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Chapter 358: Chapter 234: The Tier of Azure Sky Hidden Dragon


Translator: 549690339

“Teacher…” Several young teenagers were already trembling with fear, their eyes staring at the man shrouded in shadows who was slowly approaching, their hearts pounding.

For the first time, they felt that someone could emanate such a terrifying aura, far scarier than the fourth-stage bloodthirsty beast!

The older soul pet master also stood there, his entire body like a statue. He wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say, as an invisible pressure enveloped the area…

“You all fall back. There are many Bloodthirsty Beasts nearby.” The man walked up to the older soul pet master and spoke in a flat tone.

Hearing Chu Mu speak, the older soul pet master slightly relaxed. But upon hearing what he said, he hurriedly scanned the surroundings.

As expected!

Pairs of red eyes flickered in and out of the bushes. With each gust of wind, they could smell the terrible stench of blood!

“You follow me, and don’t stray too far away.” The man with the strong aura said.

The older soul pet master hesitated, then finally understood. He quickly turned around and instructed the three young teenagers to follow closely behind the man.


A wave of bloodthirsty wind blew by, and the surrounding eyes seemed to multiply. Even higher-ranking Bloodthirsty Beasts jumped directly out of the bushes, maintaining a certain distance from the group, poised to attack at any moment.

His heart pounding in fear, the older soul pet master looked around. At this moment, he understood why the man exuded such a frightening aura – he was suppressing the restless bloodthirsty beasts with his own imposing air.

He could make the ferocious bloodthirsty beasts cower in submission by relying on his own aura alone. The old soul pet master was shocked and curious about the young man’s level as a soul pet master.

The three young teenagers gradually relaxed as they realized that the Bloodthirsty Beasts dared not approach. Their eyes curiously gazed at the cold older brother…

“Alright, it’s safe here. If you want to capture a soul pet, you can do it nearby. Just now, we were getting closer to Yuan Forest.” The young man said.

“Thank you… Thank you so much… It was my mistake. I almost got the children involved in…” The older soul pet master expressed his grat.i.tude with a grateful expression, repeatedly thanking him.

“The small city is in that direction, right?” The young man pointed ahead and asked.

“Yes, follow the Birch Forest, and you’ll see it.” The older soul pet master said.

The young man nodded and without saying more, walked directly towards the direction where the Birch Forest extended.

When the several children saw the cold older brother leave, they gathered around the older soul pet master, excitedly asking, “Is that big brother really strong? Otherwise, why didn’t those Bloodthirsty Beasts dare to approach…?”

“Yes, he’s very strong. Without even summoning his soul pet, he can suppress an entire group of them with just his aura. Even our city’s strongest soul pet master can’t do that.” The older soul pet master also sighed in awe.

He knew that there were many powerful soul pet masters in the world, but he had never heard of one so young with such incredible strength.

The young teenagers’ eyes began to sparkle, and they gazed in admiration at the direction where the man had left.

For these fledgling soul pet masters who had not yet fully mastered their soul pets, encountering a powerful person in the wild combined their longing for strength and curiosity, creating a wonderful feeling that would leave an indelible memory in their young minds.

Perhaps, on their future path, they would strive for a target like such a powerful person.

Chu Mu, who naturally helped these people out of their crisis, had been practicing in Yuan Forest for a month. The beast-like aura hadn’t completely dissipated, so when he came out, it brought great pressure to the weak ones around him.

Chu Mu had a keen sense of hearing, and even though he had already left the group far behind, he could still hear their conversation, reminiscing about his past self.

About seven or eight years ago, he was just like them, yearning for soul pets and admiring powerful people.

In fact, Chu Mu never thought he could reach his current height. At first, he only strived for his family, hoping to become the strongest person in his clan.

Now, his strength should have already surpa.s.sed that of the Chu Family’s strongest, Chu Ming, gradually distancing himself from the family that had relocated to another place.

Bathed in sunlight, Chu Mu raised his head and stared at the small city through the dense leaves of the birch forest, suddenly feeling nostalgic and lost.

Those young teenagers would see Chu Mu as their goal as he inadvertently pa.s.sed by them. In turn, Chu Mu would see the stronger people who pa.s.sed by him as the ones he needed to surpa.s.s.

A long time ago, Chu Mu aimed to surpa.s.s his father, even though he could only summon one soul pet. The cruel life in the Nightmare Demon Palace forced him to project his resentment onto Xia Guanghan without any inhibitions.

