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3050 Qin Xin

“Yes.” The tiger beast responded and went outside as soon as it jumped out of her arms.

“You’re just letting them go? Will it be fine?” Wanyan s.h.i.+san asked. He felt that even though those two were divine beasts, but they may not be strong enough against those in the Beauty Pavilion.

Feng Jiu drank the wine and said: “Let’s see what happens first! There’s no hurry.” If you wanted to subdue someone, you had to wait until that person had no other way out. Not to mention, that young woman was arrogant, so it was good to let her suffer a little first.

“Do you need to go to Insociount Sect and take a look at my Elder Sister’s side?” She looked at Wanyan s.h.i.+san and asked.


“Insociount Sect has many of our Wanyan Family’s children. After I heard the news, I sent a transmission to the family and asked them to send someone over there to take a look. I have also notified Venerable Qianhua through sound transmission so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Wanyan s.h.i.+san said: “By the way, I also told the people of Blue Star Immortal Sect that their disciples are upstairs with us and I have asked them to send someone over to help them.”

“Fine.” Feng Jiu was playing with the wine gla.s.s and he didn’t know what she was thinking. When Wanyan s.h.i.+san saw this, he grinned and asked: “We have gained something from this trip anyway, I am also your Thirteenth Uncle, so shouldn’t you invite me to your house for a meal when we return?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu glanced at him coolly: “You are my Thirteenth Uncle? I am sworn sisters with my Elder Sister but I haven’t taken the rest of the Wanyan Family as my own relatives.”

“Well, it’s fine for the others, but we have fought side by side and I am an Elder. Surely it’s not too much of an ask for you to call me Thirteenth Uncle?”

Feng Jiu looked at him up and down and said with a joking smile: “Thirteenth Uncle?”


“Mmm? What’s with the ‘Mmm’? You don’t look like an Elder in this body of yours and you want me to call you Thirteenth Uncle? I don’t think so.” She shook her head with disgust on her face.

The corners of Wanyan s.h.i.+san’s mouth twitched and he looked at her speechlessly. He stood up: “That’s fine! I won’t keep my hopes up. I know you will definitely go out later, so I will go out for a stroll by myself.”

He stood up and stretched his waist then he walked out saying: “By the way, do you want me to buy you anything while I am shopping?”

Feng Jiu said with a smile when she heard this: “Then please bring me back some pastries!”

“No problem.” He waved his hand and left the inn and walked towards the street.

Feng Jiu left shortly after he left. Only the disciples remained at the inn and looked out the window…

Inside the Beauty Pavilion

As he looked at the woman he had captured dressed in men’s clothing and with scars on her face, a middle-aged man raised the chin of the woman: “I heard your name is Qin Xin? Your name suits you very well, even the beauties in my Beauty Pavilion can’t compare with your zither skills.”

The middle-aged man’s voice paused, and he looked at the scar at the corner of her eye and eyebrow with some pity: “It’s a pity, a pity, such a beautiful woman with flaws. I didn’t think that the people in my Beauty Pavilion would make such a mistake and actually rated such an ugly girl like you as the Number One Beauty. What a shame to my Beauty Pavilion.”

“What do you want?”

She asked in a cold voice, there was no fear in her eyes and she didn’t struggle. She knew that even if she did struggle, it would be futile. Everyone here was stronger than her.

“What do I want? Don’t you know?”

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