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Chapter 359: Chapter 245: Boundary City, Li City


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What Fox Elder mentioned earlier must have been the strongest soul pets of those major forces. However, Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t truly understand how powerful they were now, so he could only shake his head and gently stroke Mo Ye’s soft fur.

“Woo woo” Mo Ye found it quite comfortable to lie on Chu Mu’s arm and didn’t care about what Fox Elder said earlier. It closed its small eyes comfortably and gently swayed its nine fluffy tails…

Recalling the communication between Azure Sky Hidden Dragon and Mo Ye when the former left, Chu Mu felt a wave of emotions. He wondered if Mo Ye was the very important thing for the Azure Sky Hidden Dragon that Fox Elder had mentioned. If so…

“What’s the relations.h.i.+p between Soul Hall and Soul Alliance?” asked Chu Mu.

“Just average. They’re not allies, but they don’t wage war on each other. Young Master, it’s recommended that you be closer to Soul Hall. The old folks in Soul Hall are all stubborn and cunning, but they also protect their own…” said the Fox Elder.

Chu Mu nodded without saying anything. Considering Liu Binglan’s relations.h.i.+p, if Chu Mu were to join a force, he would try to get closer to Soul Hall. However, Chu Mu believed that none of the forces should be deeply involved when he was not strong enough. Even within Soul Hall, there might be individuals with darker intent…

After entering the small city, Chu Mu found a place to stay, comfortably took a hot bath, and washed away the blood and murderous aura acc.u.mulated from a month of killing…

In the past month, Chu Mu’s prepared soul cores were almost depleted. Chu Mu did not plan to stay in the small city for too long and would head to Li City, which was about six or seven days away, the next morning.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was now at the Seventh Rank Third Stage, and its endurance and running speed had greatly increased. Before, it would have taken at least a month to reach Li City from the border of the Li Domain.

Mo Ye, who spent most of the month sleeping in the soul pet s.p.a.ce, also had advanced by one rank, reaching the Sixth Rank Ninth Stage, with its Demon Fire Evil Flame remaining at an advanced state and its Blood Flame still at a primary level.

The Ice-Feathered Spirit had not stagnated, advancing from the Seventh Rank First Stage to the Seventh Rank Second Stage.

After a month of battle, the Demon Tree Warrior was still at the Sixth Rank Ninth Stage but was slowly approaching the Seventh Rank.

Zhan Ye was a focus for upgrading, advancing to the Sixth Rank Third Stage. Its Claw Blade transitioned from the Seventh Level Early Stage to the Seventh Level Mid Stage. Combining its effects with the Level 6 Full-State Offensive Soul Claw, its claws’ strength was barely catching up with Mo Ye’s.

However, Mo Ye’s skills were much stronger than Zhan Ye’s, and Zhan Ye still had the highest attack power among Chu Mu’s soul pets.

It had been a long time since the White Nightmare Demon stayed at the Seventh Rank First Stage. On the night Chu Mu entered the small city and fed it half of his soul power, the White Nightmare Demon finally reluctantly grew by one stage, reaching the Seventh Rank Second Stage.

The White Nightmare Demon’s growth process was very strange. If Chu Mu didn’t give the demon enough soul power, the stubborn creature would behave like a child and refuse to grow…

As for the Ghost Dome King, after an entire month of battle training, it had advanced from the Fifth Rank Eighth Stage to the Fifth Rank Ninth Stage. Once it arrived in Li City and bought a Level 6 Soul Crystal, the Ghost Dome King would be able to advance to the Sixth Rank.

A Level 6 Soul Crystal would cost several hundred thousand gold coins. However, the Level 6 Soul Crystal that Chu Mu wanted to buy couldn’t be an ordinary one. An ordinary Level 6 Soul Crystal would only serve as a meal for the Ghost Dome King at most.

Given the attributes of the Ghost Dome King, only by consuming a condensed soul crystal would it show significant effects. These condensed soul crystals were made by extracting and refining the essences of soul crystals of the same level, and their prices were determined by the number of condensed Level 6 soul crystals.

Chu Mu had to feed the Ghost Dome King a condensed Level 6 Soul Crystal that would cost several million gold coins, or even more…

After six or seven days of the journey, Chu Mu gradually approached Li City, the center of the entire Li Domain.

The grandeur of Li City far exceeded Chu Mu’s imagination. He had seen three Level 10 cities, and the first Level 10 city was the White Nightmare Demon Palace.

When Chu Mu rode on the Winged Rank Tiger, overlooking the entire White Nightmare Demon City, the majestic, splendid atmosphere shook his heart like surging waves.

The second Level 10 city was Jia City, which, in fact, couldn’t be considered a true Level 10 city since it was slightly inferior to the Level 9 Colorful Dome City.

The third Level 10 city was Wogu City of the Great Chu n.o.ble Family, a city full of historical atmosphere.

