Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts Chapter 705 - The Evil Race's Holy Master Makes a Move (1)

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Chapter 705 - The Evil Race’s Holy Master Makes a Move (1)

The Evil Race’s Holy Master Makes a Move (1)


Translator: 549690339

Divine Realm, Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Xie Yi’s shoulder was. .h.i.t by the icy-blue light. Then, a thick layer of ice covered

Xie Yi’s shoulder.


Xie Yi let out a miserable cry. Then, he raised one hand and slashed at his arm.

Whoos.h.!.+ Blood splattered in the air as Xie Yi severed his right arm.

If he didn’t cut off his right arm in time, the ice would spread to his body.

At that time, it would not be as simple as cutting off an arm.

Taking advantage of the gap in the attack of the flag, Xie One pulled Xie Four’s shoulder and flew out with the two of them.

At the same time, the sky became clear again. A ray of sunlight shone down from the clouds.

Sitting beside the pot, Xiao Changtian said to the old man,”

“Old man Lingzhu, isn’t it sunny now?”

“In life, it’s normal for it to be sunny and rainy at times.”

“Let them be.”

As he spoke, Xiao Changtian picked up a rag beside him and slowly lifted the hd of the pot.

“Look, this is almost done. Give me a bowl of nouris.h.i.+ng soup.

Then, Xiao Changtian poured a bowl of soup and handed it to the Spiritual

Pearl Elder.

Seeing Xiao Changtian pa.s.s him the bowl, the old man also stood up.

He took the bowl from Xiao Changtian and said gratefully,”

“Thankyou, Senior!”

Looking at the old man, Xiao Changtian waved his hand.

“I’ll go to the pharmacy to take a look at the medicine.

Xiao Changtian said to the old man and walked into the pharmacy.

In midair, the Nine Heavens G.o.d Sealing Formation also stopped chasing after Xie Yi and Xie Si.

Following that, Xie Yi and Xie Si also fled into the void outside the Divine


Looking at the Divine Realm, Xie Yi and Xie Si’s eyes were filled with fear.

“I didn’t expect the human race to have such a powerful array. Fourth brother, we have to quickly report to the Holy Master!”

“Yes, yes!”

Hearing Xie Yi’s words, the four of them also nodded their heads.

” How about this, Fourth Bro, you stay at the border and command the Evil Race army. I’ll go back to the Holy Mountain and report to the Holy Master.”

“Before I return, do not act rashly.”

Xie Yi regained his rationality at this moment. He thought for a moment and slowly said to Xie Si.

“Big brother, don’t worry, I’ll stay here.”

“As expected of big brother’s good little brother.

Xie Yi’s figure turned into a stream of light and fled into the distance as soon as he finished speaking.

At the same time, in the underground of the Evil Race’s Holy Mountain.

In the void, Xie Yi’s figure slowly appeared and saw the big tree in front of him.

He knelt down on one knee and said respectfully to the tree,

“Holy Master, there’s a problem with the humans.”

Whoos.h.!.+ Wisps of evil Qi rose from the tree, and the ghost face of the Evil

Race’s Holy Master appeared above the tree.

“Xie Yi, what’s going on? Did you bring back the Sacred Mountain Snow Lotus and Flame Flower?”

The Evil Race’s Holy Master’s ghost face floated in mid-air. His expression was a little anxious. It could be seen that he was in urgent need of those two medicinal herbs.

“I’m sorry, Holy Master. I was unable to complete my mission.”

“This subordinate was about to succeed, but that human suddenly set up another formation.”

“The power of that formation is something that Xie Yi has never seen before.” Kneeling on the ground, Xie Yi told the Evil Race’s Holy Master about everything he had experienced in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Xie Yi’s eyes were filled with hatred as he looked at his right shoulder.

“Not only were Second and Third killed by that human, but I also lost an arm.” Bang! Xie Yi’s words also caused the ghost face of the Evil Race’s Holy Master to tremble continuously.

“Heavenly Dao Incarnation, what a Heavenly Dao Incarnation. It has just appeared and is already showing off its prowess.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the limelight will be too big?

The Evil Race’s Holy Lord’s ghost face said slowly. Following that, the entire ghost face transformed in midair.

In front of Xie Yi, he transformed into a human.

After transforming into a human, the Evil Race’s Holy Master also covered his beard and came to Xie Yi’s side.

“Xie Yi, come with me. Let me personally meet that Heavenly Dao incarnation.” Looking at the Evil Race’s Holy Master in front of him, Xie Yi’s heart was filled with joy.

With the Holy Master’s help, even if you’re the embodiment of the Heavenly Dao, you’ll all submit to me.

An evil aura wrapped around Xie Yi’s body, and then the Evil Race’s Holy Master brought Xie Yi out of the underground.

He rushed towards the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

At this moment, in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Xiao Changtian was holding a medicinal soup that had been boiled.

He slowly arrived at Guo Yurong’s room.

Xiao Changtian sat at the bedside of Guo Yurong’s bed and fed the soup to Guo Yurong one spoonful at a time.

Seeing Guo Yurong’s face getting redder and redder after the decoction entered her stomach, Xiao Changtian was also delighted.

After that, Changtian covered Guo Yurong with the blanket and walked out of her room.

After leaving the room, Xiao Changtian looked around.

“Strange, where’s that old man Ling Zhu?

Then, he saw the remaining soup in the pot and scooped a bowl for himself.

At this moment, at the back mountain of the island.

“If you want to break through, you can do it here. However, you still have to control your movements. If you disturb Senior, I can’t guarantee anything.” The Great Sun Immortal stood in front of the Spiritual Pearl Elder and said to him slowly.

After drinking the soup made by Xiao Changtian, the old man felt that his realm, which had been stagnant for many years, was beginning to crack. Knowing that Xiao Changtian was cultivating his heart on the island, he didn’t want to disturb him, so he quickly asked the Great Sun Immortal for help.

Only then did the Great Sun Immortal bring the old man to the back of the mountain.

When they arrived at the back of the mountain, the Spiritual Pearl Elder nodded at him when he heard the words of the Great Sun Immortal.

“However, the lightning tribulation I’ll be breaking through might be quite large. Will it affect Senior on the island…”

“Old man, don’t worry about breaking through. As for the lightning tribulation, well talk about it when he comes.”

At this moment, the Chaos Ant in the bamboo forest at the back of the mountain slowly said to the Spiritual Pearl elder.

The lightning tribulation would only appear on Master’s island.

Upon hearing the Chaos Ant’s words, the Spiritual Pearl Elder no longer hesitated. He sat on the top of the mountain and began to break through.

At this moment, the figures of Xie Yi and the Evil Race’s Holy Master appeared one after another in the periphery of the Divine World.

Xie Yi, you said that the Heavenly Dao incarnation and that powerful array are in this lower realm?”

The Evil Race’s Holy Master looked at the Divine World and frowned slightly as he asked Xie Yi.

“Yes, yes, Holy Master. Although the spiritual energy in this lower realm is thin, even the spiritual pearls are inside.

Xie Yi hurriedly explained to the Evil Race’s Holy Master.

Following which, the Evil Race’s Holy Master no longer hesitated as his figure flew towards the Divine World..

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