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Chapter 657: Boss Zuo Is Jealous (1)


Translator: 549690339

This was the first time Anhao had eaten Zuo Hancheng’s cooking after three years.

After all, she was still suffering from a waist injury. Of course, he would not just cook noodles to deal with her.

First, he asked her to wash her face and wait for him. Not long after, she smelled all kinds of fragrances in the kitchen that made her stomach growl. Anhao wiped the water off her face and turned to look in the direction of the kitchen.

In fact, she wasn’t particularly sad or upset. She was more surprised than upset.

After all, she had suffered all kinds of hards.h.i.+ps over the years, and there had never been any more pain than the ones she had experienced in the previous years. What surprised her the most and what she could not accept the most was the news that An Ping had faked her death.

Faking her death and leaving her in the Gu family for so many years was something that Anhao could not understand. However, no matter how sad she was, it did not seem to hurt.

There was nothing more painful than the years he had spent in the Gu family.

In addition, Zuo Hancheng personally cooked for her. Anhao’s mood was much better after smelling the smell. She took advantage of the time when Zuo Hancheng was helping her to cook in the kitchen to sit down at the dining table. She picked up the doc.u.ments that contained information about her background again, calmed herself down, and flipped through them again.

America… The Andersons…An Ping…

He escaped from the United States more than 20 years ago. Because of the An family, he successfully changed his nationality and ident.i.ty. He studied at XX University in City X, China. After graduation, he entered City A and worked in City F. She had been estranged from Gu Tianming and had a short marriage with the chairman of the Yi Group…

Such a rich past, such a colorful life, indeed, should not be stopped so casually.

After Anhao read through all the contents again, she put them away.

Coincidentally, Zuo Hancheng had already brought over two of her favorite dishes. Anhao obediently placed her hands on the table, her eyes no longer as red as before as she stared at the two dishes.

At the same time, Zuo Hancheng glanced at the folder on the table and guessed that she had read it again. Gu Anhao was used to being shocked, and it was a shock that could temper her mind. Her eyes might have turned red after reading it just now, but now she could patiently read it again and not be affected as much.

Although this was the kind of growth that Zuo Hancheng was happy to see in her, it was enough for her to know about this kind of confusing story. There was no need to keep reading it.

“Go get your own utensils.” Zuo Hancheng said.

” Oh,” Anhao replied and ran into the kitchen happily, just like before.

Zuo Hancheng stood at the dining table and looked at the folder on the table. After picking it up, he turned around and returned to the study room. He threw it back into the corner of the study room.

When Anhao came out with the bowl and chopsticks, she saw that the folder on the table was gone, but she didn’t ask. The most important thing now was to fill her stomach.

Earlier, she had acted coquettishly in front of Zuo Hancheng and said that she was hungry because she had suddenly suffered a huge trauma in her heart and needed some comfort. At that time, she had been wondering if Zuo Hancheng could make some food to comfort her. She did not expect him to really understand her.

Anhao said as she ate the food in front of her,””Although my cooking skills are already very good now, it still seems to be a lot worse than yours.”

She had to admit that if Zuo Hancheng had not let her live independently for the past three years, she would still be a cripple who could make the kitchen a mess.

“As expected, eating is the best medicine for you.” Zuo Hancheng picked up some food for her.”

Anhao’s hand that was holding the chopsticks paused for a moment, and she humbly accepted his ” criticism “. She continued to eat as a reward for the hard work of Big Boss Zuo.

Zuo Hancheng did not eat anything for lunch either. After eating with her, he continued to watch her eat. Anhao ate two big bowls of rice and a lot of vegetables. In the end, she was so full that she held her stomach and exhaled. She felt that her mood had completely recovered in an instant.

The feeling of fullness in her stomach and the comfort of the delicious food made her feel that the mystery of her birth was not that important.

The most important thing was how to get Zuo Hancheng to cook for her again tonight.

In the past, Zuo Hancheng did not cook for her often when they were in the Liu Jing Garden. After all, he was very busy. However, every time he cooked, he would spoil her taste buds so much that she would lose her taste in anything else.

Now that she was staying at his place, although she had not taken the sleeping pills yet, she still wanted him to cook a few more meals to satisfy her appet.i.te since Zuo Hancheng was rarely home on vacation.

When Anhao remembered that she should wash the dishes and perform well, Zuo Hancheng would be satisfied and continue to cook for her at night, even if it was just noodles.

However, when she got up and walked into the kitchen, she saw that the bowls and cutlery were all in the dishwas.h.i.+ng machine.

Anhao stopped in her tracks and turned around before Zuo Hancheng came out. She walked back to the dining table and sat down.

As she caressed her bulging stomach, she smiled to show that she was very happy and did not need his comfort anymore.

Zuo Hancheng glanced at her.” You’re not pregnant yet, but you’re already so gluttonous. I’m afraid I won’t be able to support you when I’m pregnant.””

Anhao almost burped and stood up immediately.”I’m hungry because I didn’t eat anything at noon. What time is it now? You asked me to stay at your house. I’m a guest now. I didn’t even arrange for lunch. I had to cry and ask for it myself…”

Zuo Hancheng laughed.

So she was crying secretly in the room because she was hungry.

“I won’t argue with you about your waist injury now. We’ll settle the score after you recover.”Zuo Hancheng pointed at the stairs with his chin.”” I’ve been tormenting you for a long time. After all, you’ve just been discharged from the hospital. Go and sleep for a while. I’m going to look at a few pages of the company’s data that needs to be checked today.”

“Then go ahead. I won’t disturb you.”

Anhao turned around and went up the stairs, but Zuo Hancheng’s expression when he said that he would settle the score with her after she recovered was really…It made her want to find an excuse to go back to Hua Ting Private Park.

She did not need to ask Zuo Hancheng any more questions. She was sure that he knew everything about her, including where she lived after she returned to the country.

The fact that she was staying at Luxury Court Private Park was already clear to both of them. There was no need to torture and slap themselves in the face. It was too embarra.s.sing.

Anhao hurried back to her room. Although she was tired, she was not sleepy.

She turned on the computer beside her bed and opened her email after a while. When she saw that Mr. V was not around, she let out a long sigh. She felt that the money she had given to the detective company was in vain. She did not know if she could get it back.

Fortunately, she had only given him 80,000 yuan back then, so she still had 20,000 yuan left. Otherwise, she would have lost 100,000 yuan.

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