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After Ye Fei insulted every last one of the students, he finally went over to Professor Ouyang and coldly said, "Professor Ouyang, everyone else has shown their s.h.i.+tty work. Do you want to show us your own masterpiece?"

Professor Ouyang glared at Ye Fei, but kept silent.

"Psycho, a G.o.dd.a.m.n psycho!" he roared in his mind, but he didn't dare say it out loud. After a long while, he just said, "I didn't paint."

"Professor Ouyang, you are very naughty." Ye Fei's expression changed, his voice like ice, "As a teacher, if you cannot set an example for your students, what use are you?"

All the students were staring at Ye Fei, thinking that another storm was coming.

Professor Ouyang stepped away slowly.

A sneer appeared on Ye Fei's face as he stared at this Professor Ouyang. He could feel the hatred in his eyes.

Ye Fei had seen this same look in the eyes of war captives.

Goodness and understanding couldn't be the antidote to hatred.

If Ye Fei wanted to suppress this deep-rooted hatred, force was the only way. He knew this Professor Ouyang was an absolute villain, a man who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

If he did not keep beating him, he would probably get Zhong Mei in trouble.

Ye Fei wouldn't be able to live with himself if this professor made difficulties for her and did not let her smoothly graduate because of his actions.

Therefore, Ye Fei had to deal with this problem right away, even if he had to resort to drastic measures!


The door of the cla.s.sroom was suddenly pushed open.

Ye Fei was surprised; he thought a student had secretly called for help on their phone, but this intruder turned out to be Li Tiejun.

"What are you doing here? Did the students call you?"

"No... No, I watched the surveillance video and saw you come in here, so I came looking for you," Li Tiejun leaned against the door frame, panting. "Ye Fei, people are hara.s.sing Zhong Mei."

"What?" Ye Fei ran towards him. "What's going on? Tell me on the way."

He immediately forgot about the students and the professor and followed Li Tiejun out of the cla.s.sroom.

"Zhong Mei... She's in the karate hall now," Li Tiejun said. "I heard people say that she... She knew Yamamoto Takes.h.i.+ wanted to fight you, so she went there to plead for you. But then, Yamamoto Takes.h.i.+ said he wouldn't let her go until she scrubbed the entire karate hall clean!"

"Stupid girl! Does she think I'm afraid of that guy? Who asked her to help me?" Ye Fei grumbled, but besides frustration, he also felt a little moved.

He didn't think a weak girl would try to protect him.

Nevertheless, her plan was really stupid.

"All right, let's go to the karate hall," Ye Fei coldly said.

"Right!" Li Tiejun shouted excitedly, knowing something was definitely going to happen this time.

The Shanghai University karate hall was a domed building located next to the stadium. It covered an area even larger than the stadium, having originally housed plenty of student clubs.

The Boxing Club, the Mixed Martial Arts a.s.sociation, the Sanda Club, the Taekwondo Club...

In the past, these communities were extremely popular, and not only the students of the sports department practiced there, but other students would come to learn some fighting skills as well.

But now, only one club dominated the entire building:

The Karate a.s.sociation!

Within three months of the exchange student, Yamamoto Takes.h.i.+, coming to Shanghai University from j.a.pan and joining the karate club, he pressured all the other a.s.sociations to disband and absorbed their most skilled members into the Karate a.s.sociation, kicking out all the amateurs.

In Yamamoto Takes.h.i.+'s view, people of a kind had to fall into the same group. The strong had to fight alongside the strong to be stronger.

Most young men who studied martial arts did so in order to impress a girl.

Those people were weak!

Under the management of Yamamoto Takes.h.i.+, such people were all expelled, leaving only the elite fighters.

When Ye Fei walked into the karate hall, he found the atmosphere there very oppressive. Many people were staring at him from the moment he opened the door, their eyes full of hostility.

Ye Fei stared back at them with no hesitation.

His sharp gaze made even these martial artists a little uncomfortable.

But soon, the eyes of these spectators were drawn from Ye Fei to the middle of the hall, where two men stood ready to fight.

One was a young man in a white kimono, with spiky hair and a cringy, self-absorbed look in his eyes.

The other was slightly older. His upper body was bare and he wore a pair of blue sports shorts. His hands were covered with gloves.

When Li Tiejun saw this young man, he exclaimed with excitement, "Hey, that's him!"

"Do you know him?" Ye Fei asked.

"Of course. That arrogant p.r.i.c.k is Yamamoto Takes.h.i.+. The other is my idol, the Sanda champion of the three southeastern provinces: Li s.h.i.+long."

Ye Fei shrugged. "Li s.h.i.+long? Never heard of him."

Although he did not know who they were, it was obvious to Ye Fei they were master fighters.

This was his first time meeting real martial arts masters since returning to China.

He couldn't help but feel a little excited!

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