Supreme Tamer Chapter 360: Chapter 246: Speed and Evasion, Pursuit in Li City

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Chapter 360: Chapter 246: Speed and Evasion, Pursuit in Li City


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“Have you lost?” Chu Mu glanced at Miss Sha’s soul pet.

Miss Sha’s soul pet was a Bright Unicorn with s.h.i.+ny silver fur, which made it appear n.o.ble and sacred. It contrasted greatly with the gloomy and graceful Night Thunder Dream Beast of Chu Mu’s.

“You lost, but I didn’t take anything from you. I just wanted to compete with your Night Thunder Dream Beast,” Miss Sha said.

Miss Sha should be one of the powerful young generation; her Bright Unicorn was a strengthened seventh-rank commander. For someone possessing such a soul pet, 500,000 was not a big amount.

“Well, 500,000 is fine; just help me find someone,” Chu Mu suddenly remembered that even if he had arranged to meet Ye Qingzi in such a big city, he still wouldn’t know how to find them. The wealthy young men and ladies around him seemed to be of high status in Li City, so they might be able to help him find them.

“No problem, there’s no one in Li City that this little lady can’t find,” Miss Sha showed a confident smile.

“The bets are open! I’m the dealer, starting at a minimum of 100,000 gold coins. Hurry up and place your bets!” The young man saw the excitement and began to shout like a huckster.

With the young man’s shouting, these idle young masters took out their money and started their gambling game.

Chu Mu glanced at the money on the gambling table and roughly estimated that these wealthy young masters had placed about 3,000,000 gold coins in bets, of which 1,000,000 were betting on Chu Mu to win, and the other 2,000,000 were on Miss Sha.

With a 2:1 betting game, Miss Sha fiercely glared at those who bet on Chu Mu to win, and the young masters smiled sheepishly, secretly winking at Chu Mu to make sure he would win.

“Alright, that’s it, no more bets. Let’s go up to the sky for the compet.i.tion. As soon as you see me light up the fire, start the race. Let me explain the rules: whoever reaches the Central Street first wins; you cannot use any attacking methods, change soul pets, use soul skills, or give any a.s.sistive drugs to your soul pets. Also, you cannot harm other compet.i.tors or their soul pets” the young man said.

Chu Mu and Miss Sha both nodded without saying much.

As Chu Mu had guessed, these young masters had a certain status in the city, and they didn’t need permission from the aerial guards in Boundary City to fly in the sky with their winged soul pets.

Soon, those who placed bets either rode their own winged soul pets or hitched a ride on someone else’s soul pet, taking to the sky and looking down at the straight but bustling and crowded street below.

Chu Mu and Miss Sha both rode their soul pets to the same line. Miss Sha didn’t look at the young man’s Winged Soul Pet in the sky; instead, she looked up and down Chu Mu’s cold face and asked curiously, “What’s your name?”

“Chu Chen,” Chu Mu replied briefly.

“Oh,” Miss Sha nodded.

In the hundred-meter-high sky, a ball of fire suddenly burned up, and the red light fell onto a section of the street below.

Even though she didn’t look at the sky, Miss Sha knew the fire had been lit. Her graceful body leaned forward slightly, and in an instant, a golden light flickered on the silver body of the Bright Unicorn, transforming it into a beam of light and shooting forward a hundred meters!

Miss Sha’s quick response indicated she often competed with the pa.s.sing soul pet masters here.

Chu Mu’s reaction was a beat slower. By the time he started running at full speed, Miss Sha had already pulled ahead by more than 100 meters.

“Young Master, this road is long, so be sure to use your skills properly,” Fox Elder reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu understood this principle, and he began to chase the swiftly running Bright Unicorn with his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+”

Two sounds pa.s.sed by Chu Mu’s side, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast easily overtook two seventh-rank Horned Armored Beasts. As the chaotic airflow swept past the two soul pet trainers, angry curses came from them.

However, they could only watch Chu Mu’s back as they cursed, as it wasn’t their fault that their soul pets were slower.

A hundred meters ahead, the running path of the Bright Unicorn was bent like a lightning bolt, dodging a group of soul pets running in the opposite direction.

The speed naturally decreased a bit during evasion, and the soul pets also needed to accelerate again, so evasion ability was crucial in this speed compet.i.tion.

After one exquisite evasion, Miss Sha also purposely looked back to check Chu Mu’s situation, only to find that the evasive path of his Night Thunder Dream Beast was very elegant as well. His speed didn’t slow down much, and he had approached her by tens of meters, shortening the distance to less than 100 meters.

“You’ve got some skills, but there aren’t many people here yet. Wait till we get there, you’ll see!” Miss Sha said with a smile.

