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Chapter 594: Robbery (1)


Translator: 549690339 I

Myriad Array Sky, Ancient Tomb

When Xiao Changtian entered the stone room in the cave.

Zuo Xiu Yuan and the others who were in the ancient tomb also encountered a great crisis.

“Sect Master, Third Elder’s arm is broken.”

An Array Sect Elder was fending off the surrounding demonic beasts as he slowly said to Zuo Xiuyuan.

However, these demon beasts were different from the demon beasts of the demon spirit.

These demon beasts were just a skeleton without any flesh.

From the looks of it, it seemed to be controlled by some array formation.

Zuo Xiu Yuan looked at the Array Sect’s Third Elder who had lost an arm on the ground and frowned.

“Everyone, hold on. Well be able to pa.s.s very soon.”


When they stepped on the stairs, Zuo Xiu Yuan and the others were on guard against the sky, afraid that the next meteorite would come.

He didn’t expect that before he saw the meteorite, countless demon beasts would suddenly appear on the surrounding stairs and attack him.

These demon beasts had no intelligence. Clearly, they were methods left behind by the former immortal emperor.

The situation on Zuo Xiu Yuan’s side wasn’t good, and the situation on the red-clothed woman and the jade-faced man’s side wasn’t any better.

While Zuo Xiu Yuan was resisting the demonic beasts, Xiao Chang Tian and

Jiang Bei Chen pa.s.sed through the stone room in the cave.

He slowly arrived at a palace.

Walking out of the stone room, Xiao Changtian sighed.

This Immortal Cultivator’s design was very impressive. It was similar to the elevators he had seen in his previous life.

Following that, a magnificent palace of the shrine was reflected in Xiao Changtian’s eyes.

Looking at the palace in front of him, a few large words floated in the palace.

“All treasures and spirit skills are free to be taken.”

Xiao Changtian frowned when he saw the words.

Treasures and spirit skills, free to take?

How could this immortal cultivator be so good?

With this thought in mind, Xiao Changtian said to Jiang Beichen,”

“Beichen, go and see if there’s anything you like.”

Hearing Xiao Changtian’s words, Jiang Beichen also walked around.

He picked up the few cultivation methods and spirit skills on the ground and shook his head after flipping through them.

These things were too different from what his master had given him.

Xiao Changtian also picked up a spirit skill called ” Ten Thousand Sword Divine Power ” from the ground.

This was written by an immortal cultivator. Would it be friendly to a mortal friend like him?

Xiao Changtian held the book in his hand. For some reason, he suddenly felt excited.

If he could cultivate, he would have the power to protect himself in the cultivation world in the future.

Xiao Changtian slowly flipped to the first page of the Ten Thousand Swords Mystical Power and saw a figure wielding a sword.

This was a real skill. It was way too much better than the ones the system gave him.

At this moment, the system’s voice sounded in Xiao Changtian’s mind.

“Please note that the system you are in is a system that does not cultivate.”

“If the host is cultivating, you cannot enter the path of invincibility!”

Hearing the system’s voice, Xiao Changtian couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

In that case, he could only look at the spirit skill in front of him and not cultivate it.

Xiao Changtian thought that he could cultivate his first spirit skill.

System, you win!

Xiao Changtian kept the book in his interspatial ring.

Just because he couldn’t do it now didn’t mean he couldn’t do it in the future.

Xiao Changtian was about to put the book into his interspatial ring.

The system’s voice slowly sounded in his mind again.

“Reminder, the level of the spirit skill in your hand is detected to be low. It is not recommended to collect it.”

Lower level? Xiao Changtian was stunned after hearing the system’s words.

However, it was better than having no one.

Xiao Changtian also wanted to absorb the Ten Thousand Swords Divine Power.

However, what the system said next made Xiao Changtian despair.

“With host’s apt.i.tude, cultivating that spirit skill will not cause any harm to people.”

What was that? Won’t cause any harm?

Xiao Changtian screamed in his heart when he heard the system’s voice.

This wasn’t telling him that his apt.i.tude wasn’t good enough and he couldn’t cultivate this spirit skill.

“If you have nothing to do, you can sell it for a big price.”

Xiao Changtian consoled himself and put the Infinite Sword Mystical Power into his interspatial ring.

On the other hand, Jiang Beichen looked at the books in his hands and threw them around.

Finally, he came to Xiao Changtian and said slowly,”

“Master, these books are not suitable for me.”

At this moment, Jiang Beichen voiced his thoughts.

These cultivation methods and spirit skills were incomparable to what Xiao Changtian had given them.

Hearing Jiang Beichen’s words, Xiao Changtian nodded at him.

Indeed, with the talent of mortals like us, how could we possibly understand the spirit techniques and divine arts of immortal cultivators?

At this moment, Xiao Changtian also patted Jiang Beichen’s shoulder.

“It’s okay. There will be better ones in the future.”

Hearing Xiao Changtian’s words, Jiang Beichen was delighted.

Was his master saying that he wanted to give him a high-grade cultivation technique?

Xiao Changtian saw Jiang Beichen’s overjoyed look and said to him,”

“See if there’s anything you like.”

“When the time comes, I can give it to the other senior brothers and sisters.”

Hearing Xiao Changtian’s words, Jiang Beichen immediately took action.

Xiao Changtian looked at the ropes beside him and pulled them. He sighed,”

“This work is too bad.”

In his hand, Xiao Changtian directly broke the hemp rope into two.

“Forget it, I’ll use my own.”

Then, Xiao Changtian took out a few ropes from his interspatial ring.

He packed up the books and put them into his interspatial ring.

At the same time, Jiang Beichen looked at the iron swords on the ground and said to Xiao Changtian,”

“Master, should we take these iron swords back?”

When Xiao Changtian heard Jiang Beichen’s words, he glanced at the ground and shook his head.

These iron swords were too rough. And that wooden stick, he didn’t dare to say anything.

After Xiao Changtian finished collecting, he brought Jiang Beichen into the stone room.

Because another big word had just come down.

[Take my spiritual weapon and take my inheritance.]

When Xiao Changtian saw these words, he quickly pulled Jiang Beichen away.

If the owner of this palace found out that two mortals had robbed his palace.

Would they still have a chance to escape?

The moment Xiao Changtian and Jiang Beichen stepped into the stone chamber…

Zuo Xiu Yuan and the red-clothed woman also came to the front door of the palace.

Looking at the door in front of them, Zuo Xiu Yuan and the woman in red looked at each other.

Then, the woman in red gritted her teeth and pushed the door open.

As the woman in red pushed him away, Xiao Changtian and Jiang Beichen also left the palace in their stone chambers..

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