Supreme Tamer Chapter 254: Chapter 133: One-on-One Challenge to Chu Mu l s Three Controls?

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Chapter 254: Chapter 133: One-on-One Challenge to Chu Mu l s Three Controls?


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Seeing his Seventh Rank Third Stage Flame Bird directly bombarded to the ground with one skill, his face immediately changed, completely unexpected that the battle power of Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit could be terrifying to this extent!

“Ning, overlap!”

Chu Mu indifferently issued orders to the Ice-Feathered Spirit…

The Ice-Feathered Spirit’s skill overlap could be delayed, and even if the previous twenty Ice Swords had been completely launched, the Ice Sword Array skill could still be overlapped within almost instant time!

Chu Jia’s astonishment on his face had not yet faded, and after a long chant from the Ice-Feathered Spirit, the surrounding cold ice aura intensified. Fine

Xuan Crystal ice crystals quickly condensed, forming another twenty terrifying Ice Swords in mid -air!

The Ice Swords circled, and under the fine control of the Ice-Feathered Spirit, the twenty Ice Swords split into two trajectories. Ten Ice Swords directly smashed onto the Flame Bird on the ground, whose flames had been extinguished a lot.

The other ten took an eerie route and bombarded the Bright Horned Beast!

“Bang! Bang!!!”

Twenty Ice Swords wielding such terrifying power already appeared, but even more incredible was the fact that this Ice-Feathered Spirit could fine control to this extent, using one skill against two soul pets in completely different positions!

Just as the Bright Horned Beast managed to break through the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s Xuan Crystal Ice Wall, ten eight-meter-long Ice Swords immediately bombarded the Bright Horned Beast!

The Bright Horned Beast had high defense, so the ten ice swords did not truly hurt this Seventh Rank commander, but it had lost the best opportunity to attack Chu Mu himself.

The Flame Bird itself had weaker defense than the Bright Horned Beast, and after being suppressed by the Ice Element, its body was bombarded even deeper, its wing flames dimming entirely and losing its combat power completely.

Chu Qian, who was watching from the side, was also somewhat dumbfounded, never expecting that the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s control of the Ice Element at Sixth Rank Seventh Stage would be terrifying to this extent. Her watery eyes kept staring at Chu Mu, who was calm and composed, and a sense of strangeness and mystery spontaneously emerged!

Realizing that Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit had completely surpa.s.sed its own level, Chu Jia’s face turned black and ordered the Storm Spirit to launch an attack on the Ice-Feathered Spirit in the air, while continuing to let the Bright Horned Beast attack Chu Mu!

“Roar—–“The Bright Horned Beast let out an angry roar, unleas.h.i.+ng its chasing skill. Its body suddenly turned into a golden light in a cone shape, shattering the incredibly hard ground, and directly rushed towards Chu Mu.

“Wind Dragon Wrap!” Chu Mu quickly uttered an incantation, as the Bright Horned Beast charged and got immediately flung into the air by Chu Mu’s Wind Dragon Wrap!

Chu Mu had the soul sense of a Soul Lord Level, so his Wind Dragon Wrap skill was powerful enough to send even an Eighth Rank commander flying, not to mention this Seventh Rank Bright Horned Beast.

“Ning, Ice Cone!” Chu Mu was able to seize the moment and after sweeping a glance at the Bright Horned Beast he had thrown into the air, immediately ordered the Ice-Feathered Spirit to cast an Ice Element skill!!

The effect of the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s Ice Cone was extremely terrifying. Once the incantation was quickly completed, a gigantic ice cone with a horrendous top diameter of ten meters formed and fell down with a bone-chilling cold wind while the Bright Horned Beast was still in mid-air!


The Xuan Crystal Ice Cone hit the back ridge of the Bright Horned Beast heavily, pressing it directly to the ground from the air. The ground exploded under the impact of this terrifying ice cone, and all the ice slag splashed out like rolling stones!

“Ice Seal!” Chu Mu once again issued an order to the Ice-Feathered Spirit, completely ignoring the Thousand Wind Whip performed by the Storm Spirit on the Ice-Feathered Spirit.

The Thousand Wind Whip is formed by compressed mad winds, and when launched, it forms a series of extremely chaotic wind whips that whip the enemy’s body madly!

The skill of Thousand Wind Whip displayed by the Storm Spirit even more so created hundreds of sharp wind whips, whipping the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body fiercely!

“Snap! Snap!!! Snap!!!!!”

One Wind Whip after another drew over the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s clear and transparent body. However, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s defense had reached the terrifying Seventh Level late stage, so this level of attack could only leave some marks on its body, and for Elemental World soul pets, these skin-deep marks could be completely ignored!

Despite the incantation still being chanted and the continuous whipping of the Thousand Wind Whip, the Ice-Feathered Spirit continued to brew its Ice Seal skill, seemingly completely unaffected by this skill!

