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4301 Zhuge Han Ming

In the G.o.d Defying World, supreme powerhouses had their own territories, and they were known as ‘supreme powerhouse domain’.

The supreme powerhouse domain evolved from the Little World in a supreme powerhouse’s body. The Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy was abundant in the domain, and there was also a Divine Tree of Life in the domain. The vital energy from the Divine Tree of Life nurtured all things.

He Tian Fang, a supreme powerhouse, usually meditated in his supreme powerhouse domain. He rarely went back to his clan in the Realm of G.o.ds. After all, the Realm of G.o.d where his clan was located was the supreme powerhouse domain of another supreme powerhouse. Needless to say, it was more beneficial for him to meditate and cultivate in his own domain.

At this time, He Tian Fang was meditating as usual. Although he was affected by the death of his beloved great-grandson, he was not greatly affected. After all, he had many great-grandsons. Although he had valued his great-grandson a lot, nothing could be done now that his great-grandson was dead.


He Tian Fang had lived for nearly 100,000 years, and he had long grown indifferent to death. Over the past 100,000 years, let alone one great-grandson, he had lost many of his sons.

“Who is it?!”

Suddenly, the expression of He Tian Fang, who was meditating, changed. In the next moment, he vanished into thin air and reappeared at the other end of his domain.

A sword ray pierced through the sky, causing the void to shake violently before two terrifying dark holes appeared. Following that, a young man appeared.

He Tian Fang’s expression was extremely dark when he saw the young man. He said indignantly, “Zhuge Han Ming! What’s the meaning of this? You barged into my domain and damaged it! Do you think I’m a pushover?”

Just like He Tian Fang, Zhuge Han Ming was a supreme powerhouse. However, strength-wise, Zhuge Han Ming, who was He Tian Fang’s junior, was stronger.

He Tian Fang was from the same generation as Zhuge Han Ming’s father, Zhuge Wen Dao the Aeon Sword. He and Zhuge Wen Dao became supreme powerhouses in the same era, but he was nowhere as strong as Zhuge Wen Dao.

In the past, Zhuge Wen Dao was among the strongest supreme powerhouses in the G.o.d Defying World. In fact, he could be considered the strongest supreme powerhouse in the G.o.d Defying World.

Zhuge Wen Dao’s son, Zhuge Han Ming, naturally became a supreme powerhouse much later on, but Zhuge Han Ming was highly talented. Not long after becoming a supreme powerhouse, Zhuge Han Ming had once sparred with He Tian Fang. At that time, the fight ended in a draw. Later on, He Tian Fang heard that Zhuge Han Ming had a breakthrough. As such, He Tian Fang knew that he was no longer a match for Zhuge Han Ming.

Previously, He Tian Feng and Zhuge Han Ming were not very close. However, they saw each other often, and when they met, they would greet each other with a smile. As such, He Tian Fang did not understand why Zhuge Han Ming forcefully broke into his domain and damaged his domain today. This act was a great humiliation to him.

Meanwhile, Zhuge Han Ming hovered in the air and looked at the gray-haired He Tian Fang as he said indifferently, “He Tian Fang. You should know that I, Zhuge Han Ming, am not one to cause trouble for no reason.”

Upon hearing these words, He Tian Fang’s eyes narrowed slightly. Indeed, Zhuge Han Ming had a good reputation and was not one to cause trouble. There had to be a reason for Zhuge Han Ming’s actions today. With this in mind, his expression eased a lot, and he said, “Zhuge Han Ming, then tell me why did you come to my domain today? Is there any misunderstanding between us?”

Now that He Tian Fang calmed down, he knew that Zhuge Han Ming must have come looking for him for a reason. Something must have happened that roused Zhuge Han Ming’s anger. However, he really could not figure out what he had done to provoke Zhuge Han Ming.

Naturally, He Tian Fang did not think about the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds who killed his great-grandson. After all, the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds was from the lower realm. As such, he did not think the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds had any connections with Zhuge Han Ming, a supreme powerhouse.

Zhuge Han Ming raised an eyebrow slightly and said, “A misunderstanding? He Tian Fang, I came to your domain to tell you what’s going on. Your men are searching for my junior brother in the advanced chaotic region with the intention to kill him. What do you have to say about that? You’re really heavy-handed. You actually sent a group of intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds to go after an advanced Emperor of G.o.ds.”

Realization finally dawned on He Tian Fang, and his expression changed drastically.

‘That advanced Emperor of G.o.ds is Zhuge Han Ming’s junior brother?! How’s this possible?!’

