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Chapter 1451 – Continent in Crisis

As he made his way to the Continent Zone, Zhao Feng released his Divine Sense to observe the situation around him.

He realized that the majority of the zones in the Cang Ocean were immersed in war. If he happened to be pa.s.sing by, Zhao Feng would vanquish those Evil Dao cultivators who started these wars.

“I wonder how the Mystic True Sacred Clan is doing?” Zhao Feng thought back to the clan that he had stayed with in the past.

He hadn’t remained for long at the Mystic True Sacred Clan, nor had he built up any deep relations.h.i.+ps, but the Mystic True Sacred Clan had served as Zhao Feng’s safe harbor, allowing him to successfully avoid the Emperor of Death’s pursuit. Without that moment to catch his breath, Zhao Feng would have never had the time to mature and turn the tables on the Emperor of Death.

As expected, the three-star faction of the True Martial Sacred Land, the Mystic True Sacred Clan, was also facing trouble. An Evil Dao faction near the True Martial Sacred Land was developing in the shadows and gathering soldiers. Although it had yet to strike, it was only a matter of time until it a.s.saulted the Mystic True Sacred Clan and Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

Zhao Feng exterminated the leader of this Evil Dao faction before leaving the Mystic True Sacred Clan. In this way, he returned the kindness the Mystic True Sacred Clan had shown to him in saving his life.

The Evil Dao faction that had threatened two three-star clans suddenly collapsed, and it was rumored that its Sacred Lord experts had been killed. The Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan and Mystic True Sacred Clan immediately joined together to snuff out the faction while it was in disarray.

“Just who did this? They killed two Sacred Lords without anyone noticing!” The Grand Elders of the Mystic True Sacred Clan and Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan were both shocked. They would have never imagined that it was Zhao Feng who had resolved this danger for them.

Zhao Feng also didn’t care about such things and continued on his way to the Continent Zone.

To his surprise, however, the situation in the Continent Zone was several times worse than it was elsewhere in the Cang Ocean.

Ocean Smoke Pavilion, overlooking the Nanlin Sea, had turned from an otherworldly paradise into a blasted ruin. The place was utterly deserted. The other nearby factions near the Nanlin Sea that Zhao Feng remembered were also in bleak condition, with only the low and middle echelons of their members left. Moreover, killing and pillaging could be seen wherever he looked.

“What in the world happened?” Zhao Feng’s expression darkened.

At this moment, he finally began to realize that something disastrous had probably taken place in the Continent Zone. The Cang Ocean was more remote, so it had not been as greatly affected.

“What happened to the Hall of G.o.ds?” Zhao Feng was extremely confused.

When Kun Yun left, the Hall of G.o.ds was perfectly fine and was the number one faction of the Continent Zone. What happened that caused such a major s.h.i.+ft in the Continent Zone?

“Could it be the nonhumans? The Dark Moon Dynasty?” Zhao Feng could see many non-humans moving around. Had the Dark Moon Dynasty suddenly exploded in strength and invaded the Great Gan Dynasty?


Zhao Feng vanished.

In the Yu Province, near the Ji Family of the Eight Great Families:

“Kill! Leave none alive!” Within the Ji Family, an old man covered in violet feathers was leading a group of soldiers in a ma.s.sacre.

This elder was an early-stage Sacred Lord, and his soldiers were mostly Kings and a few Emperors.

“Retreat! Back to the Hall of G.o.ds!” Within the Ji Family, a woman with starry eyes and an elegant and tranquil face was leading another group in a fighting retreat.

While the woman was a Sacred Lord, the remaining members of the Ji Family were in the Origin Core Realm, with only an extremely small number at the Void G.o.d Realms. The Ji Family’s forces were in desperate straits.

“Haha, even if you return to the Hall of G.o.ds, what can you do?” A man with black wings floated in the sky, chuckling as he looked down below.

This black-winged man was a late-stage Sacred Lord. He had yet to partic.i.p.ate in this battle, only quietly observing the proceedings.

“d.a.m.n! Ji Lan, you go first! We’ll do our best to delay these scoundrels!” A look of grim determination appeared on Ji Wuye’s face.

Ji Wuye and Ji Lan were both members of the Ji Family, and they had joined Zhao Feng on the battlefield of the three provinces, a.s.sisting the Ninth Prince in conquering the non-humans.

The other members of the Ji Family were grimly determined to fight to the end.

“If we go together, we still have a chance to escape!” Ji Lan immediately refused.

The enemy had two Sacred Lords, and only a Sacred Lord could deal with a Sacred Lord. Once she left, the rest of the Ji Family would be unable to fight back and would be easily crushed.

“Haha, as expected of one of the former Eight Great Families. You’ve truly got some backbone!” The black-winged man in the sky heartily laughed.

A moment later, his body began to pulse with energy, and he charged down.

“Not good! He’s going to attack!” Ji Lan grimaced.

She was only an early-stage Sacred Lord. The most she could do was fight evenly with that violet-feathered man. If the late-stage Sacred Lord intervened, they would truly be in peril!

At this moment, a roar came from the distance; “You dare!?”

The black-winged man and all the other members were stunned by this voice. For someone to dare talk to them like this at this time was truly surprising.

But a moment later:


Thunder crackled as the sky darkened. The entire world was suddenly br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an immense will. Everyone in the area involuntarily trembled, rendered motionless by this power.

“This… just which powerhouse is this from!?” the black-winged man called out in fear.

He had seen many DemiG.o.ds before, but not even DemiG.o.ds could inspire such dread in his heart.

At this moment, he realized that the voice had come from very far away. Thus, the voice had arrived before the person.

