Supreme Tamer Chapter 255: Chapter 134: Chu Yue? Step on without hesitation!

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Chapter 255: Chapter 134: Chu Yue? Step on without hesitation!


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“Since you defeated my younger brother’s three soul pets with a single Ice-Feathered Spirit, now, I, Chu Yue, will also control a single pet. You can summon whatever you like. As long as you can defeat me, this pure Ice

Element Soul Crystal worth 1.5 million gold coins will be yours, Chu Chen.”

Chu Mu was taken aback, he had not expected this man to make such a reckless demand!

Who was Chu Mu? If you ignored major powers like the Great Chu n.o.ble Family, it would be difficult to find a true expert in any other region who could rival him. No doubt even Chu Ke, who is ranked in the top five strength-wise, wouldn’t dare to audaciously declare that one soul pet could battle against three of Chu Mu’s. Yet, this Chu Yue, who was a rung lower, was actually making such a bold claim!

“It’s Chu Yue…” Chu Qian, who was riding her winged soul pet, had somehow also entered the mountain peak battlefield. Her eyes focused on Chu Yue, who had a handsome face.

“Ah, isn’t it little sister Chu Qian?” Chu Yue sported a smile, sweeping a glance at Chu Qian who flew into the battlefield on her winged soul pet.

Seeing that this man, who caused countless girls to be infatuated with him, remembered her, Chu Qian immediately revealed a pleased expression. If Chu Xian were not present, it’s likely that this love-struck girl would have forgotten who she was and would run over to join in on the banter with Chu


“Chu Chen, didn’t I tell you not to be rash?! I warned you earlier about how formidable Chu Yue is. He’s not someone a guy from a small clan like you can mess around with. Hurry up and apologize to Chu Yue. Otherwise, it won’t just be you who suffers, but your sister will also be implicated because of your reckless behavior!” Chu Qian, who overheard Chu Yue declaring he would fight one against three when she arrived, naturally guessed that it was Chu Xian’s little brother from the small city who had irritated Chu Yue. She immediately reprimanded him fiercely.

Chu Xian’s brows knitted together upon hearing Chu Qian’s words. She had no intention of letting Chu Mu apologize to anyone. What’s more, this wasn’t Chu Mu’s mistake to begin with. She bit her lip and glanced at Chu Yue and Chu Jia, preparing to apologize on Chu Mu’s behalf to prevent this minor issue from escalating further.

“My younger brother is reckless and doesn’t know better. He offended you, Brother Chu Yue, please…” Chu Xian had already bowed slightly to express her apology.

Chu Yue wasn’t exactly a respectful and righteous person. When he entered the mountain peak battlefield, his zaze had been constantly rakinq over Chu Xian’s mature and charming body. Now, seeing her show such a humble manner, his eyes flashed with mischief. He seemed to have already gotten an idea…

“There’s no need to apologize, I just happen to need a Seventh Level Ice Element Soul Crystal.” Chu Mu pulled Chu Xian back and said.

“This is someone else’s territory. Regardless of whether we are in the right or not, we are at a disadvantage. Chu Mu, listen to your sister…” Chu Xian naturally wanted to persuade Chu Mu.

“Young Master, this guy Chu Yue is so disgusting. If we don’t beat the c.r.a.p out of him, I, Elder Illusion, won’t be able to sleep well for the next few days. Young Master, you can stomp down without any concerns. There are several experts from Soul Hall among the Great Chu n.o.ble Family. After you beat him up, I, Master Li, will immediately take out the Madame’s Soul Hall Order to intimidate them, ensuring they don’t dare to protect him excessively. As for those in the younger generation, you can stomp down without concern. I guarantee they won’t dare to do anything to you!” Master Li said angrily to Chu Mu through soul communication.

Liu Binglan did not ask Fox Elder to accompany Chu Mu just to be an encyclopedia for him. Fox Elder knew many people and Liu Binglan left the

Soul Hall Order with him. In case any old fools wanted to trouble Chu Mu, Fox Elder would decisively use her Soul Hall Order to find some formidable fellows to protect Chu Mu.

“What’s a Soul Hall Order?” Chu Mu was admittedly confused. Liu Binglan didn’t seem to have informed him about this.

“A Soul Hall Order is an ident.i.ty order held by the highest authorities in the

Soul Hall. The strength of the Soul Hall isn’t very influential in the Western World, but the Great Chu n.o.ble Family’s reclusive experts who are outside quite a bit need to rely on the Soul Hall’s power. They are all sensible people and as long as they see this Soul Hall Order, they absolutely won’t dare to show any disrespect to you. Her Highness the Venerate is aware of your current sensitive status and is not at ease letting you experience the world on your own. Hence, she secretly instructed me, Illusion Elder, to support you in tackling some larger situations. What’s more, Her Highness the Venerate should currently still be in the Western World searching for information about Heavenly Earth Immortal Ice, and if the Great Chu n.o.ble Family did anything unbecoming towards you, Her Highness the Venerate would definitely come at the first opportunity and shake the Great Chu n.o.ble Family upside down,” Fox Elder said.

The older generation generally does not interfere in disputes among the younger, which is already a common understanding among many forces. Of course, the premise of this common understanding is that you must have a side to rely on. Previously, Chu Mu could rely on the Nightmare Demon Palace, casually trampling on the young elites. The older generation dared not act. After all, if they did, the experts of the Nightmare Demon Palace would use this as a reason to get rid of them.

And now, Chu Mu doesn’t have the Nightmare Demon Palace as his support. He naturally keeps a low profile in front of major powers and it surprised Chu Mu that Liu Binglan had propped up this protective umbrella for him before leaving. This just solved the issue that Chu Mu is currently wary of some older experts in the Great Chu n.o.ble Family.