Based on what He Tian Feng knew, Zhuge Han Ming did not acknowledge a master. Perhaps, his late father could be considered his master. However, his father died many years ago and did not leave behind any junior disciples. As such, Zhuge Han Ming only had senior brothers and sisters. However, even then, most of them had perished in the Outer Boundary.

He Tian Fang inhaled deeply before he asked, “You’re saying that the person who killed my great-grandson is your junior brother? When did you have such a junior brother?”

He Tian Fang was truly puzzled. He could not help but wonder if Zhuge Han Ming had made a mistake.

“He entered my father’s domain and inherited my father’s Aeon Sword legacy. What do you think?” Zhuge Han Ming said as he stared at He Tian Fang with a piercing gaze. Although he spoke calmly, a hint of coldness could be heard.

Realization dawned on He Tian Fang again. As it turned out, that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds who killed his great-grandson had such a strong background. Who would have expected that the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds inherited Zhuge Wen Dao’s legacy, the Aeon Sword legacy?

At this moment, an old man suddenly appeared next to Zhuge Han Ming. He shook his head and said to He Tian Fang meaningfully, “He Tian Fang, you’ve gone overboard in this matter. If we bring this up during the meeting, do you think we won’t be able to find traces that lead back to you even if your men don’t speak? You should know what it means that he’s the successor of the Aeon Sword. There are still a few supreme powerhouses in the G.o.d Defying World who owe their lives to the Aeon Sword!”

He Tian Fang’s eyes widened after listening to the old man’s reminder. He quickly cupped his hands together at the old man and said, “Thank you for your reminder, Brother Wen.”

Then, He Tian Fang turned to look at Zhuge Han Ming and said, “I’ll deal with this matter immediately. I’ll order my men to stop looking for your junior brother immediately. In addition to that, I’ll make sure to compensate your junior brother, and the compensation will be to your satisfaction.”

As much as He Tian Fang valued his great-grandson, his great-grandson was dead. He did not want to offend Zhuge Han Ming for a dead person. Not only that, but he also risked offending several other supreme powerhouses who owed their lives to Zhuge Wen Dao, the Aeon Sword.

Although those few supreme powerhouses seemed like they did not have much interaction with Zhuge Han Ming, there was no doubt that they would step forward to support Zhuge Han Ming if something were to happen.

For this reason, He Tian Fang knew he had to retreat. It was useless for him to deny that he was behind the matter. After all, as the old man said, he would not be able to cover it up. Moreover, it was not beneficial for him to drag this matter out.

If this matter was brought up during the meeting, he would either get away with it or he would be punished. However, even if he got away with it, he would still have to deal with Zhuge Han Ming. As such, he decided to own up to it and make up for his mistake.

“Very well,” Zhuge Han Ming said with a nod. He was not one to take a mile when given an inch so he easily agreed to He Tian Fang’s words.

After a brief moment, Zhuge Han Ming added, “I don’t want my junior brother to know about me for the time being. If you’re going to compensate him, pa.s.s it to me, and I’ll find a way to give it to him…”

“Alright.” He Tian Fang nodded. He naturally knew that Zhuge Han Ming wanted to train his junior brother and that Zhuge Han Ming was worried his junior brother would become complacent after realizing he had such great support.

He Tian Fang was slightly startled by this realization. ‘It seems like that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds is another potential supreme powerhouse…’

With this thought in mind, He Tian Fang decided to compensate the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds greatly to show his sincerity.

In the advanced chaotic region.

The group of intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds soon received He Tian Fang’s order and stopped their search for the advanced Emperor of G.o.ds.

“So we’re really giving up on the search?”

Someone scoffed. “We’ve been ordered not to provoke that person. I heard that a supreme powerhouse stepped forward to protect him…”

“Well, only another supreme powerhouse could do this…”

“I didn’t expect a person from the lower realm would have the support of a supreme powerhouse.”

“Do you think that person would be able to make it this far if he was a n.o.body? Let me tell you, that monstrous prodigy, Duan Ling Tian, likely has the support of a supreme powerhouse as well…”

“Put aside that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds, I don’t think Duan Ling Tian has the support of a supreme powerhouse. Back then, if Ning Yi Xuan didn’t appear, Duan Ling Tian would have died.”

In the end, the group of intermediate and advanced Supreme G.o.ds had to leave even if they were a little reluctant. After all, not only would they not be rewarded now, but they would be severely punished if they dared to make a move on that advanced Emperor of G.o.ds.

A supreme powerhouse had stepped forwards, and their superior had also given an order. They would be courting death if they went against the order now.

Meanwhile, Duan Ling Tian was unaware that his master, Feng Qing Yang, had just escaped from a dangerous situation.

Needless to say, even Feng Qing Yang, who was doing all the work in a secret realm, was unaware of this matter.

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