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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 48 Part 1

When Lin Chuyan heard the voice, he instantly released Xiang Nuan and backed away one step.

Xiang Nuan opened her eyes.

Startled, the two of them looked at the direction where the voice came from. They saw Shen Zemu standing there with arms crossed in front of his chest, coldly looking at them.

He looked like a dean of students.

Under his sharp gaze, Xiang Nuan felt guilty for no reason and suddenly felt a lot of pressure. She shrunk her body, put her hands into her pockets, and lowered her head.

Lin Chuyan glanced sideways at her and felt that he wasn't wrong calling her silly.

Shen Zemu said: “Go back and study if you don't want to fail the cla.s.s.”

Xiang Nuan suddenly remembered why she was here in the first place.

She hurried back to the study room.

When pa.s.sing by Shen Zemu on her way to the room, she noticed that he didn't have his jacket on. He was wearing a dark grey cardigan over the white s.h.i.+rt. Though the outfit looked quite good on him, standing in the hallway with a cold breeze blowing seemed……

“Xuezhang, aren't you cold?” Xiang Nuan was concerned.

Certainly he was cold.

But his jacket was on Lin Chuyan.

Lin Chuyan's jacket was still in the study room, but he would rather die than wear Lin Chuyan's jacket.

When they were back inside the room, Shen Zemu pointed at the seat where Lin Chuyan had been sitting as Xiang Nuan was about to go back to her seat: “You sit over here.”


Lin Chuyan's seat was next to the aisle. After Xiang Nuan sat down on it, Shen Zemu sat down next to her. Lin Chuyan was one step too late. By the time he reached that row, the only seat left for him was the one where Shen Zemu had been sitting earlier.

Now Shen Zemu was sitting right in the middle between Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan.

Xiang Nuan thought it probably was for the better. If she were to sit next to Lin Chuyan again, she wouldn't be able to concentrate on her studies.

Finally, they could all study in peace now.

Whenever Xiang Nuan got sleepy, Shen Zemu would lend her his cell phone to play one match of Kings of Glory. Xiang Nuan had to admit that playing games could keep her awake much more effective than drinking coffee. Judging it from this angle, this game carried some positive energy. = =

-- --

After the calculus final, Xiang Nuan felt drained. She decided to go back to the dorm and take a nap, for as long as it lasts.

Min Lili walked beside her, looking at her cell phone while walking. She almost ran into the trees on the curbside, but Xiang Nuan dragged her back just in time.

Min Lili thought about something all of a sudden: “Nuannuan, do you know that there was a ghost in the building where the study rooms are!”

“Wow…...Wait, where? !”

“That building where you studied last night. The bathroom on the 7th floor. I wanted to tell you earlier but I was afraid it would scare you and affect your final.”

The 7th floor was where all the all-nighter study rooms were located, where she had studied the whole night.

Xiang Nuan was uneasy and shook her head forcefully: “It can't be true. You've read too many stories.”

“It's true, it's true. Do you know why it's on the 7th floor? Because 7 is the most negative number and 9 being the most positive one. Therefore, ghosts usually appear at the 7th floor, or 17th, 27th. Oh, right, furthermore, do you know why ghosts like to appear in bathrooms?”


“Because bathrooms are the most negative places in the world.”

Xiang Nuan had gooseb.u.mps: “It's not true, not true, not true!”

“It's real. Someone saw it with his own eyes. He even identified himself, a soph.o.m.ore in Civil Engineering. He said that ghost kept asking him whether he was really a ghost. Looks like the ghost badly wants to be recognized…...Go look at his post on the forum if you don't believe me. It's the hottest post right now.”

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Those Sweet Times Chapter 48 Part1 summary

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