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Chapter 621: Domineering Ex-Husband, Zuo Hancheng



Translator: 549690339

It was not easy for her to get out of the car. Anhao hurriedly got out of the car.

At this time, the rain was much lighter. It was just a very small drizzle. Even if she did not use an umbrella, she would not get too wet.

She wanted to go to another bus stop across the square to change to another bus. Anhao walked straight ahead. Zuo Hancheng walked behind her. He was not side by side with her, but his pace was steady and unhurried. No matter how fast she walked, she could not shake him off.

Was he really planning to send her home on foot?

In the past, he was used to being picked up by this kind of big CEO. Now, it was rare for them to take the bus together. They were like a simple couple walking in the drizzle. He actually had a different feeling.

Wait a minute!

Gu Anhao, what are you thinking about?

Anhao raised her hand to pat the moisture from her hair and continued to walk forward quickly. At this moment, a couple was walking over. The wife was at least six or seven months pregnant and was taking a walk in the square. Her husband was helping her to spread her hair and kept nagging,”l already said that it’s raining today. If you insist on coming out, what if you catch a cold? You can’t take medicine now. You’ll be the one suffering…”

” Oh, it’s fine. The doctor said that it’s better for the baby to walk around more. He also said that the seven-month-old baby can already move around in the womb. I’ll walk around more and accompany the little guy. Isn’t that great?”

The man couldn’t help but put his arms around his wife’s shoulders dotingly. The two of them walked around the square with their arms raised. Anhao looked at the woman’s belly with an inexplicable sense of envy in her eyes.

The couple was walking when they suddenly realized that the girl who was pa.s.sing by had suddenly stopped walking. The two of them looked at her curiously.”Miss, are you alright? Are we in your way?”

“No, 1 haven’t.” Anhao smiled.” I’m just suddenly a little envious of you guys.”

She had only come up with a random excuse, but when she said it, she realized that she was actually envious from the bottom of her heart.

After saying that, she didn’t wait for the couple to say anything and was about to walk around them to avoid misunderstanding.

The couple looked at her strangely.”What are you envious of? Isn’t your husband behind you?”

Anhao’s expression froze. She turned around and saw Zuo Hancheng standing not far behind her. He was still the same distance from her when she got out of the car. His eyes were warm.

Before she could react, the pregnant woman suddenly smiled and said,”Are you jealous that I’m pregnant? Aiya, I vomit every morning. I still have gastric acid and want to eat a lot of things, but my stomach feels uncomfortable after eating. I can’t sleep well every night. The doctor said that in two months, 1 won’t even be able to turn over when I sleep. I’m still envious of you now. You can go out for a walk with your husband. Unlike me, I have to listen to my husband’s nagging when I want to go out for a walk…”

“What are you talking about? I’m just afraid that you’ll catch a cold.”

The young couple chatted and laughed as they walked away with the umbrella. Anhao looked at Zuo Hancheng, who was slowly walking over. She glared at him and said,””Did you deliberately make others misunderstand?”

Zuo Hancheng glanced at her indifferently.” What do 1 have to do to make others misunderstand?””

Anhao paused for a moment. That’s right. The two of them were standing at least three meters away from each other just now. Why did she think that Zuo Hancheng must be her husband?

Could it be that they looked like husband and wife?

It shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be. Zuo Hancheng’s face was like a devil in the modern world, and she didn’t have any husband and wife looks. When they were together in the past, they said that she was cow dung and he was a flower. This was more like it.

Anyway, the couple had already walked far away. She was too lazy to explain and only looked at the sky.”lt’s already so late. I don’t know if the bus I want to transfer to is still available. I’ll go and take a look. If it really doesn’t work, I’ll take a taxi back.”

After saying that, she hurriedly ran to the bus stop sign opposite the square. After waiting for a few minutes, she realized that the last bus she wanted to take had already pa.s.sed.

“Mobai is nearby. I asked him to send the car over first.”Zuo Hancheng said calmly as he took out his phone.

“No need!” Anhao turned to look at him and reached out to press his phone. “”I’ll just take a taxi!”

“What’s wrong?” Zuo Hancheng glanced at her. Don’t you want to take my car?”

“Haha…” When Anhao thought about how she had said that she missed him at the resort today, she wanted to scratch his face and scratch her own face.

She could already feel the malice of this world. It was aimed at her IQ that could easily twitch under impulse!

“I’m afraid that I’ll be reminded of the car accident back then when I get in your car. You know how fragile my heart is, and it’s very easy to leave a shadow. In order to prevent me from breaking your car door on impulse, I can’t afford to pay for your expensive car.”

“Why can’t I afford it?”

Anhao looked at the taxi by the roadside and tried her best to not be distracted as she casually replied,””Your cars are so expensive anyway. I can’t afford one even if I sell myself.”

“That depends on who you sell it to.”

Anhao tried her best not to be distracted when she spoke to him. She tried her best not to look into his eyes and tried her best to avoid any unnecessary communication. However, she was still stunned for a moment.

She understood what he meant and smiled.”lt’s already been so long. Haven’t you thought of what the conditions are? Don’t tell me you want to keep me hanging like this for a week?”

Zuo Hancheng raised his eyebrows. Standing under the bus stop, he still looked n.o.ble even though he was holding a black umbrella in his hand.

“l have to go to Malaysia for another business trip this week. The round trip will take at least three days. Do you think I have time to accompany you?”

Anhao heaved a sigh of relief. However, she felt that since Zuo Hancheng had made a request, he would definitely not let her live so easily.

The taxi stopped in front of Anhao. She glanced at Zuo Hancheng and said,””Are you getting in the car?”

Initially, she really didn’t want him to send her. After all, if he did, she wouldn’t be able to get the chauffeur to drive her to Hua Ting Private Park. However, when she realized that he had held an umbrella for her previously, his back was wet. He must have placed most of the umbrella over her head. She was too embarra.s.sed to say anything unpleasant.

However, before Zuo Hancheng could reply, she suddenly heard the sound of a car horn coming from the back of the car. She turned around and saw that Mobai had already driven Zuo Hanchengs car over. Because he saw Zuo Hancheng, he parked the car behind the car.

“Mobai is already here. I’ll drive straight to People’s Road.”Although Zuo Hancheng said that, he did not force her to get out of the car and get into his car.

It was only when Anhao successfully left in a taxi that she let out a long sigh.

However, for some reason, she felt that Zuo Hancheng had let her off for the time being…

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