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3049 Make A Move

Upon hearing those words, the two disciples couldn’t help but be slightly stunned with a trace of astonishment in their eyes: “Venerable Si Que and Venerable Mu Xin lost? And they acknowledged the winners as their Masters?”

“Yes, it was two against two at the time. So, the two of them acknowledged two Masters.” said the disciple.

“Who… who are those two people?” As everyone knew, Venerable Si Que and Venerable Mu Xin were the most powerful amongst the Venerables in the Immortal Sect. They were Celestial level strong exponents, how could they lose to others?”

“One of them is called Feng Jiu, the other is called Xuanyuan Mo Ze.” That disciple lowered his voice when he spoke. He didn’t dare to call Venerable Si Que and Venerable Mu Xin’s Masters by their names.


“One of them likes to wear red clothes, and the other likes to wear black robes. I heard that the person in red clothes is a woman, and she is also an alchemist of the Venerable Rank. The pair of them came down from the Immortal Ascension Ladder.”

“If they had no one to guide them, they can only reach the strength of peak stage Celestial level on the Immortal Ascension Ladder. If they were able to defeat Venerable Si Que and Venerable Mu Xin, it shows that their strength is extraordinary.” The disciples sighed. They were curious about those two people, but no one had thought that Feng Jiu and the woman in red were the same person. After all, ever since they started following them, they had never heard Feng Jiu being called by her name.

When they came downstairs, they saw that she had finished eating, so they asked: “Senior, when shall we set off?” They had been resting all day, if they travelled by an airs.h.i.+p, they would be able to recuperate on the airs.h.i.+p so they wouldn’t waste any time.

“Are you in a hurry?” Feng Jiu glanced at them.

The disciples were stunned when they heard this, and when they heard the manner in which she spoke to them with, they said: “We are not in a hurry, we just thought that if you wanted to leave, we could pack our things and make arrangements beforehand. If Senior has matters to take care of here, feel free to do so!”

“Who told you I have matters to take care of?” Feng Jiu looked at the man playfully. When she saw that the man was red-faced and nervous, she smiled and said: “Aren’t you injured? Have a good rest here! We haven’t had much rest during our journey, how can we leave after staying only one night in such a good inn?”

Her voice was unhurried and full of smiles and banter: “What’s more, I don’t have to pay for such a good inn, it’s worth it! Why don’t we stay for two more days?”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s mouths twitched. She didn’t want to leave because she was staying at the city’s largest and most expensive inn and she didn’t have to pay for it? What sort of reason was that?

The strong were indeed eccentric.

At this time, one of the tiger beasts swept in like the wind, and like a flash of light, threw itself into Feng Jiu’s arms. Upon seeing this, several people couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. It was those two Sacred Beasts?

Just as they were about to see what the two inconspicuous beasts were doing, they saw the Senior in azure robes glance at them lightly.

“Master, that old woman didn’t make it and died this morning. When the young woman was about to leave, she was taken away by the people from the Beauty Pavilion.” The tiger beast whispered as it lay in Feng Jiu’s arms.

When Wanyan s.h.i.+san heard this, he couldn’t help but glance at Feng Jiu. It had happened as the girl deduced, so what was she going to do now?

“The people from the Beauty Pavilion work fast.” Feng Jiu smiled, her lips curled up. A faint light lit up in her eyes, and she touched the head of the tiger beast in her arms and ordered: “Go! Act as you see fit and just remember to bring the person back to me.”

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