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Chapter 2208 Earl

?In the end, this diverging disposition led to him being extraordinarily cruel to compensate for his lack of strength. One might even say that his exaggerated weight was also part of this subconscious effort on his part. Since he wasn't born eight feet tall like those freaks with war bloodlines, he would make himself more imposing in other ways…

"A high elf, you say…" Earl's steps paused. For a moment, it seemed that he might even continue walking forward, but it was just an illusion. It was simply that his belly hadn't gotten the memo that his legs had come to a stop.

The Earl's gaze flashed with a curious light that a hint of contempt was well hidden within.

"Interesting." He finally said. "Bring that man here, say that I'd like to have a meeting with him. Since it's a high elf, I'm sure that with his strength, he's long since noticed as well."

The kneeling woman nodded hurriedly and turned to leave, but was suddenly stopped by a pull of energy.

The energy was so weak that she knew that she could easily break free from it, but she quite frankly didn't dare to. A flash of despair crossed her eyes as she resigned herself to her fate, pinching off the nerves in her nose with a stealthy wave of qi.

Not long later, the pet.i.te beauty was enveloped by a mountain of fat, feigning enjoyment and enthusiasm as she wiped the blood falling from her nose along the Earl's body. Unfortunately, this was the best she could do for herself, she had no other choice.


'He wants to see me, huh? How amusing, a little rat that lords over a nameless bubble world actually deems to summon my presence… But he does indeed have the strength to do so… Or rather, the capital…'

In a familiar high rise restaurant, a man looked toward the Earl's a.s.sistant who seemed to have just finished scrubbing ten layers of skin away with a smile.

"Earl, is it? What do you mean by calling me here exactly?"

Unlike the attendant, the man who faced the Earl this time didn't hide his wrinkled nose. Displaying his disdain rather than speaking it aloud was already the most amount of respect he could give to this so-called Earl.

Earl, though, didn't seem to care much about this. To him, the fact that this person had come to see him in the first place already proved who it was had higher standing. The fact he dared to show his disdain only meant that he was a little better than his usual subordinates, nothing more, nothing less.

If others saw through his thoughts, they would be shocked. The man standing across Earl now was a man with ethereal looks that could only come from descendants of dwarven and elven bloodlines.

Whether it was the elves or the dwarves, each had impossibly high standing on the immortal plane. The idea that a bigshot of a small bubble world like this one could force one of them to display any sort of respect was shocking enough.

It was clear that this Earl was not a simple character by any stretch of the imagination. Though… it might very well be useful to know that this Segment 232 bubble world hadn't been in his owners.h.i.+p until very recently…

"The boy stirring up trouble in my territory, is he one of yours?"

"One of mine?" The man laughed as though he had heard a funny joke, his voice able to make even men feel uncomfortable in their preferences. "I'm but a minor low elf, how could a high elf of the Eostre Clan be one of mine?"

The Earl's pupils constricted.

The Eostre Clan? The moment he heard these words, waves were sent rolling through his heart.

On the mortal plane, the Eostre Clan was greatly respected by the elven clans due to their sacrifice. It had to be remembered that members of the Eostre Clan were the clan of elves that sacrificed their sanity in order to carry on the legacy of True Empaths.

Much like the ancient techniques of the Florence, Mathilde, and Acacia Clans, the Eostre Clan practiced a taboo technique that turned their manifestation into the moon. This moon manifestation allowed them some of the abilities of the True Empaths.

Unfortunately, the silver moon was flawed. Despite knowing this, the Eostre Clan continued to sacrifice themselves in order to maintain the dignity of the elven clan.

Of course, this problem was only apparent on the mortal plane. On the immortal plane, elves were still flouris.h.i.+ng and they never stopped producing True Empaths. However, this didn't change the fact that they were the same clan despite being separated by a plane. As a result, the standing of the Eostre Clan was incredibly high on the immortal plane.

However, as one might expect, this story isn't as simple as it seems on the surface. With how much immortals disdained mortals, even if they shared the same root, was it really believable for mere 'respect' to carry the Eostre Clan so far?

Of course not.

The truth of the matter was that some time in the past, an Ancestor of the Eostre Clan managed to perfect her mortal body and evolve the silver moon into the golden moon. As a result of this, the 'respected' Eostre Clan suddenly became overwhelmingly powerful.

Just like that, instead of the birth of True Empaths being random, elves with identical abilities could be birthed systematically through the Eostre bloodline, making them among the top bloodlines of the high elves!

It was said that that Ancestor found her bloodline being ostracized when she elevated to the immortal plane. In retaliation, she even separated from the elven clan and built her own hegemon. It wasn't until her pa.s.sing and countless years pa.s.sed that the Eostre Clan descendants returned to the Elven Hegemon for one reason or another. That much was a story for another time.

But what was truly important here was just how impressive Jade's feat was. Other Eostre's relied on the legacy left behind by that Ancestor to perfect her bloodline, yet Jade was among the rare few that perfected it on her own before even transcending. It may very well be that she was only the second to ever succeed in such a fas.h.i.+on.

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