“Some expert must be pa.s.sing by!” The members of the Ji Family looked expectantly into the distance. The speaker had undoubtedly come to help them.

When a silver-haired figure appeared, many of the Ji Family members were struck dumb.

“Zhao Feng?” Ji Lan’s face went slack as she stared at Zhao Feng’s face, her mind surging with emotion. Although his demeanor and appearance had significantly changed, she was sure that this person was Zhao Feng.

“Senior Zhao!” Ji Wuye yelled out in shock.

“Zhao Feng, the once-strongest expert of the Continent Zone?” The eyes of the Ji Family members sparkled as they looked at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had subdued the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, killed True G.o.d Tian Fa from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, and shaken the entire Great Gan Dynasty. Even the Dragon Emperor, who had become a True G.o.d, had not dared to do anything to him. For this reason, he had become known as the strongest expert of the Continent Zone.

Zhao Feng had also lived with the Ji Family for a period of time. From a certain perspective, Ji Lan and Ji Wuye were his half-disciples. They had followed Zhao Feng to the battlefield of the three provinces. On the journey, Zhao Feng would often help them resolve difficulties and problems they encountered with their cultivation and eye-bloodline techniques.

At this moment, Ji Lan was an early-stage Sacred Lord while Ji Wuye was a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

“Zhao Feng?” The black-winged man who was about to strike suddenly thought of something and grimaced.

Zhao Feng wasn’t just a legendary figure of the Great Gan Dynasty. He was also a taboo existence of the Dark Moon Dynasty. After all, sixty years ago, Zhao Feng was the strongest expert of the Continent Zone.

But the tales all said that Zhao Feng had left for the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds.

How could it be? How come Zhao Feng is back in the Continent Zone!? the black-winged man mentally roared.

No one from the Continent Zone had ever gone to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds and then returned.

“The Dark Moon Dynasty truly doesn’t know what’s good for it!” Zhao Feng’s expression was ice-cold.

Down below, the violet-feathered man and his army all trembled in fear, not daring to speak.

“Senior, listen to my explanation. The Dark Moon Dynasty was not responsible for-” The black-winged man began to hastily talk.

“Die!” Unmoved, Zhao Feng thrust out a finger.


A chaotic bolt of silver energy shot forward. This silver bolt did not move very quickly, but the black-winged man and the others discovered that they couldn’t move.

Boom! Bang!

The silver bolt began to exude a powerful devouring force. The black-winged man and his companions were torn to shreds until nothing remained.


That devouring energy even caused a tear in s.p.a.ce, allowing forbidden energy to seep in. Zhao Feng didn’t control his power well this time, and the attack he used had pushed the Continent Zone to its limit and almost tore apart the dimension.

The Ji Family members were extremely excited to see their enemies instantly slain. This was truly the strongest expert of the Continent Zone. Now that he had appeared, there was a chance of saving the Great Gan Dynasty.

“What of Senior Star Demon?” Zhao Feng asked Ji Lan and Ji Wuye. How was it that the Ji Family had such few people left, and only Ji Lan as a Sacred Lord?

“Senior Zhao, Senior Star Demon is fine. They’re all at the Hall of G.o.ds,” Ji Lan somewhat calmed herself down before saying.

“Good.” Zhao Feng sighed in relief. Sacred Lord Star Demon of the Ji Family had been of significant a.s.sistance to him back then. He feared that everyone else had been killed.

“All of this was because of a person called True G.o.d Spirit Demon!” Ji Lan bitterly said in anguish.

“True G.o.d?” Zhao Feng was astonished.

A True G.o.d expert had appeared in the Continent Zone? But why would a mighty True G.o.d remain in such a low-cla.s.s dimension?

Zhao Feng did not ask any more questions. Ji Lan was only an early-stage Sacred Lord, so she wouldn’t know much. He was confident that he would learn everything once he got back to the Hall of G.o.ds.

In Yu Province, the Hall of G.o.ds was the last safe haven of the Great Gan Dynasty. Grand Imperial Hall, Sky Suspension Palace, the Eight Great Families; almost everyone was gathered here. All the top-cla.s.s experts of the Great Gan Dynasty had gathered within a secret hall.

“Must we just sit here and let them have their way with us?” DemiG.o.d Taichi of the Grand Imperial Hall was enraged.

Ever since True G.o.d Dragon Emperor had headed for the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, DemiG.o.d Taichi had become the leader of Grand Imperial Hall.

“But True G.o.d Spirit Demon is too powerful. In just a few short years, so much of the Great Gan Dynasty has already fallen!” DemiG.o.d Withered Breath of Sky Suspension Palace had a rather dejected aura.

He had once been the strongest DemiG.o.d of Sky Suspension Palace, but he had been heavily injured and did not have long to live.

“Only one month is left!” The Sacred Emperor of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, clothed in a golden dragon robe, was incredibly worried.

True G.o.d Spirit Demon had only given them one month. If they did not submit, he would bathe the entire Great Gan Dynasty in blood.

“Why don’t we just surrender?”

“At least we’ll survive.”

Quite a few experts in the hall softly said.

In the face of death, the majority of people would become afraid and beg for that one last chance of survival.

“There’s definitely a chance to win!” a woman wearing a moon robe from Ocean Smoke Pavilion said, her face stubborn.

This person was the current Hall Master of the Hall of G.o.ds, Bi Qingyue. Although she was only an early-stage Sacred Lord, she possessed supreme prestige. The majority of the upper echelon members of the Hall of G.o.ds had absolute

trust in her.

“What chance of victory is there?” DemiG.o.d Taichi had an extremely gloomy expression as he spoke.

At this moment, a person appeared in the center of the hall.

“Who’s there!?” all the experts called out in shock, their hearts thumping.

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