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Chapter 191: Injuries (2)

His words caused quite a few to begin moving, cheering as they ran!

The things that Gong Jue did had long spread throughout Xi Zhou. If it weren't for him, they might've already been ambushed by Lou Ye. It was all thanks to him that they weren't ma.s.sacred!

However, before the troops could even open the gates, Gong Jue kicked it open!

At this time, his eyes were red and his black hair swayed freely in the air. He looked like a devil as he held a person!

"Doctor! Where's the doctor?!"

Before the soldiers could even cheer, they were scared silent by Gong Jue's appearance!

In the past, Gong Jue was always humble and approachable. They had never seen Gong Jue like this before. When his eyes swept past them, they felt like they were cut by blades!

"The doctor is in the medical wing…"

At this time, where would the doctor be if not in the medical wing?

Gong Jue didn't reply and immediately ran towards the medical wing! He must get there in time! Nothing must happen to Sister Gong!

When the door was suddenly kicked open, the doctor frowned in dissatisfaction. However, upon seeing Gong Jue, his expression quickly faded. Before he could say anything, the prince hurriedly carried Gong Yi Mo over to the hospital bed.

"Save her!"

Shocked by the young man's urgency, the doctor quickly glanced at the patient on the bed. The young girl appeared very weak from excessive blood loss.

The doctor touched his beard thoughtfully then shook his head. "Her condition doesn't seem so good…Your Highness–"

The rest of his words were stuck in his throat when he noticed Gong Jue's murderous eyes! Such a terrifying look! Was this really the gaze of a young man rather than a beast?

Gong Jue stared at the doctor without expression, his pale complexion, reddened eyes and ink black hair all created a frightening appearance. But at this moment, his murderous aura was so thick and suffocating that he could kill indiscriminately at any time!

A cold voice slowly spoke, "Save her! Otherwise, I'll make sure everyone in your family will be buried with you!!"

His words were like a magic spell that immediately held the doctor captive. The poor old man trembled, his heart wrought with turmoil. He was certain that if he did not save this patient, the prince would surely fulfil his word.

"Yes– Yes, I must save her! Definitely!"

It was morning at this time. Just as the young man desperately demanded his sister's rescue, Zhen Xi w.a.n.g arrived. Earlier, when Gong Jue had left his side, Zhen Xi w.a.n.g didn't check on the prince's situation since he himself suffered some minor injuries. When he heard that the princess was injured, Zhen Xi w.a.n.g hastily bandaged his wounds and brought over several doctors, hoping to be of some help.

As soon as the doctors came in, they froze in their steps. Gong Jue was standing by the bed like ghost.

Feeling other people's presence, the young man raised his head and locked his gaze on them.

He spoke in a dry, hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Come here and save her, or all of you die!"

Giving a death threat with an expressionless face, he truly appeared murderous! There was no time to reason, they had to obey his orders or die!

Underneath Gong Jue's chilling stare, the many people on the bedside were covered in cold sweat!

Zhen Xi w.a.n.g failed to notice it, and instead comforted the young man.

"Don't be nervous…the princess will be okay!"

However, he didn't hear any response for a long time. As Zhen Xi w.a.n.g glanced down at his grandson, he noticed that the young man's body trembled while looking on coldly.

He wasn't intimidating. No, he was scared. He's afraid.

This thought caused Zhen XI w.a.n.g to take a second look at the little girl in bed. She appeared pale, like a lifeless doll.

"You're right, she's going to be okay." Gong Jue's lips trembled as he emphasized word for word, "Nothing must befall her!"

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 191 - Injuries (2) summary

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