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4300 The Sword Dao Prodigy

Over the past twenty years, there was no doubt that Duan Ling Tian was the most famous person in the advanced chaotic region. Not even intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds were as famous as him, let alone rudimentary Supreme G.o.ds.

Duan Ling Tian monopolized all the multi-person secret realms he entered. Even if it was a deca-secret realm, he plundered all the rewards and treasures.

There were rumors that even prodigious rudimentary Supreme G.o.ds, who were capable of defeating ordinary intermediate Supreme G.o.ds, did not dare to defy Duan Ling Tian when they met him in a secret realm.


When Duan Ling Tian became famous in the advanced chaotic region, an advanced Emperor of G.o.ds skilled in the Sword Dao was gaining fame as well. However, no one knew he was. Although many advanced Emperors of G.o.ds had met him, they did not recognize him.

“Did you hear? There’s a shockingly strong advanced Emperor of G.o.ds who’s imitating Duan Ling Tian’s way of doing things. He prohibited others from making a move in multi-person secret realms and gained a lot of chaotic points.”

“There’s an advanced Emperor of G.o.ds like that?”

“Where did this monstrous prodigy come from?”

“Even if he’s imitating Duan Ling Tian, the fact that he’s successful in doing so proves that he’s invincible among advanced Emperors of G.o.ds…”

“I heard that a famous and prodigious advanced Emperor of G.o.ds from the Scaling River Land, who managed to kill a rudimentary Supreme G.o.d, refused to give in to his domineering behavior. As a result, that person from the Scaling River Land was defeated with just a strike of the sword!”

“He’s a sword cultivator as well?”

“Yes! Similar to Duan Ling Tian, he has also comprehended the Sword Dao. According to those who had seen him in action, his Sword Dao is possibly stronger than that of Duan Ling Tian!”

“He must be a Sword Dao prodigy!”

“No one knows who he is… It’s said that he’s a reclusive powerhouse…”

“I heard that he killed a descendant of a supreme powerhouse recently. To be precise, the person he killed was the beloved great-grandson of a supreme powerhouse. That person was an advanced Emperor of G.o.ds who wasn’t even three thousand years old, and his talent was considered to be at the top…”

“Wouldn’t someone like that possess a life-saving jade token?”

“Yes. Indeed, he possessed a life-saving jade token that could summon the manifestation of a supreme powerhouse. However, before he could use it, that person killed him!”


“Isn’t he too terrifying?”

The person who died was a descendant of a supreme powerhouse. He was highly favored by the supreme powerhouse and even possessed a life-saving jade token. Needless to say, his death stirred up a commotion.

When the supreme powerhouse, whose descendant died, received news, he was naturally furious. Even supreme powerhouses were exempt from emotions and desires. As soon as he found out about the death of his descendant, he quickly issued an order.

“Find the person who killed my great-grandson and kill him! Whoever manages to kill him will be rewarded with five fragments of prime divine artifacts and ten drops of supreme powerhouse’s Divine Energy!”

Naturally, the order was issued to those within the supreme powerhouse’s circle. The order was pa.s.sed down to his subordinates and to his subordinates’ subordinates and descendants. They were mostly intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds.

The supreme powerhouse naturally could not publicly issue such an order. He had to preserve his pride and reputation, after all. It would be detrimental to him if people found out that he spent so much just to kill the person who killed his great-grandson.

After the order was issued, there was an influx of intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds in the advanced chaotic region who inquired about the whereabouts of the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds who recently became famous and was skilled in the Sword Dao.

It did not take long before news began to spread again.

“It seems like someone’s trying to avenge that descendant of a supreme powerhouse!”

“Perhaps, that supreme powerhouse ordered people to deal with that person? Recently, many people have been inquiring about his whereabouts!”

“That’s unlikely, right? Supreme powerhouses are lofty and aloof. How can a supreme powerhouse deign to deal with an advanced Emperor of G.o.ds? In my opinion, those people who have been asking around must be trying to curry favor with that supreme powerhouse.”

“I agree!”

Although many people heard that a group of intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds was looking for the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds in the advanced chaotic region, most of them did not think that it was the work of the supreme powerhouse.

Only other supreme powerhouses knew that it was an order from the supreme powerhouse whose descendant died.

The advanced chaotic region was vast, and it was divided into a few areas. Each area had two supreme powerhouses overseeing it.

At this time, an old man came to the cultivation ground of a young man and complained, “Old He is getting more and more childish and petty. It was his great-grandson’s fault for not being strong enough, but he still insists on avenging his great-grandson. Most importantly, that person who killed his great-grandson has the potential of becoming a pillar of our G.o.d Defying World!”

Upon hearing the old man’s complaint, the young man’s gaze suddenly sharpened. “Old He? You’re talking about the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds who killed Old He’s great-grandson some time ago?”

The old man nodded. “That’s right. Currently, many intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds are looking for him. They want his life. I can’t believe Old He did such a thing. He’s just bullying that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds because that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds doesn’t have a strong background. I heard that the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds uses doppelgangers so there’s no doubt that he’s from the lower realms. It’s said that he was a sectless cultivator from the lower realms. For him to be able to climb so high up, he’s definitely a monstrous prodigy. He’s no worse than the members of the Myriad Laws Academy’s Inner Palace faction in the Profound Energy Land.”

The old man shook his head with a regretful expression on his face at the end of his words. In the next moment, he watched in shock as the usually indifferent young man scoffed coldly before turning into a sword ray and leaving.

“Huh? What’s going on?” the old man muttered, baffled.

After a moment, a thought appeared in the old man’s mind, and his eyes widened. “Could it be… No… Is he…”

The old man finally recalled the young man’s junior brother, whom the young man spoke of previously. The young man’s junior brother came from the lower realm and was also highly skilled in the Sword Dao.

‘If that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds is his junior brother… He… Is he going to settle accounts with Old He?’

The old man’s eyes brightened when this thought appeared in his mind.

‘It seems like there’s going to be a bloodbath this time. Old He is in trouble now… I’m going to watch the show!’

The old man vanished into a puff of green smoke, leaving no trace behind.

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