Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2085 - 2085 Sixteen, can you flirt with me? Or should I flirt with you instead?

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Chapter 2085 - 2085 Sixteen, can you flirt with me? Or should I flirt with you instead?

2085 Sixteen, can you flirt with me? Or should I flirt with you instead?

Song Shuhang slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, the branches of his wooden body were very dense as they had also been influenced by the path of time. The leaves were working hard to take in carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen and spiritual energy.

One must have the mind to contribute to the world like a big tree.

Devote oneself to the duty wholeheartedly, learn how to endure hards.h.i.+ps, absorb the nutrients in the soil, inhale carbon dioxide, bear sweet fruits, and release fragrant spiritual energy and oxygen.


To make the world a better place, he was even willing to have his branches cut off without complaint!

As Song Shuhang moved, the rustling sound of wind blowing through branches and leaves could be heard.

His head, buried in the branches, seemed to have returned to nature.

As his body swayed, the time-related technique that the Heavenly Emperor had cast on him just so happened to dissipate.

Although Demon Emperor Hezhi’s energy was still pouring into his body, it could no longer threaten him. The intensity of the remaining energy could only be regarded as dessert after a meal, and Song Shuhang could easily consume this energy on his own as long as he continued to use the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯.

The vicious plot of Demon Emperor Hezhi had failed.

If it was not for him wanting to keep a low profile, Song Shuhang would have definitely left a message under Demon Emperor Hezhi’s story.

Low-profile, low-profile. I will record this matter in a small notebook, and when I ascend to the Eighth Stage and get to truly hold a divinity show, I will use it to rend Demon Emperor Hezhi’s heart! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

If he were to rend the other party’s heart by leaving a comment under their stories, only the people in his friend list would be able to see it. Additionally, as most of them were on his side, he wouldn’t feel much satisfaction.

As such, he decided to wait.

When everyone across the universe was watching his real divinity show, he could thank Demon Emperor Hezhi for sending him the peak Tribulation Transcender Realm energy that he received now. At that time, even if Demon Emperor Hezhi was made of steel, his heart would definitely feel as if it had been sliced into countless pieces!

Song Shuhang nodded slightly and said softly, “Sometimes, waiting will allow for the reaping of sweeter fruit.”


“So tired.” The virtuous lamia’s voice sounded next to his ear.

As soon as Song Shuhang raised his head, he saw the virtuous lamia’s exhausted face. Her golden body was now dull and looked like it might collapse at any moment.

“Thank you for your hard work, Fairy.” Song Shuhang thanked the virtuous lamia.

During this incident, the virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation worked nonstop to help him filter the energy transmitted by Demon Emperor Hezhi.

Without them, the balance that had formed in Song Shuhang’s body would not have appeared.

“Hmm.” This time, the lamia was really tired, and she did not even have the strength to make any playful remarks.

As for Fairy Creation, she did not even have the strength to respond and had gone to rest inside his body.

After responding, the virtuous lamia reached out and grabbed the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades, which were floating right beside Song Shuhang.

Then, with one blade in each of her hands, she stabbed her throat and heart.

The twin blades were very sharp, and they easily pierced the virtuous lamia’s body.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

“Aahhh!” The virtuous lamia let out the iconic four-toned scream and fell to the ground.

This time, she was not playing dead.

Her body turned into light of virtue and disappeared.

But soon after, Song Shuhang’s light of virtue began to gather once again.

It was estimated that in ten minutes, a brand new and energetic virtuous lamia would reappear.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Is there anything that death cannot solve?

But when the virtuous lamia died, the atmosphere became very strange.

Song Shuhang said with a cough, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise was too tired, so she decided to reboot her system. She will be back in a while.”

The divine dragon was speechless.

“It looks like I made everyone worry,” said Song Shuhang, his eyes falling on the pet.i.te Sixteen.

Sixteen hugged him and revealed a gentle smile.

She had an especially nice smile today.

This evocative smile made Song Shuhang recall the scene that took place back when he poured “love” into the pseudo-dragon-pearl that corresponded to Sixteen.

He recalled the flirtatious Sixteen sitting next to him in the scene.

Yes, it’s the same feeling.

At this moment, Sixteen smiled just like the Sixteen that had been sitting next to him back then.

“Sixteen,” Song Shuhang said, “can you flirt with me?”

He wanted to see what the real Sixteen would look like when she was teasing someone.

He remembered that in the scenario produced by the pseudo-dragon-pearl, the Sixteen that had been sitting next to him said that the Sixteen in the real world was too shy and did not know how to flirt, but Song Shuhang disagreed.

Sixteen had even legdon’d1 him in the past, although he was seated when it happened.

Moreover, those who were shy also had their own means of flirting or teasing others.

The divine dragon was, again, speechless.

He glanced at Song Shuhang’s steel-covered face. As expected of a face made of steel, he could say such shameless words so frankly!

While you aren’t ashamed at all, that doesn’t mean that others can’t feel second-hand embarra.s.sment, okay?

“Ahem!” Song Shuhang seemed to have realized that he said something inappropriate. He was asking a girl to flirt with him in broad daylight. It seemed that it was neither the right time nor place for such a thing!

“Uh, how about I flirt with you instead?” So Song Shuhang tried to make amends.

With his face covered in steel, he was not afraid of losing face.

Sister White Dragon’s small dragon claws moved to cover her eyes.

Sixteen quietly crossed her arms and looked at Song Shuhang.

“Sixteen, you have a really beautiful smile today.” Song Shuhang stood up and approached Sixteen. “Can you help trim my branches for me?”

Sixteen lowered her head and grabbed the dagger hanging at her waist.

As she lowered her head, Song Shuhang stretched out his arm and gently lifted her chin.

He recalled how the flirtatious Sixteen looked at him in the scenario produced by the pseudo-dragon-pearl. He used that same gaze to look at Sixteen now.

However, his branches were very lush, and they could easily obstruct the sight of the people looking at him.

Song Shuhang’s gaze was focused on Sixteen’s lips. He couldn’t help but compare the real Sixteen’s lips with the Sixteen who asked for a kiss in the illusion.

Sixteen coughed softly and said, “Stop, stop flirting with me. I’m White Dragon.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“To be honest, I really can’t bear to look at your provocative branches. I feel like I could burst out laughing at any time, but as laughing would hurt your self-esteem, I have to endure.” Sixteen gently patted Song Shuhang before pointing to White Dragon, who was beside her. “That’s Sixteen.”

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

White Dragon, still covering her eyes, explained, “We used the Silver Trigram masks that Senior White dug up a while back.”

One face, one life. One life, one experience.

Put on a mask, a different face, and experience another life.

The disguising technique of the metal trigram clan was truly an evil cheat code.

[Beep~ Do you want to move your Close Friend Immortal Master Copper Trigram to the blacklist? Y/N.]

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