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Chapter 2209 Not

?It was suffice to say then that the status of the Eostre Clan was inconceivable. They were a branch of the elven hegemon, but they had once been an independent hegemon of their own, making them no less powerful than even combinations of other elven bloodlines. There were only two others that could stand toe to toe with them... the Mathilde bloodline and the Florence bloodline. As for the Acacia Bloodline, they were a step below them on the Immortal Plane.

Still, when Earl heard these words, his first reaction wasn't to back off. Instead, he turned a curious eye toward the low elven man. Why was it that he was telling him this? Wouldn't it be better for his goals if Earl accidentally offended someone he shouldn't have? What was he hiding exactly?

"It seems you've finally realized." A sinister glint pa.s.sed through the low elf's gaze. "I happen to be in need of high elven blood."

The Earl's eyes widened. "Are you insane?!"

He had wanted to teach Dyon a lesson, but he had abandoned that thought almost immediately after learning his ident.i.ty. As things stood now, he only wanted to leave a small reprimanding. But this was absolutely insane

"I'm not... I just want you to think for a moment how much you could sell an innate nascent aurora for... And while you're at it, what about the two women by his side? They're probably elves too, and very likely of n.o.ble blood. How much do you think high elven s.e.x slaves go for...?"

The shock in the Earl's eyes could only waver at these words, his gaze narrowing as his mind churned.


Outside of Dyon's expectations, an entire month pa.s.sed without so much as a word from authorities. It was a truth that made his eyes narrowed into slits, wondering just what was going on.

He had partially expected those running the show in this place to be fearful of his ident.i.ty, but he had never expected was for nothing to happen at all. Even if they didn't dare press him for a share, they should have at least made their faces known. By doing this, they could try to ingratiate themselves with him and gain some backend benefits through this newly formed connection.

It was either that whoever ruled this bubble world was astonis.h.i.+ngly incompetent, or something else was going on.

Either way, in just a single month, Dyon had managed to make over ten billion immortal saint grade crystals. To say that this was a small fortune was underselling it.

This was a product of not only Dyon's obscene prices, but also the quality of his work and his ridiculous soul stamina. The amount of work he could do in a day was equivalent to a normal alchemist's output over several weeks and maybe even up to a month of time.

There was another important factor as well. All of the materials were provided by Dyon's clients, so he had no obligation to put forward any upfront costs. Matching that with the fact he didn't have to rent a property or pay taxes and he was sweeping in funds hand over fist.

To put this amount of money into perspective, a million immortal essence crystals was enough to buy a peak Venerable grade treasure. Yet, a single immortal saint crystal was worth a thousand immortal essence ones, and Dyon had ten billion of them!

With this kind of wealth, high quality lower and middle rank empyrean treasures weren't out of Dyon's price range.

In the next month, Dyon increased his prices, this time to 20 times. He made over thirty billion in that month alone.

The month following this, news of Dyon's abilities reached the ears of even elites among elites and he began taking pill orders for legions. In that month alone, he made over 100 billion immortal saint crystals.

By the end of the fourth month, Dyon's funds had grown to just over 300 billion immortal saint crystals and the next day, he was nowhere to be found at his usual stall location, leaving those who had missed out feeling a sense of loss and regret.

In a vast underground s.p.a.ce filled with floating white lights that looked like fluttering fireflies, Dyon could be found standing at the center of it all with a smirk on his face.

This land was no longer on Segment 232. It was located on the desolate yin wind bubble world that Dyon had forged his yin wind and yang earth energies with. And, this underground s.p.a.ce was at the location of that very world core. The difference was that instead of being violent, it was incredibly docile and gentle.

On one side there was a dark skin star-like formation, and on the other there was a brown gold star, radiating with a gentle pulsing light.

Dyon found this scene quite amusing. It had nothing to do with the underground s.p.a.ce, but rather the inaction of the Earl and his accomplice.

Of course, Dyon didn't know about the Earl's plan or that he had a low elven accomplice. He only felt that there was something wrong with their lack of action and found it funny that they allowed him to leave completely undetected. Whatever plan they had had, it would have to wait until he decided to appear again. They had clearly underestimated his ability too much.

'This bubble world is pretty much uninhabited, and even if I blow it up, it won't cause a stir because most will a.s.sume that the void surge is at fault… this is good. Creating a graveyard needs a vast amount of energy and there's no place better than this.

'This yang earth qi with give this graveyard near impossible to handle defenses, and the yin wind will give it almost impossible to contend with speed and attacking ability. This is perfect.'

The reason graveyards were the main fighting vessel of the void battlefield was because only the remnants of bubble worlds had the greatest resistances to the void. It wasn't a coincidence that bubble worlds could build up atmospheres and birth civilizations within the void.

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