“This is… Elemental Will!” Chu Qian exclaimed with wide-opened eyes, staring at this incredibly powerful Ice -Feathered Spirit!

Elemental Will is a skill unique to the Elemental World. If one has a strong enough will, they can still chant incantations and cast skills even while suffering from an attack!

Ice Attribute Skills – Ice Seal’s incantation took a bit longer. As the Storm Spirit’s Thousand Wind Stratagem gradually disappeared, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s Level 6 skill – Ice Seal was finally completed!

Chilling air started to spread, and countless tiny ice crystal dusts appeared on the battlefield. These dust particles enveloped the top of the Bright Horned Beast’s head, rapidly coating it with a terrifying Ice Seal breath, madly invading its body!

Bright lights bloomed on the Bright Horned Beast. These lights devoured the ice crystal dust but the ice crystal dust’s speed of forming far exceeded the speed at which the light melted them!

The flickering light gradually dimmed, and white ice crystals slowly covered the Bright Horned Beast’s armor, completely freezing it!

In the centermost pit, the Bright Horned Beast was transformed into an ice sculpture, motionless!

Seeing the completely frozen Bright Horned Beast, Chu Jia was utterly subdued.

Skill overlap, fine control, proficiency in spirit incantations, ice attribute ability application, plus the effects of Xuan Crystal ice Crystal. The Ice-Feathered Spirit exhibited not only combat power of a War General level but was even more terrifying than many high-level Commanders with superior talents!

“Is it necessary to continue?” Chu Mu looked at the Chu Family indifferently, speaking in a calm tone.

Two Seventh-rank Commanders had been dealt with, and only minor damage had been done to the Ice-Feathered Spirit. The remaining Seventh Rank Eighth Stage Storm Spirit definitely wouldn’t be a match for the Ice-Feathered Spirit.

Chu Jia’s face turned blue, and he could count the number of people in the

Great Chu n.o.ble Family who could defeat his three soul pets with one soul pet. How could he have imagined that Chu Qian, who had no real power, would have such a terrifyingly powerful younger brother? He didn’t know what to do next.

Chu Qian, who had been surprised by the battle from the beginning, could not believe that the mysterious and calm person before her was Chu Mu, who had lost a spirit in the past.

“Of course…of course…how could a Level 6 Seventh Stage Ice-Feathered Spirit possibly defeat me!” How could Chu Jia swallow the humiliation of being defeated by a n.o.body’s single soul pet?

Enraged, Chu Jia started reciting his spell to summon a new soul pet!

“Chu Jia, put away your useless soul pets.” Suddenly, a voice entered the battlefield, carrying a sense of command.

Chu Jia, who was about to summon a new soul pet, froze, the invocation spell was interrupted and he looked at the man who had entered the battlefield with astonishment.

The man had long black hair, a pale and handsome face, and a tall and slender figure. His eyes were arrogant and provocative, with a certain aggressiveness as he looked at others, making those who met his gaze feel alarmed and vigilant.

“Big Brother…Big Brother, 1…1 just made a mistake for a moment. I can deal with this insignificant person very quickly.” Chu Jia’s face changed as he saw this man, and he spoke in a panic.

The man slowly took a step forward, with a fiery aura emanating from his body, clearing the chilly air that filled the battlefield, and walked calmly into the battlefield.

The man raised the corners of his mouth and slowly said, “Put away your soul pets, you’re no match for him.”

“Big Brother…” Chu Jia seemed to fear his elder brother, not daring to go near him.

After the appearance of the man, Chu Qian’s face also turned pale, her eyes filled with awe.

How could she not recognize this man? He was Chu Jia’s elder brother – Chu


Chu Yue was the leading figure among the young generation of the Great Chu n.o.ble Family. In the vast majority of Wogu Domain, many people knew his name, and countless young women were infatuated with his handsomeness. Rumor had it that this guy was also a very promiscuous character and had ambiguous relations.h.i.+ps with many women.

“Our friend’s Ice-Feathered Spirit is indeed powerful, and I’m afraid that even some strengthened high-level Commanders can’t match it. Obviously, you’re not an ordinary person. Why not tell us your name.” Chu Yue raised his mouth, looked at Chu Mu, and slowly said.

“Chu Chen.” Chu Mu replied indifferently, feeling disgusted at the man’s pretentiousness.

“Chu Chen? I’ve never really heard of it. You were able to defeat my

incompetent brother with an Ice-Feathered Spirit, and you have skill. However, the Great Chu n.o.ble Family has many experts, and you have no right to be rampant here…” Chu Yue’s eyes became chilling as he continued.

“Since you were able to defeat my brother’s three soul pets with a single Ice-Feathered Spirit, I, Chu Yue will also face you with a single soul pet. You can summon anyone you want, as long as you can defeat me. This pure Ice Soul Crystal worth 1.5 million gold coins will be yours, Chu Chen.”

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