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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Mo Fan, you're not in luck; there doesn't seem to be any defensive equipment that suits you right now," Dean Xiao's voice came from behind him.

Mo Fan headed toward Dean Xiao and saw him holding a piece of magic Equipment that resembled a gauntlet. It had three parts, and looked extremely cool!

"What is this?" Mo Fan had never seen a gauntlet-type defensive magic Equipment.

"It's the Hand of Silent Thunder, a very special magical device. It's not necessarily a defensive magic Equipment, since it's not going to nullify or weaken attacks for you," Dean Xiao told him.

"Huh? What can it even do then?" Mo Fan was left speechless. Why would he need a piece of defensive Equipment that couldn't defend him!?

"Be patient and listen to me. It's basically useless to many people, but it's extremely useful for you. Even though it can't be used for defensive purposes, it has a remarkable power; the ability to transform the Element of the attacks that the bearer is receiving to other Elements. You can think of it as an Element Transformer at a ratio of one to one," Dean Xiao said.

Changing the Element of spells targeting him without weakening them...

"Dean Xiao, are you being serious now? If it doesn't weaken the attacks, what's the use of changing their Element? If someone's Wind Spell is strong enough to kill me, wouldn't it kill me still if it's changed into the Light Element?" Mo Fan said.

"Yeah, the damage remains the same. You're still going to die if you change the Wind Element to the Light Element, but what if you turn it into the Lightning Element?" Dean Xiao asked him sternly.

Mo Fan was startled.

-F**k me! It's a f**king gem! This thing is a f**king gem!-

Mo Fan had extraordinary Lightning Resistance, especially after obtaining the Lightning Tyrant. He did not even need to dodge the attacks from ordinary Spirit-grade Seeds.

If an Advanced Light Spell landed right on Mo Fan when he did not have any protection, it would inflict serious harm on him. However, he would be perfectly fine if it was an Advanced Lightning Spell!

"Can this Hand of Silent Thunder really turn other Elements into the Lightning Element?" Mo Fan asked excitedly.

Dean Xiao nodded with a smile, "Which is why I say this thing is useless to others, but priceless to you! I clearly remember that you were able to defeat Zorro, the strongest genius from England, by abusing your Lightning Resistance!"

Mo Fan nodded in agreement. Without the Lightning Tyrant's ability to absorb lightning and his Lightning Resistance, he had no chance of defeating Zorro. He only managed to defeat him after multiplying the damage of the Sky Lightning Claw at least fivefold. Mo Fan would never forget how destructive it was!

"It was not a piece of defensive equipment, but if it's able to transform the Element of spells to Lightning , it's the best defensive equipment that you could ever hope for," Dean Xiao said.

"HAHAHA, thanks, Dean Xiao!" Mo Fan gladly accepted the gift.

It was better than he could have imagined! Mo Fan was very satisfied with it. He decisively established the spiritual link with the Hand of Silent Thunder.

"Do you want to try it out?" Dean Xiao asked.

"Sure!" Mo Fan nodded.

"Try it somewhere else, this isn't your home!" Professor s.h.i.+ snapped in displeasure.


Mo Fan and Dean Xiao went to the training ground. Dean Xiao cast a Rolling Wave at Mo Fan, a typical Water Spell.

Mo Fan did not defend himself, and activated the Hand of Silent Thunder. A blurry purple outline resembling a hand of lightning surrounded Mo Fan. The Rolling Wave disappeared as soon as it reached the purple outline. The next second, the s.h.i.+eld formed by the Hand of Silent Thunder fired a series of lightning strikes at Mo Fan.

The Lightning was incredibly powerful. Mo Fan had no clue what tier Dean Xiao's Rolling Wave was. However, he could feel a burning sensation from the lightning.

"Lightning Tyrant Domain!" Mo Fan unleashed his Domain and absorbed the lightning targeting him.

The lightning arcs surged wildly over Mo Fan, but soon vanished within his Domain. Mo Fan flipped his hand and tossed a strengthened Lightning Strike at the training dummy nearby!

The training dummy turned into ashes instantly. It clearly could not withstand Mo Fan's extraordinary power!

"Not bad, not bad! It's brilliant!" Mo Fan had a very happy face.

"Use it wisely, it can only activate once. It needs time for its energy to replenish. Use it as your final resort," Dean Xiao reminded.

"I understand!" Mo Fan nodded. He knew he could treat it as a trump card, especially when he was up against enemies who were stronger than him!



Mo Fan was in a great mood after receiving the gift.