At that time, Chu Mu vowed to surpa.s.s Xia Guanghan within ten years.

But now, it seems that it wouldn’t take that long to surpa.s.s Xia Guanghan. Chu Mu has shortened the time to within one or two years, preferably by the time he reaches World City, so he could compete with Xia Guanghan!

Xia Guanghan has already been severely injured by Chu Mu, so it will certainly be difficult for his strength to improve in these one or two years. Meanwhile, this is the perfect time for Chu Mu to grow rapidly.

“Fox Elder, there’s a mysterious and powerful creature in Henghai, have you heard of it?” Chu Mu naturally thought of this powerful mysterious creature as he recalled the past.

“Oh, you’re talking about it. That fellow is elusive, living in Henghai like an immortal. The top experts of Nightmare Demon Palace have tried to deal with it, but they were all sent back.” Fox Elder said.

“What kind of soul pet is it? What level is it?” Chu Mu asked.

“What level? That’s hard to say. It could be a soul pet that has surpa.s.sed the Tenth Rank, or it could be a soul pet whose level is not within our defined range…” Fox Elder said.

Chu Mu glanced at Fox Elder with a slightly weird expression.

According to Chu Mu’s understanding of Fox Elder, whenever it came to soul pets, Fox Elder would always be eloquent. Even with its own fabrications, Fox Elder would always describe the soul pets in a grandiose manner. However, when it came to this mysterious soul pet of Henghai, it only had a few simple sentences that were really not in line with Fox Elder’s character.

It seemed that Fox Elder had noticed Chu Mu’s gaze, and his racc.o.o.n face looked a bit unnatural, as he hurriedly said, “I only know so much. Do you think that kind of soul pet could be understood by anyone?”

“Alright then, tell me about the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon. What do you know about that soul pet?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu didn’t quite trust Fox Elder’s character in the past and didn’t casually mention the matter of the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon. However, he couldn’t help but feel curious now that it was brought up again.

“That Qingzhe Dragon, huh? There are many stories about that, starting twenty years ago. The lord of Soul Covenant entered a place called ‘Dragon Domain’ and s.n.a.t.c.hed a very important thing from the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon while it was going through its divine transformation. He brought it back to the Soul Covenant,” Fox Elder said.

“An object? What kind of object?” Chu Mu asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know, but that object is very important to the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon. It could be the main dragon egg, the heart of the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon, its biological child, illegitimate child… anything is possible…” said Fox Elder.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything, but he was deep in thought.

“After the Soul Covenant obtained this object, they forcibly made the young Azure Sky Hidden Dragon submit. From then on, this young Azure Sky Hidden Dragon became Soul Covenant’s trump card. On one hand, they plundered the dragon eggs that the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon split during its divine transformation, and on the other hand, they let it confront any powerful enemy that they couldn’t handle themselves…” Fox Elder said.

“Hasn’t anyone signed a soul pact with it?” Chu Mu asked.

“Impossible. A soul pet of the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon’s caliber would never sign a soul pact with humans. Their dragon race considers their position to be higher than humans, and they even have the lofty t.i.tle of Soul Pet G.o.d. Even if the Soul Covenant controls that extremely important object of the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon, they still have to treat it like a G.o.d,” Fox Elder said.

“How strong is the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon?” Chu Mu asked.

When Chu Mu watched the battle between the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon and the mysterious soul pet, all he could see was destruction, and he couldn’t understand their true strength.

“Among the Soul Hall’s Seven Diagram Sacred Beasts, all of them combined could possibly subdue the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon. Of course, a few would definitely die. Nightmare Demon Palace has an Ancestor of Nightmare Demons, the strength of which is perhaps slightly stronger than the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon. However, if the Nightmare Demon Ancestor and the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon were to fight against each other, the Nightmare Demon Ancestor would surely die,” said Fox Elder.


“Well, that’s a bit complicated. I can’t quite explain it. Anyway, the Nightmare Demon Ancestor hasn’t appeared for a long time,” Fox Elder said.

“Elemental Gate doesn’t have a soul pet that can fight against the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon. Soul Pet Palace may have one, but it’s very mysterious. Soul Pet Palace has always been the most low-key of all; who knows if they are hiding any major creatures that should not be seen by others? Spirit Sect should have one too. There were some leaked messages ten years ago, but I don’t know whether they are rumors or true… Strange, why did you suddenly ask about these things?” Fox Elder’s words suddenly stopped.

“It’s nothing, just wanted to know a bit more.” Chu Mu shook his head without revealing the truth.

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