenty ice swords. .h.i.t the

Flame Bird!!

“Bang bang bang

With the strengthening effects of the Xuan Crystal and Cold Spring Pool, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s ice sword killing power increased by at least 50%. This terrifying Ice Sword Array had already reached the peak of the seventh level. Coupled with the attribute counter against the Flame Bird, how could the Flame Bird resist being blasted from the sky to the ground? The flames on its wings were almost completely extinguished!

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