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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The creature was cosplaying a hill perfectly!

Mo Fan suddenly felt like his heart was about to collapse as he faced the Mountain t.i.tan that had shown up all of a sudden!

"That b**ch, why does she always have to set me up!" Mo Fan ran for his life. He basically used everything he had.

Blood Tabi, Dark n.o.ble Mantle, Fleeing Shadow, Rocket Wings, Mo Fan had never run so fast before, but regardless of how fast he was, it only took the Mountain t.i.tan a few steps to catch up to him. His heart started to pound even more heavily.

Luckily, the hill… er, the G.o.dd.a.m.ned gigantic creature was only three kilometers away from the territory of the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures. Mo Fan soon reached his destination. If it were any further, the creature would surely have caught up to him!

"Over here, quick!" Asha'ruiya yelled at Mo Fan, while standing in a black circle.

Mo Fan sprinted into the black circle. As soon as he stepped into the magic circle, it suddenly sprang up like a wall. With a flicker of magic, Mo Fan could feel that the presence of him, Asha'ruiya, and the stone had completely vanished.

Without their magical presence, Mo Fan and Asha'ruiya were as insignificant as tiny little animals to the powerful creatures.It was like a pedestrian walking down the street while totally ignoring the ants and little bugs by their feet!

The Wind Flame Lightning Vultures immediately woke up when they sensed the threatening aura of the Mountain t.i.tan. There were nine of them in total, each twice the size of a mature lion. They looked rather imperious when they spread their wings out.

The creatures were lining up in a row in the air, staring at the Mountain t.i.tan that had intruded upon their territory. Their feathers were shrouded by wind and spouting flames. The wind and flames combined into nine fiery tornadoes rising into the sky. The spectacular sight was visible more than ten kilometers away.

Mo Fan gasped when he saw the burning tornadoes. The Wind Flame Lightning Vultures were stronger than he had imagined. He was no longer confident enough to think that he could take on a Wind Flame Lightning Vulture by himself.

The Mountain t.i.tan stood proudly. Half of its body was as straight as a mountain. It uttered a roar to alert the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures that it had come for the human that had escaped into their territory!

A Wind Flame Lightning Vulture with lightning surging across its body turned out to be their leader, having finished cultivating all three Elements. It was quite displeased by the Mountain t.i.tan's demand!

Mo Fan's presence was concealed by Asha'ruiya's Dark Formation. As such, he was no different than a little animal. The Wind Flame Lightning Vultures would simply ignore him, even if they saw him.

If an infamous tyrant suddenly came to your house at midnight and told you that he was chasing after a detestable ant in a serious manner, would you believe him either?

One of the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures let out a cry that basically meant, See, I told you that this guy has been eyeing our treasure for a long time!

The Mountain t.i.tan was immediately enraged. The biggest difference between demon creatures and humans was that the former would easily start a battle of life and death over the slightest conflict. They never had the patience to sit down and talk peacefully about such matters. As such, it was extremely important to be civilized, to avoid being played like a fiddle!

The Mountain t.i.tan was not something that would bother explaining itself verbally. It had been the ruler of Mount Tyrant for many years. Since its territory was huge, it was already kind enough not asking the vultures that had moved to the mountain to pay tribute. To its surprise, these vultures totally a.s.sumed the place was their territory and even acted recklessly before it!

It seemed these vultures insisted on protecting the human. The Mountain t.i.tan was not fussy about starting a fight. It was necessary to teach these imbeciles a lesson, and let them know who the real boss was here at the mountain!

The nine Wind Flame Lightning Vultures were all in their final phase before evolving to their next form, and as such they were incredibly sensitive to anyone that tried to disturb their lightning cultivation ground. They immediately risked their lives to fend off the Mountain t.i.tan!

The battle started instantly, and since the creatures were fairly high-level, half the mountain was trembling as they went to it!

The Mountain t.i.tan was absolutely gigantic. Any other little hill would be shattered by pieces by the Commander-level vultures by now. It was not too difficult for a Commander-level creature to destroy an entire mountain!

"Stop watching, we have some business to do," Asha'ruiya reminded how when she saw how drawn in Mo Fan was.

Mo Fan and Asha'ruiya moved stealthily toward the mountain crack. It was obvious that Asha'ruiya had come prepared. She took out a half-oval stone and pointed its tip at the lightning arcs flickering in the crack.

The lightning arcs started to surge toward the half-oval stone, as if they were being drawn into it.

"Oh right, give me back the Stone of Guilt," Asha'ruiya said seriously.

Mo Fan gave the stone back to her. Mo Fan was no kind person, but still, Asha'ruiya now had an extra side to her: a thief!

"Why would the Mountain t.i.tan chase after the stone so aggressively, like a mad dog?" Mo Fan asked.

"How bad is your memory? Didn't I tell you that the Mountain t.i.tans used to be mystical beings of ancient Europe, and they were defeated and driven away by the Parthenon Temple? The stone is a symbol of the Parthenon Temple! The humiliation that the t.i.tans went through was implanted in the mind of every descendant like a stigma!" Asha'ruiya snorted.