Surrounding buildings and the slowly walking crowd were left far behind. The confident Soul Pet Masters also sped through this free area with their Soul Pets, some were outrun by Chu Mu easily, while others with stronger Soul Pets surpa.s.sed Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast easily. There were quite a few of them, showing that there were many experts in Li City.

As the number of Soul Pets increased, the distance between Chu Mu and Miss Sha gradually lengthened…

“It’s already 200 meters apart?” Chu Mu glanced at the coming and going pedestrians on the street, unaware that Miss Sha was almost disappearing from his sight.

Chu Mu decisively let the Night Thunder Dream Beast display its skills. After catching up a bit, he carefully observed Miss Sha.

Soon, Chu Mu found that Miss Sha’s Bright Unicorn seemed to know the running route of other Soul Pets, allowing it to make evasive moves ahead of time without slowing down, even walking the most optimal route each time, minimizing the impact on its speed.

With the naked eye, it is difficult to fully grasp the irregular obstructions of Soul Pets and people on a bustling street. Chu Mu was puzzled as to how Miss Sha could react so quickly. After all, his Night Thunder Dream Beast was somewhat hasty when dodging.

“Could it be that she’s using Soul Sense?” Chu Mu immediately thought of this possibility.

By using Soul Sense to understand the movements of Soul Pets within a few hundred meters, one can evade ahead of time and even find the fastest moving route. This not only avoids running Soul Pets, but also reduces speed loss due to evasion.

Chu Mu smiled, though releasing Soul Skills was forbidden, a Soul Pet Master could still use Soul Sense to find an evasive route for their Soul Pet.

No wonder Fox Elder said that this contest was not a simple test of speed. It must have become a compet.i.tion that greatly tests the quality of agile Soul Pets in many big cities.

“Night, Extreme Shadow!” Chu Mu used his mind to communicate with the Night Thunder Dream Beast and informed it of finding the most optimal dodging route.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast activates its Extreme Shadow skill, suddenly increasing its speed. With a graceful trajectory, it drew an exquisite evasion route among the rus.h.i.+ng Soul Pets, perfectly avoiding six large approaching racing horned beasts.

“Yo, an expert! He quickly grasped the essence of the city chase.”

In the sky, the youth who was watching the long street could see that the Night Thunder Dream Beast no longer dodged temporarily or deliberately slowed its speed due to suddenly appearing Soul Pets. It can now find optimal evading routes among numerous racing Soul Pets.

Because they were in the air, those who bet on Chu Mu winning could see the situation clearly. When they saw Chu Mu catching up and becoming more proficient while weaving through the obstacles on this road, their faces reveal smiles…

“When facing many enemies, use Soul Sense to lock onto the enemy and guess their next move based on your own judgement. This allows for the initiative and even if one is slightly slower, as long as their combat awareness is advanced, they can still defeat their opponents.” Fox Elder spoke like a teacher, in a serious tone to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had not considered this aspect before, and this city chase let him comprehend a combat technique.

Chu Mu’s consciousness became extremely sensitive due to being in a long-term combat state and with being a Soul Lord level, his perception range was much stronger after realizing this evading technique.

Gradually, Chu Mu was almost catching up with Miss Sha.

Miss Sha, who was riding her Bright Unicorn, saw Chu Mu catching up with her. Her face turned red and despite a large group of huge Soul Pets walking ahead, she directly commanded her Bright Horned Beast to speed up!

Light Soar Shadow!

The hooves of the Bright Unicorn suddenly emitted a golden light and its speed surged, leaving Chu Mu behind in the blink of an eye. It dashed several hundred meters forward and pa.s.sed through the Mad Beast team very dangerously.

Miss Sha’s actions immediately drew gasps from the young masters in the sky who marveled at how gutsy this girl was. At that speed, if she failed to dodge in time and hit those large-footed Mad Beasts, she would definitely be injured.

Chu Mu naturally could not lag behind, but just as he was about to speed up and rush through the group of Mad Beasts, the Mad Beast team seemed to be aware of someone messing with them and changed their formation, not giving the Soul Pet Masters behind any further opportunity to pa.s.s through.

Changing the formation would take several seconds, and once they changed the formation, that Bright Unicorn using a technique would have run several hundred meters away, making it more difficult for Chu Mu to catch up.

After glancing at the busy market outside the free area, Chu Mu made up his mind and directly guided the Night Thunder Dream Beast to jump out of the free area.

“Night, head to the shadow on the left!” Chu Mu commanded.

With a leap, the graceful body of the Night Thunder Dream Beast seemed to penetrate the sunlight and flew directly across the heads of dozens of people on the bustling street!

“Oh my G.o.d, what is that kid doing!!” The people in the sky let out an exclamation upon seeing this scene. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to visit Qidian () and cast recommendation votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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