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This time, everyone's face did not look so good. 

Granted, the size of the Twilight City was small; hence, they could only provide them such a small building, but did they really have to pick a shabby place for them to stay in? 

This looked exactly like a refugee camp. Were they afraid that they would take away their things? 

"Master, it still seems that they have gone too far.” Nangong Mengmeng turned her head towards Shen Yanxiao. If she could see it, then obviously the others could too.

The Twilight City clearly did not like the people from The Rising Sun City.  

"No matter.” Shen Yanxiao seemed to have no reaction about it, but in fact...

"Order everyone to go visit the shops in the city and choose furniture and ornaments for me. Don’t think of coming back if you are not able to buy any luxurious items that can redeem my face. After buying them, immediately move them inside.” Shen Yanxiao commanded before dropping some crystal cards.

"The City Lord is domineering!" Everyone cheered! 

Today was just the first day of the seventh month; there were still many days until the tournament would begin. Spending their time in such a place... They might be able to endure, but they would still feel somewhat wronged.

Now, Shen Yanxiao gave them the power to go shopping... 

And even demand them to buy all luxurious items! 

Sounds of waling and clamoring began to spread. 

Their eagerness to shop flared up!

Sitting in a chair, Shen Yanxiao looked at the cheering crowd; there was a sneer in the corner of her mouth. 

They wanted them to appear shabby and poor?

It was a pity that she, Shen Yanxiao, might be short of other things, however she was absolutely not lacking any money! 

It does not matter if you did not give me anything, I, your grandpa has a lot of money. Can I not just buy things myself? 

With crystal cards in their hands, a group of people went out to shop at once. 

Their City Lord was truly a local tyrant, who would have imagined that she would make such a move! 

"Are you really just going to let those cheap people from the Twilight City get away with this? Won’t those things just become their belonging afterwards?” Tang Nazhi raised an eyebrow. Although this was indeed a domineering move, in the end, it was them who would still suffer a loss.

Shen Yanxiao smiled coldly and said, "Let them get away? Once we’re to leave the city, if we can’t take the items with us, we’ll just destroy them to pieces.” All of the items were just one-time supplies. Did they really believe they could wrong her and her people? She was afraid the Twilight City did not have that ability.

"..." Tang Nazhi was quiet, as Shen Yanxiao's answer was just too ferocious. 

Qi Xia and the others laughed treacherously. They did not think that Shen Yanxiao could be so rude and impetuous in showing off her wealth. Furthermore, they almost forgot that besides her ident.i.ty as a City Lord on the surface, there was also her G.o.dly Thief ident.i.ty. They estimated that tonight, inside the Twilight City, someone’s purse would surely suffer a calamity... 

Buy items from the people of the Twilight City, and then steal their money. Could Shen Yanxiao get even more generous? 

In reality, she was actually not spending a penny.

The old man who was in charge of serving them in the pavillion watched as a group of people moved all kinds of extravagant furnitures and ornaments into the place. The old man could not help but tremble as he saw those lavish items. 

What made him vomit even more blood was that he actually saw several people walk in with a crystal ball that was as big as a human head in each of their hands. 

The average price of one crystal ball was already enough to feed an average person for a lifetime!

In just a few hours, the originally shabby pavillion immediately became filled with luxurious items bought by the people of The Rising Sun City. From the lobby to the very last room, not a single one lacked an overwhelmingly “luxurious” theme.  

Even the ground was covered with luxury wool carpets embroidered with golden thread. From the front door of the pavillion, it flew all the way to the bedside of each room.

In just a brief shopping time, Shen Yanxiao had spent millions of gold coins from her crystal cards. 

However, this City Lord was still not satisfied. Without blinking her eyes, she let her people invite a chef from the most luxurious restaurant in the Twilight City to cook their meal...

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