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"Let's get him, he's a coward! Last time in the cafeteria he was so scared he ran away!"

Several of the boys rushed at Ye Fei with mops and broomsticks.

The students shouted with indignation, as if they liked Professor Ouyang and wanted to protect him.

Only the greed gleaming in their eyes betrayed their true purpose.

They clearly knew that the more conspicuous and heroic their performance, the more likely they were to get extra credits from Professor Ouyang in the upcoming exam!

With this agenda at heart, these students charged like mad dogs.

Unfortunately, the man they faced was Ye Fei.

He tightly grabbed a mop stick and yanked it out of its wielder's hands, spinning it wildly around himself.

The boy who was holding the mop screamed, his palms sc.r.a.ped b.l.o.o.d.y.

Ye Fei flailed with the stick like a Xiaolin monk, blocking all the strikes against him, and then suddenly swung it in a violent horizontal arc, sending all the boys stumbling backwards in a panic and tumbling over the rows of easels.

Although these youths were young and healthy, they didn't really have any fighting experience and fumbled around trying to get back up.

Professor Ouyang was terrified, taking advantage of this opportunity to back away towards the door.


Ye Fei lunged after him and smashed his fist into the professor's face, then grabbed his long hair and dragged him back to the podium.

Ye Fei was measured. He looked very violent and the professor's face was rapidly swelling up like a balloon, but in fact, the injury was entirely superficial. 

Professor Ouyang obviously did not know that. He hurriedly picked up a small mirror from his podium and saw a face even uglier than Zhong Mei's in it.

"f.u.c.k you!" Professor Ouyang wailed madly and threw the mirror to the floor, "How dare you hit me?! Argh, my face! You are not even a student of Shanghai University! You're an intruder, and that's even worse! I'm going to call the police and put you in jail! And... you like that ugly Zhong Mei, so I'll expel her too!"

After beating up half the cla.s.s, Ye Fei had calmed down somewhat. Now he was feeling he might have been a bit too impulsive. After all, these were just students, not criminals.

However, hearing Professor Ouyang's words made him furious. He pulled his long hair and punched him in the nose, breaking it.

Scarlet blood flowed out of his nostrils as Professor Ouyang dropped to his knees, wailing hysterically.

The students gasped, as if that punch struck every single one of them. A few seemed on the verge of tears.

In particular, hearing their professor's wailing made each student feel as if they had fallen into a tub of ice. 

Ye Fei pointed at Professor Ouyang's b.l.o.o.d.y nose and coldly said, "This is between you and me! Do not drag Zhong Mei into it. If you dare, I'll kill you!"

Kill You!

These two words stabbed into everyone's hearts like a knife. Ye Fei sounded like someone who would really do something like that.

The students trembled. One of them opened a window and started shouting for help.


Ye Fei grabbed the blackboard eraser from the podium and threw it directly at the student's back.

The boy felt like he got punched and fell out the window into a bush.

"Now sit down, all of you! Don't you guys like to paint self-portraits? So paint! Paint yourselves like you are now, or I will bash your faces until you look like pigs!"

In that moment, Ye Fei was thoroughly angry. His ruthless eyes deterred any protest.

Everyone was terrified, but not everyone had given up. A girl quietly took out her phone to call the police, but Ye Fei's eyes were too sharp. He immediately grabbed her hand and coldly said, "Do not test me!"

After that, the students began to slowly pick up their paintbrushes and painting their self-portraits.

"And you! You paint yourself too," Ye Fei said to Professor Ouyang.

"Eh? What?"

Professor Ouyang was momentarily stunned, but he couldn't help but shudder under Ye Fei's fierce gaze. Finally, he picked up a pencil and a piece of paper and started drawing himself in the mirror.

The mood in the cla.s.sroom had become very tense and fearful, like a forced labor camp.

While painting, a few girls were secretly watching Ye Fei.

To be honest, his approach was brutal, almost fascist, but the girls knew exactly why he did it: for Zhong Mei.

Even an ugly girl like Zhong Mei had a man who could beat up everyone in the cla.s.s for her.

They were a little jealous about that.

Ye Fei sat at the podium, grimly staring at the cla.s.s.

"Well, time's up!" he knocked on the table.

"Huh? Only a few minutes?"

The students looked confused. Even a simple portrait usually took over an hour to paint.

Ye Fei walked up and down the room and examined the paintings one by one.

"What the h.e.l.l is that? No eyes, no ears, just a big duck egg? If you grow up looking like this, you could pretend to be a ghost."

"And you, you just painted a big mouth. Are you trying to scare me?"

"What about you? Is that an a.s.s? Is your face an a.s.s? s.h.i.+t, are there teeth in your a.s.s?"

One by one, he humiliated every one of those arrogant students, trampled on their dignity, and crushed their self-confidence.

At that moment, many students understood how Zhong Mei felt.

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