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Chapter 517: Just s.h.i.+rtless


Translator: _Min_ |

Gu Dai’s gaze was fixed intently on her computer screen, engaging in a digital duel with the hacker on the other side.

As minutes and seconds pa.s.sed, the hacker was the first to send a message.

Hacker: Your skills are truly superior. May I ask for your esteemed name?

Gu Dai glanced at the message but did not respond.

Seeing himself ignored, the hacker became instantly enraged, “What does it matter if you’re skilled? Your abilities are still no match for mine!”

Gu Dai, looking at the words “Defeated” displayed on her computer screen, showed no change in expression. Instead, she seized the moment when the hacker let his guard down to infiltrate his computer.

In less than a minute, she obtained the answers she sought.

“It was indeed arranged by Zhou Lin.”

Su Ting responded, “Zhou Lin.”

Gu Dai nodded, then asked, “Have you arranged for the person involved to clear things up?”


Su Ting replied, “It’s been arranged.”

Gu Dai felt relieved upon hearing this, her thoughts now on how to counter Zhou Lin.

Seeing Gu Dai’s contemplative expression, Su Ting knew what she was thinking and softly said, “Daidai, there’s no rush to deal with Zhou Lin. Now that we have evidence against him, we might as well wait and see what else he does. It’ll be easier to catch whoever is backing him.”

Gu Dai found this reasonable and nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

Upon returning home, Gu Dai was called into the room by Xu Huan, “Daidai, come to my room, I have something to discuss with you.”

Su Ting softly said, “Go ahead, I’ll also head to my room to prepare. Later, I’ll show you my martial arts skills.”

Gu Dai: “Okay.”

After she followed Xu Huan into the room and noticed Xu Huan’s silence, a wave of concern instantly welled up inside her. Her gaze fell on Xu Huan’s fractured leg, and she quickly asked, “Grandma, is there something wrong with your leg? Let me have a look.”

Xu Huan pulled Gu Dai up from her crouching position, “Daidai, my leg is fine.”

Since the leg was fine, there might be something else bothering her.

Thinking this, Gu Dai quickly said, “Grandma, I’ll book a full-body check-up for you at the hospital right away.”

She held Xu Huan’s hand, comforting her softly, “With today’s advanced medical technology, your health will surely be taken care of. Besides, if the hospital can’t do it, my master surely can!”

Xu Huan comforted, “Daidai, I’m not sick.”

She sighed and handed her phone to Gu Dai, “DaiDai, I saw what was trending today.”

Gu Dai glanced at it and saw it was the news about Su Ting’s company.

Xu Huan continued, “Daidai, he’s a good kid and would never exploit others. There might be some misunderstanding here. Please don’t let this drive a wedge between you and Su Ting.”

Gu Dai nodded vigorously, saying, “Grandma, Su Ting and I are on very good terms.”

Recalling the scene of Gu Dai and Su Ting laughing and talking together, Xu Huan finally relaxed, repeatedly saying, “That’s good, that’s good.”

Gu Dai went on, “Su Ting’s company indeed hasn’t harmed anyone. We are preparing our explanation, and the truth will soon be posted online.”

Xu Huan was surprised, “Really?”

Gu Dai nodded firmly, “Of course.”

Gu Dai knocked on Su Ting’s door and, receiving no response, puzzledly opened it and entered, “You…”

She had barely uttered a word when she saw Su Ting emerging from the bathroom, her gaze inadvertently falling on his exposed abs, leaving her momentarily speechless.

Su Ting, seeing Gu Dai’s stunned look, curved the corners of his mouth into a smile, stepped closer, and softly asked, “Daidai, what were you about to say?”

Regaining her senses after smelling his fresh scent, Gu Dai hurriedly pushed Su Ting away, stammering, “You, keep your distance from me.”

Su Ting looked down, feigning hurt, “Okay.”

Gu Dai wanted to comfort Su Ting but, upon seeing his skin, instantly withdrew her gaze, “Quick, put on your clothes.”

Su Ting obediently replied, “Okay.”

After waiting a moment, Gu Dai asked, “Have you dressed yet?”

Su Ting responded, “Yes, I have.”

Gu Dai cautiously opened her eyes and, seeing Su Ting was indeed dressed, finally breathed a sigh of relief, instructing, “In the future, make sure to get dressed after bathing. What if someone else sees you?”

Su Ting laughed, “Daidai, I was just s.h.i.+rtless..”

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