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Chapter 1586: Marrying you off

“Well, it’s a long story. Sit down and rest while I tell you slowly.” The City Lord motioned for him to sit down and proceeded to tell him everything that had happened.

Duan Mubai was silent after he heard what his elder brother had told him. Could she have come to get the Exquisite Seven Colour Flower for the poison on her mother’s body? He wondered how Wanrong was doing now.

“Second Uncle, will you stay at home this time?” Duan Linlin asked.

“No.” Duan Mubai shook his head.

The City Lord was surprised: “Since you’re back, why don’t you stay for a while?”

“Well, something happened in our sect recently. You haven’t received news of it here, but it has spread to other places. Since Father is fine, I will leave tomorrow as Pill Sun Sect is in chaos.”

They had no Master in their Peak and there were still many things that had to be dealt with. Naturally, it was inconvenient for him to stay here. Besides, he was rest a.s.sured with his Father under his elder brother’s care.

“What happened? What news haven’t we received?” The City Lord asked. He had been busy with his Father’s affairs recently and hadn’t bothered much about the news from outside.

“I will tell you about this later. I want to go and see Father first.” He stood up and said.

“Alright, come with me.” The City Lord brought him to their father’s courtyard personally.

As for Duan Linlin, after she watched them leave, she thought for a while and then went to her deaf and mute elder sister’s courtyard. When she arrived at the courtyard, she saw Duan Yingying in a plain dress watering the flowers and plants. She sneered at her happy and relaxed demeanor.

“Still in the mood to water flowers? Oh, yes, you are deaf and mute so you can’t hear what I’m saying.” She deliberately walked in front of her and looked at her with a smile and continued to speak.

Duan Yingying could hear her, but she didn’t speak and just looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“You don’t know do you? Father has arranged a marriage for you and in three day’s time you will be married off quietly. I heard the man is a landlord in the countryside. His family has some wealth, but they are ordinary people and can’t cultivate.”

She didn’t notice that Duan Yingying’s eyes had narrowed after she heard what she said. Her lips were pursed and her hand that was holding the watering can had also tightened its grip. She lowered her head and listened quietly.

“Actually, he is quite a good match for you. You are deaf and mute so it is impossible for you to marry a son from a n.o.ble family, not even the sons from an aristocratic family. Those families wouldn’t want a deaf and mute person like you. You must know, even Father is ashamed of you. Otherwise, why do people on the outside only know of me, the only daughter of the City Lord’s Manor?”

“Well, I came over because I was bored, but you can’t hear anything I’ve said so I’m just wasting my breath.” She glanced at her in disgust then turned and left.

Maybe it was because she was unhappy, that’s why she came to her deaf and mute elder sister’s to show her superiority! When she looked at her and knew that she was unable to hear a single word she had said and that she was oblivious to the fact that she was to be married off in three days, she felt happy.

Knowing that she was to be married off, it meant that she wouldn’t have to look at the face that was identical to hers again.

However, once she had walked out of the courtyard, she stopped. The thought of her marrying a rich countryside land owner made her nauseous, and a crazy idea emerged in her head.

On the other side, in Patriarch Duan’s courtyard, the three father and sons were chatting…

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