With no more concerns, whether it’s Chu Jia, Chu Yue, or Chu Ke, he will trample on them regardless!

Chu Mu waved his hand, indicating to Chu Qian not to stop him, and took a few steps forward. Even without Liu Binglan, Chu Mu wouldn’t inexplicably apologize to a narcissistic idiot, let alone now with a protective umbrella. Chu Mu saw no reason to hold back his wild heart!

“Then summon your soul pets, let me see what you are capable of.” Chu Yue laughed heartily.

“Chu Chen, don’t provoke Chu Yue. Otherwise, you will get more than you bargained for…” Chu Qian persuaded.

Chu Mu ignored the persuasion of the two women and slowly recited the incantation.

Since it was three against one, Chu Mu was not the least bit polite. After putting away the Night Thunder Dream Beast into the Soul Pet s.p.a.ce, he directly summoned his other two soul pets.

A sixth-rank fourth-stage Demon Tree Warrior, and a fifth-stage fifth -rank War Beast MO Ye!

What Chu Mu summoned were all very low-profile soul pets, which couldn’t be considered anything substantial to real top-tier experts. However, Chu Mu’s control over his soul pets was not as foolish as Chu Jia’s.

Seeing that the other two soul pets Chu Mu summoned were not very eye-catching, there was already a look of contempt on Chu Yue’s face. He secretly guessed that besides the Ice-Feathered Spirit, this guy probably didn’t have anything noteworthy to display.

“For such soul pets… if you want to fight, at least show some spirit. Can’t you summon anything more imposing?” said Chu Qian, rolling her eyes at the sight of Chu Mu’s other two summons.

Chu Qian hadn’t seen Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit defeat Chu Jia before, and her eyesight was obviously not that great, so naturally she couldn’t tell that Chu Mu’s three soul pets had undergone strengthening, and their combat powers were far more formidable than they appeared on the surface.

“Their level and stages are not high, but their attributes should be pretty good. It seems you’re following the path of strengthening. However, without level and stage, no matter how you strengthen your attributes, you won’t be able to become a true power.” Chu Yue critiqued with a smile.

Having finished speaking, Chu Yue began to chant the incantation, summoning his own soul pet.

The halo of the incantation swirled around him, and as Chu Yue pointed his finger, these swirling halos quickly gathered at his finger, shot out, and stamped onto the ground five meters ahead!

The halo that plunged into the ground formed a light spot that gradually spread outwards, slowly conjuring a dazzling summoning array…

“What is…” Chu Qian and Chu Jia looked at Chu Yue’s summoning array, their faces showing surprise!

Everyone in the Great Chu n.o.ble Family was quite familiar with Chu Yue’s soul pet. This special, dazzling light was indeed the Purple Senluo, one of Chu Yue’s main battle pets!

Purple Senluo: Demon Beast World- Winged System (Beast Type)- Forest Luo Tribe- Purple Senluo Sub-clan- Commander Level.

The Purple Senluo is a combination of the winged and beast types, possessing a pair of enormous, gorgeous purple wings. Its robust body and long purple horns on its forehead are invincible and endowed with powerful lightning power.

The appearance of the Seventh Rank Second Stage Purple Senluo immediately caused sparks of lightning to flicker around the battlefield, making everyone uneasy. The moment its ma.s.sive purple wings and body appeared from the summoning pattern, an invisible aura was present.

“Brother Chu Yue, isn’t this unnecessary? The combat power of your soul pet…” Chu Qian’s expression was somewhat stiff, completely surprised that Chu Yue would summon the terrifyingly powerful Purple Senluo.

“Hehe, this friend’s soul pets are not weak. Without summoning my main pet, I might not be able to defeat his triple-control with my single-control,” said Chu Yue. Although this statement was somewhat elevating Chu Mu, it couldn’t hide Chu Yue’s arrogance.

While Chu Yue was arrogant, Chu Mu held an even greater air of arrogance. Scanning the Purple Senluo, Chu Mu was able to roughly gauge its combat power. He said indifferently, “Three minutes.”

“What do you mean by three minutes? To endure for three minutes? I think you better not fight. The teacher will be here soon. Just apologize for this incident,” asked a baffled Chu Qian.

“Resolve it in three minutes,” Chu Mu said calmly. Without further ado, he issued battle commands to his soul pets!

The Ice-Feathered Spirit was the quickest to respond, chanting an incantation the first time!

Still, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s best skill, Ice Sword Array, countless Xuan crystals congregated above the Ice-Feathered Spirit, and suddenly, twenty terrifying ice swords, each eight meters long, appeared.


The Ice-Feathered Spirit’s chant rose again, almost instantly completing the overlapping of the ice attribute skills. Suddenly, forty terrifying ice swords were hanging in the sky above the battlefield. The overwhelming coldness crashed down, the vast moon shadow gave everyone an invisible icy pressure!

Seeing Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit displaying such terrifying ice attribute skills, Chu Qian widened her eyes and looked closely to confirm whether Chu Mu’s soul pet was an Ice-Feathered Spirit or a Xuan Crystal Ice Spirit.

As the ice swords hung high and the cold air attacked people, Chu Yue frowned slightly, feeling the terror of Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit’s ability to control ice.

When Chu Yue arrived, he just happened to see Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit releasing a delayed Ice Sword Array overlap skill, and thought that this Ice-Feathered Spirit was just better at fine control, never expecting that it could directly use skill overlaps to conjure forty ice swords!

Forty Ice Swords, this aura was not inferior to many Level Seven skills, plus the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s talent for controlling ice, and the increase by Xuan Crystal effect, the power of this skill was getting close to Level Eight!

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