"Oh, but I still don't understand, did you already plan to come here right at the beginning? Otherwise, why would you go and steal the stone?" Mo Fan asked.

"I need the stone for something else. Using it to lure the Mountain t.i.tan was only an idea I just came up with. The eight hundred and fifty million you spent was extremely worth it, as you are able to acquire something that countless Lightning Mages have dreamed of without even needing to do anything!" Asha'ruiya informed him.

"What did you mean I didn't do anything..." Mo Fan was about to explain himself when his attention was caught by a lightning orb.

The crack was so narrow that it was impossible for two adult men to cross paths. The moonlight entering the crack at a slanted angle only lit up the upper part of the walls. The lower part was lit up because of the lightning orb.

The lightning orb was smaller than a person's fist. For some reason, it did not look like some lifeless object, but an alive, little creature hiding in the crack. When it saw someone getting closer, it immediately unleashed stronger lightning arcs!.

However, every lightning arc it unleashed was absorbed by the stone that Asha'ruiya had prepared. The orb was like a little porcupine whose spikes had been all plucked off.

"Go ahead, see if it is willing to accept you," Asha'ruiya said.

"Huh, will it not accept me?" Mo Fan was confused.

"A Spirit-grade Seed has a certain level of intelligence, and a Soul-grade Seed has its own consciousness. They are like Summoned Beasts, something that Mages have to communicate with in order for them to reach a deal. If the Soul-grade Seed does not acknowledge you, you will never be able to obtain its power," Asha'ruiya informed him.

"It seems like there's nothing you don't know!" Mo Fan smacked his lips.

"I a.s.sume you are calling me knowledgeable!" Asha'ruiya laughed.

"Excuse me..."

The crack was extremely narrow, so narrow that it was impossible for the two to move side-by-side.

Initially, Mo Fan thought he would not have any problem crossing considering how slender Asha'ruiya was. However, Mo Fan had totally underestimated Asha'ruiya's cup size. When he tried to move past her, he could feel a sudden blood rush after feeling the bouncy touch. As such, he was supposed to get past easily, but he ended up being caught in a little accident...

"Phew~" Mo Fan breathed heavily, his body was scorching hot.

Asha'ruiya was embarra.s.sed too. She lowered her head slightly. Her face turned extremely red and her breathing intensified.

"Err, you should turn around, or I won't be able to move past you," he said with an awkward expression, blus.h.i.+ng too.

Mo Fan moved back slightly and waited until Asha'ruiya had turned around to face the wall.

As she leaned against the wall, her slender waist and back did not take up much s.p.a.ce, but her firm bottom immediately stuck out in front of Mo Fan. He could already feel the blood running in his nose, as his mind was fully occupied with the imagination of him grabbing the woman's waist with both hands!

"Go on!" Asha'ruiya snapped, yet to Mo Fan, it sounded as if she was looking forward to it.

Mo Fan was sticking his back to the other wall, yet he was still having trouble pa.s.sing her. It eventually turned into another accident. Somehow, something as insignificant as changing places had turned into a wild, peculiar situation with sweat pouring down like rain. After all, since Asha'ruiya was sticking close to the wall, it was easier for Mo Fan's upper body to move past her. Unfortunately, Mo Fan had increased the difficulty of moving past the woman with his lower body. In the end, Mo Fan and little Mo Fan had to force their way through the tiny s.p.a.ce available.

He made it at last!

Despite Asha'ruiya's appearance of a saintess and her other-worldly temperament, she did not seem to be too obsessed with avoiding accidental touches with men like the women in most novels and television dramas. It took Mo Fan by surprise, as even an open-minded women would not be pleased with the encounter.

Asha'ruiya did not show any reaction. She seemed rather calm, apart from the redness on her face that was slowly disappearing.

Mo Fan did not cross the line just because she was not enraged. He did admit that the touches were not just purely accidental...

He quickly placed his attention on the Lightning Tyrant, since he was also extremely interested in it.


Asha'ruiya stood behind Mo Fan. She was staring at the man who had placed his full attention on the Lightning Tyrant, his face expressionless.

In order to prevent the Mountain t.i.tan and the Wind Flame Lightning Vultures from noticing their presence, the Dark Formation was still active. On top of that, they had to restrain themselves from using any active magic, as the energy ripples would immediately expose them. Otherwise, Mo Fan could easily use the Fleeing Shadow to move forward...

After hesitating for a long time, Asha'ruiya gave up the thought of withdrawing the Dark Formation's coverage from Mo Fan.

"He is still useful to me, he is still useful to me, he is still useful to me..."

Asha'ruiya took a deep breath. Her chest pulsated heavily as she kept repeating the same words under her breath, as if she was trying to remind herself to be rational and forgiving… she was definitely not in a rush to slaughter this jerk who dared rub his filthy little toy against her bottom!

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