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Chapter 2242 Colder

?In recent years, Dyon had felt himself growing colder and colder. He was a far cry from that young, na?ve boy who risked his life to save Eli despite having never seen him a day in his life.

In a lot of ways, he missed that childish naivete. He missed the version of himself who wanted to save the world for nothing other than the fact he felt he should.

Why was it that he wanted to defeat The Ent.i.ty? It really had nothing to do with saving the mortal plane. All he wanted to do was repay his master. Since she asked him for help, he would do his best. His master was like a second mother to him, and he didn't want to let her down. It was as simple as that.

Dyon found nothing wrong with his previous line of thinking. But, this was the first time his lack of compa.s.sion left him feeling so… empty.

There was a strong cognitive dissonance in his mind. On the one hand, he felt that he shouldn't care about these two heads in his hand. They were just puppets. Even if they were real humans, should it matter so much? He didn't really love them or care for them, who was Mimi to his real wives? She couldn't hold a candle to them.

But, another side was disgusted with himself and with his thoughts. Who was he to decide whose lives mattered and whose didn't? And if he really was so powerful as to do such a thing, was it selfish not to help those he knew he could?

Morality was ultimately decided by the strong, history was written by the victor, the world was nothing but a land of trials for the weak…

The world ultimately wasn't one of black and white. The Heavens allowed evil cultivators like Jasmine to be born into the world just the same as righteous cultivators of holy laws, yet one was excoriated and shunned while the other was celebrated and wors.h.i.+pped.

The questions the Water Mist Sect's Palace Master asked him that day… He still didn't have an answer. Did she deserve death for being born that way?

What was right, what was wrong… He still didn't have an answer.

However, what he did know was that he felt extremely uncomfortable right now.

Dyon was brazen and arrogant in the eyes of others, but that was because in his core, he never doubted the steps he took. His heart was always steadfast in his beliefs, it had never wavered, so there was never a need to feel this sort of feeling.

But today, he had. He had doubted himself. And he hated it.

So… These people would have to feel his wrath.

After hearing Law's blatant disregard, General 3 felt so angry that he couldn't help but burst out into a fit of enraged laughter.

Even if this Law was one of the four most talented youths of this generation alongside Benevolence, Spear and Death, he was still just a youth at the end of the day. Where did he get the gall to speak to him this way?

However, just as he was thinking this, Law had closed the distance between them. It felt that a mountain had descended and landed upon his chest, like he was an ant that could be snuffed out of existence at any time. He found that beneath this pressure, he lost the right even to fight back.

This was the true power of the vajra body. Those below the Immortal G.o.d realm were nothing but rotting weeds before it, none of them had the right even to fight back.

If a vajra body appeared in the outside world, even if the influence might not be as great as Dyon's breakthrough into the fourth facet, every Immortal G.o.d who still held their own consciousness would feel its appearance.

Why? Well, aside from Dyon, there were only a handful of others in the history of the Immortal Plane that had awakened their dao heart to this level, it might not even exceed three who were still living to this current day. How could the appearance of such a thing not cause unending chaos? How many trillions of cultivators were there on the Immortal plane? How many countless times larger was it than the mortal plane? Yet there were only three? Four if Dyon was included? How could such a rare thing not cause the heavens and the earth to flip.

To understand the rarity, one only needs to look toward how long it took the surrounding cultivators to even understand what was happening. It was so rare that the Yin Soldier Immortal G.o.d hadn't even programmed these puppets to know what it was. If it wasn't for this, how could it be that the first to understand that it was a vajra body before them was a pitiful cultivator from the Well Clan and not the Immortal Law experts before Dyon now?

"Law! Wait!"

"I… already gave you a chance. Die."

Another b.l.o.o.d.y spear appeared in the skies, causing General 3 to explode into a rain of blood. Just like that, another head was added to the chain dangling from Law's ankle.

Bishop 2 and Butler 3 looked on in horror. An Immortal Law expert… dead?... Just like that…?

They couldn't help but look up toward Law's vajra body with fear in their eyes. Though they had felt the pressure it emitted previously, they hadn't taken it seriously. Since they didn't know what it was, they had thought that maybe it was a paper tiger, or maybe it was a double edged sword and wouldn't last for very long regardless. After all, how else could someone so young wield so much power?

But now they realized exactly how foolish they were.

The reason they had lived for this long and even managed to exchange so many words with Law wasn't because the latter couldn't kill them, but rather because there was still a war going on in his mind. With his mind shaken, how could his dao heart not be shaken? And if his dao heart was shaken, how could his vajra body not be greatly crippled as well?

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