Mo Fan hummed pleasantly on his way home. He was surprised to discover a pair of heels at the entrance. He could imagine the tender smooth legs of their owner just by looking at the tiny crystalline shoes...

Mo Fan went inside, wondering who was paying him a visit. It was definitely not Mu Nujiao and Ai Tutu, since they always placed their shoes inside.

Mo Fan picked up a unique scent as soon as he went inside. There was indeed a woman visitor. If only he could recognize women just by picking up their scent, he would be able to say the name of the woman before seeing her. It would surely pull the strings of her heart!...

"Mo Fan, what are you doing?" Ai Tutu asked in confusion.

"Oh, oh, nothing, I'm just wondering who it is... Oh, Xuexue, I knew it was you. HAHAHA, no wonder I was in such a good mood on my way here!" Mo Fan's smile widened as soon as he saw Mu Ningxue.

However, he was feeling a little awkward too. He was thinking of recognizing women just by picking up their scent, but he could not even tell the scent of his Big Wife. He clearly had no talent in that area.

Mu Ningxue was drinking a cup of tea. She looked at Mo Fan and poured a cup of tea for him, too. She placed the cup opposite her, signaling Mo Fan to sit down. She had something to talk to him about.

Mu Ningxue had indeed come to talk to Mo Fan. She needed his help!

To her surprise, the shameless man simply sat beside her and stuck very closely to her. He picked up Mu Ningxue's cup and emptied it in one gulp.

He had no idea how expensive the tea was. Mu Ningxue had purposely brought it to share with Mu Nujiao and Ai Tutu. The two were slowly enjoying the delicate tea, yet Mo Fan just gulped it down to quench his thirst. He even took his bottle and poured the rest of the tea into it...

After becoming aware of the cold look from the others, Mo Fan finally realized that he had wasted the exquisite tea. He chuckled awkwardly and asked, "How is your clan doing?"

"We have a problem," Mu Ningxue said.

"So you need my help?" Mo Fan smiled.

"Yeah, I just bought some land. The Magic a.s.sociation recently evaluated it, and they say we aren't allowed to use it as a private property of the clan," Mu Ningxue said.

A clan had to have their own land. Having a few houses in the city was just a parvenu instead of a magic clan, let alone a renowned clan.

Mu Ningxue had basically started from scratch. The clan needed time to grow; it would not take only a day or two to become a renowned clan.

"Should I go and beat the c.r.a.p out of the people that evaluated it?" Mo Fan asked.

Mu Ningxue rolled her eyes and said, "Someone was pulling the strings and tricking us. We never knew the Magic a.s.sociation had marked the land gray just before we bought it."

"So someone set you up?" Mo Fan's eyes widened.

Mu Ningxue shook her head and said, "Not really, the land didn't cost much. It's all we got. It actually has a great potential. If we can fix the problem, the land will be worth even more than the price we bought it for. It's perfect for our development, too!"

"I'll go to the Magic a.s.sociation with you. Let's see what they have to say," Mo Fan said.

"Mm, I'll need your help with it. If there really is any problem with the land, we'll just give it up," Mu Ningxue nodded.

"Humph, if they are doing it on purpose, I'll beat the teeth out of the people responsible for it. They are asking for a death wish by messing with my woman. Why didn't they ask how the Enforcement Union at Beiyu Mountain went down?" Mo Fan said.

"Should I ask my family to help you, too? It's not a huge problem. You just need to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with the person in charge at the Magic a.s.sociation. We do have some people that know what to do in our clan. You should be able to get it done quickly," Mu Nujiao said.

Mu Ningxue shook her head, "We should do it ourselves. The evaluation report does have a valid reason why the land is dangerous to be used by the clan."

"Sure, just tell me if you need any help," Mu Nujiao said.

The Magic a.s.sociation was in charge of a lot of things. A clan basically had to get their permission when it came to setting up their territory, getting Awakening Stones, reporting their numbers and resources, paying taxes, and a whole other bunch of stuff. None of it was Mo Fan's concern. Only Mu Ningxue, who was eager to set up her own clan had the patience to deal with all of them...

Luckily, Mu Ningxue was not in charge of everything, either. She only had to attend serious matters like this.

"The Magic a.s.sociation has an Evaluation Committee?" Mo Fan asked.

"Since when does a person that solely focuses on your cultivation and hunting demon creatures spend any time with the Magic a.s.sociation?" Mu Nujiao said.

"You're right, HAHA! I only went to the Magic a.s.sociation when I first reached the Intermediate Level to Awaken new Elements. I think it was my last time there. I really should develop a better relations.h.i.+p with them. I heard they are in charge of almost everything."

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