This Li City in front of him was even more magnificent and grand than the White Nightmare Demon City in the Western World. When Chu Mu approached it on the Night Thunder Dream Beast, he felt as insignificant as a speck of dust.

With flowers in full bloom and the hustle and bustle of traffic, entering such a city would make one feel completely lost and lose their sense of direction. People could even be affected by the city’s atmosphere, making them lose their small beliefs and goals.

“The Boundary City in the Western World is controlled by the Luoyu Gate, and its atmosphere is inferior to the Li City. Li City is the boundary city of the Zhanli Realm. It is not on the same level as those domain cities and Level 9 cities in the Western World. In fact, boundary cities should be called Level 11 cities,” said the voice of Fox Elder.

Chu Mu nodded. This was his first time entering Boundary City, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe.

Almost every city had Soul Pet Palaces, trading places, Elemental Gates, and Soul Halls along the main street leading to the city gates, places where Soul Pet Masters often lingered…

Chu Mu also followed the main street this time. The main street was very s.p.a.cious, and he often saw some stronger Soul Pet Masters riding their Soul Pets at full speed on the street. Among them were some Demon Spirits with excellent evasive abilities. Their speed was even faster than Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast running at full speed. In this bustling downtown area, these Demon Spirits relied on their exquisite evasion abilities, their speed remaining unchanged even when facing other speeding Soul Pet Masters. They moved like flowing clouds and water, creating a thrilling and tense scene in the city.

Chu Mu had seen some other cities with such racing Soul Pet Masters before, but the experts in those cities were not as crazy as the ones in Li City. Seeing these Soul Pets running like the wind and lightning, Chu Mu was somewhat worried that they would knock down some weaker Soul Pets.

“Young Master, watch your feet. You are now stepping into the Free Area,” Fox Elder said.

“Free Area?” Chu Mu looked down in confusion, only to realize that the incredibly wide main street was indeed divided by colors.

“The Free Area is an area where you can summon Soul Pets and run freely. Think about it. Most cities have restricted airs.p.a.ce, and some Soul Pet Masters have to slowly make their way out of the city due to pedestrians. In a big city like Boundary City, it can take several hours just to get from the inside of the city to the outside without being lucky. The Free Area is a place where there are no restrictions on Soul Pet Masters, and it’s considered a high-speed pa.s.sage.”

Chu Mu nodded. He had never heard of the Free Area before, and indeed, Boundary City was different.”

“Hey, is a Dream Beast like a donkey for leisurely strolls?” A woman’s voice suddenly came from the side.

The voice was soft, tender, and even a little provocative, with a touch of seductiveness. Chu Mu turned his head and saw a woman in a delicate red robe, looking at him with an arrogant and willful gaze.

The robe concealed the woman’s body, giving the impression of a slim yet voluptuous figure. Her face was gaunt and her skin pale, her lips red and her eyes bright. Her shoulder-length hair was clean and refres.h.i.+ng.

This woman gave Chu Mu a sense of arrogance and willfulness like a n.o.ble, as well as another kind of temperament – the wildness of her character.

“What are you looking at? If you can beat me, I’ll let you look all you want!” The woman was quite wild, hands on hips, chest out, and glaring…

“Beat you at what?” Chu Mu didn’t understand the woman’s intention.

“Of course, it’s a racing compet.i.tion!” The woman glared at Chu Mu, who didn’t seem to be interested at all.

“Haha, racing? Miss Sha, how can you compete with a man in racing? Who will ride whom? Hahaha!” A debauched voice came out at this moment.

“Hahahaha, with Miss Sha’s character, I’m sure she would be the one riding, hahaha…”

As soon as these words were spoken, several young Soul Pet Masters who seemed to be the children of high officials joined in the lewd laughter.

Only then did Chu Mu realize that there were several other young masters and sons around Miss Sha, who looked like they were hara.s.sing virtuous women in broad daylight.

The woman called Miss Sha understood what the lascivious men were talking about, her cheeks turning slightly red and glaring angrily at the men.

When the young masters saw that Miss Sha was angry, they quickly held back their laughter, but their l.u.s.tful eyes still revealed a hint of lewdness.

“It’s a race from here to the Central Street!” Miss Sha pointed at Chu Mu and said.

“Not interested,” Chu Mu shook his head, not wanting to deal with these people.

Miss Sha glared at him, looking very angry.

“Young Master, don’t underestimate this kind of compet.i.tion. Although it’s a Free Area, there are still many Soul Pet Masters running here. Racing here not only tests the speed of Soul Pets but also their reaction and evasion ability,” the Fox Elder said.

“Haha, you’re out of luck, Miss Sha. This friend looks like a very calm person. Your looks won’t catch his eye…” The lewd man quickly taunted her again.

The man who taunted Miss Sha was also a youth, handsome with a sunny and open appearance but with a touch of lewdness.

“500,000 bet, if you win, the 500,000 gold coins are yours,” Miss Sha immediately took out a heavy purse from her s.p.a.ce Ring.

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