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Chapter 516: Su Corporation is Trending


Translator: _Min_ |

A glimmer of amus.e.m.e.nt flashed across Song Ling’s eyes as he gazed at Su Ting with a cheerful demeanor, “You’re trending.”


Gu Dai, initially startled by Song Ling at the door, quickly regained her composure upon hearing this and pulled out her phone to check.

She browsed through the content with furrowed brows.

After reading everything, Su Ting gently shook his head at Gu Dai.

Understanding there must be some misunderstanding after seeing Su Ting’s gesture, Gu Dai relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

She took Su Ting’s hand and they left.

Upon witnessing Gu Dai’s actions, Song Ling’s gaze darkened. He stepped forward, chasing after them, and coldly said, “Su Corporation has been accused of overworking an employee to death. This means Su Ting indirectly killed someone. Even so, do you still intend to protect him?”

Gu Dai met Song Ling’s gaze with a frosty look, “President Song, there might be a misunderstanding in this matter. Please refrain from jumping to conclusions before knowing the full story.”

Song Ling’s face turned grim upon hearing Gu Dai’s words, coldly retorting, “Well, I’m looking forward to seeing what misunderstanding there is!”


He watched Gu Dai’s retreating figure with a clenched jaw, muttering through gritted teeth, “Gu Dai, I’m waiting for the day you fall in love with me.”

Zhao Xuan, scared stiff, truly couldn’t comprehend why Song Ling was acting so irrationally.

Back in the car, Su Ting, puzzled, asked, “Why is Song Ling always following you?”

Gu Dai shook her head, “I have no idea what’s gotten into him. After he barged into my office, he spouted some nonsensical things and it’s been like this ever since.”

Curious, Su Ting inquired, “What did he say?”

Gu Dai, embarra.s.sed, rubbed her head, “I was so focused on listening to your conversation with Zhou Lin that I didn’t catch what he was saying.”

Su Ting believed Gu Dai without a doubt after hearing her words.

After all, when they were in the private room, Gu Dai’s words showed that she knew how the situation unfolded very well.

Gu Dai’s attention returned to her phone, looking at the online discussions about the incident, a sense of worry surfacing in her heart.

“Su Corporation? Isn’t that the company Su Ting founded?”

“Su Ting actually overworked an employee to death. The company was founded less than a month ago and there’s already a death! Although he always seemed cold, I always thought he was a good person, but I didn’t expect…”

“Let’s all calm down a bit. There might be some misunderstanding here.”

“The issue has been exposed, what misunderstanding could there be? You fans should stop defending him and face the reality. Someone of such low character doesn’t deserve your idolization.”

“We should boycott such a person!”

Su Ting smoothed Gu Dai’s furrowed brows with his hand, softly saying, “Don’t worry, Daidai. My company hasn’t harmed anyone.”

Gu Dai, pointing to her phone, asked in confusion, “What about this man who was carried away on a stretcher in a coma?”

Su Ting looked at the photo and explained, “He has a heart condition. He pa.s.sed out from excitement after overcoming a particularly challenging project. The employees found him in time, administered his medication, and called an ambulance. He is currently recuperating in the hospital.”

Gu Dai nodded in understanding, “I see. So, how do you plan to handle this situation?”

After pondering for a moment, Su Ting replied, “I plan to have the person involved clear things up.”

Seeing Su Ting had a solution, Gu Dai’s worry finally eased, “Then you go ahead and arrange that. I’ll look into how this got onto trending.”

Su Ting, surprised, asked, “Look into how this got onto trending?”

Gu Dai nodded, “Even though you have a large fanbase, the fact that this post exploded in less than a minute indicates that it was deliberately circulated by someone.”

At Zhou Corporation.

Zhou Lin, looking at the content trending online and the uniform condemnation of Su Ting by netizens, curled his lips into a satisfied smile.

His eyes were fierce as he coldly said, “Su Ting, this is the price for threatening me!”

His secretary softly voiced a concern, “President Zhou, if we get found out…”

Zhou Lin glanced at the secretary with cold eyes, “Aren’t you supposed to ensure our tracks are covered more discreetly with the help of a hacker?”

The secretary thought about mentioning the hacker’s limited abilities but, fearing Zhou Lin’s wrath, swallowed his words and responded, “I’ll get on it right away..”

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